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WatchersWeb İncelemesi

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Review Pros

  • Tons of amateur content
  • Nice cash prize contests
  • Active community of perverts
  • Ads can get annoying

Review Cons

  • Full-access is not free


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I’m in need of a new 100% genuine amateur site! Are you going to give it to me?

Here we are, again, with you and your needs! Like you are the center of attention on this planet! Your needs are my command, you prince! OMG, I am here to worship you and to serve you! I was just about to post a new amateur site, if you believe me! So, you are here in time! The place is called WatchersWeb.com and they are entirely focused on homemade sex. In fact, they tell you this in their motto – We specialise in real homemade since 1998. And what exactly do they offer on the platform? Homemade Pictures, Homemade movies, Sex stories, Archive, Studio amateurs. This is, of course, the main menu. The site has a retro, somehow, design. At least this is how I see it! But it is great! I like it! You know that I’m not shy! If I hate something, I’m going to tell you! That’s the problem about my directory – it is an honest catalog. You come here for honesty!

When you get your foot on the homepage, you will have the following areas – Some of today’s free homemade amateurs, Today’s crew favorites. The button of the page also has a contest, but I’m not going to talk about it. By the time people will read this review, the contest might change. For sure they will make more and more contests, so stay tuned on the site!

What do you mean by studio amateurs? How can we have studios?

Well, I think that things are happening here like on Pornhub. There amateurs which create materials on a constant basis, girls that enjoy doing lots and lots of videos / photos for people to see and therefore, they became a “studio”. If you will open that page, you will see that I am right. Remember that you will need an account to access the amateurs listed in here.

I have noticed this on the latest updates, too. You can see some without signing in, while others are only for registered account. No worries, this doesn’t mean that you will have to pay your way in. They don’t sell memberships, since the site is free. For some reason, they want you to register, but it doesn’t involve credit cards. The registration process is fast and they don’t ask a lot of infos from you. I see no reason for you to not sign up, especially when it is free of charge. You can miss a lot of good stuff.

What do I get if I go on the Homemade movies page? Can you describe?

Right away, you will notice that they add the movies by date of upload. They are doing regular additions, every single day of the week. About 3-4 per day. They brag with the fact that there are over 7 million videos and photos in their archive. I don’t know how this sounds for you, but it fucking sounds awesome to me. In my dictionary, the number describes a massive fucking archive. And when you think that everything is free, heaven has fallen down on earth under the name WatchersWeb.com.

I wasn’t able to find a distinct category page. Maybe I am too lazy today, to look for it carefully, or they simply don’t have one. They do offer a second menu, when you get on this page, which can help you find your away around – trending now, the clubhouse, VIP forum, search, adult stories. The clubhouse is on a different site and therefore we will not talk about it. If you are curious, go ahead and discover it on your own. You will need an account to enter that site, too.

I am more curious what’s on their forum. Got some free time to tell me?

To be honest, I haven’t been there. Oh, wait. I tried to go on their forum, but again, they ask you to login. It’s not a bad thing, but it can become annoying. I really advise you to register right away, when you get your shit together and you visit WatchersWeb. Otherwise, you can’t really take advantage of all the good things that this site has to offer. What can they have on that forum?

Well, imagine … with such a huge community around this website, the forum is for sure filled with more fucking homemade XXX. You will even be able to get in contact with the girls that post on the platform. Now this, for sure, must be a fine thing for you. How often do you get the chance to discuss with girls that love to show their big amateur tits, their pussies, their naked skin? You see why it would be great to login? It takes like 30 seconds, brother, so get your fucking account.

FapDude, you kind enough, now, to share with me some titles listed here?

Sure, my brother! Amy naked, My italian wife, Mormon Camille, Blowjob in the woods. For fuck sake, how often do you get the chance to fucking see a mormon chick doing nasty stuff? Camille is somewhere, in a store and she is flashing her beautiful mormon titties! Now this is great! Mormon girls, nude?! Out of the ordinary, for sure!

WatchersWeb is a curated place! They post only what is great! The site can be a bit confusing when you get in for the first time, but that can change if you visit it for a few days in a row. Everything looks elegant and I haven’t found any real issues. If you will register right away, the site is going to open all its sections for you. Don’t waste fucking precious time talking to me, when you can see 100% genuine amateur porno shit, in an archive that has over 7 millions sex materials. I am not that important, to continue staying here for this discussion. WatchersWeb.com might be exactly what you are looking for – homemade sex! Let me know if you find your sister on the platform! I wanna see her!

Site ile ilgili bir sorun mu var? Bildir !

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