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Review Pros

  • Cheap premium porn
  • 4K and 6K quality 360 VR porn
  • Free, easy-to-use app
  • 2 weekly updates

Review Cons

  • Too many spamming ads
  • Daily download limit



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I told you before! My wife bought me a VR headset! Got some VR porn?

How about if I give you an entire site dedicated to VR porn? It’s called VRBangers and it’s filled with all sorts of adult superstars. Wanna know how great this site is? Here’s their awards: Urban X Awards Winner – Most popular VR company in 2019, XBIZ Winner – Virtual reality site of the year 2019, bla bla bla, many others. Dude, they are huge! Too bad that people don’t enjoy VR porn as much as they did, in the past. I am glad that you have a headset. It’s an Oculus Rift? What brand is it? No worries, I ask because I’m curious and that’s it! These sites work with all kinds of headsets – Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, PSVR, HTC Vive, Gear VR, Android, iOS, you name it.
The homepage shows their top videos, but you can change it with the latest updates. Scroll for their top models. I also have to tell you that the header is going to give you a big menu, arranged in a line. That’s the place where you need to go, if you want to connect with the actual content. They have some free goodies for you, there. Another reason to take a look at their menu!

Wait, what? Free goodies? I want free! Tell me about it, what do I get?

There is a section called Free Pornstars Pics. Click there, of course! The starlets are all yours! HD pics with them! Some are holding a headset in their hand, while being naked, while others are just sitting in an erotic position. It’s like a promo page for their content. They give you the free images that you can enlarge and underneath, they promote the videos from which the images have been taken out.
It doesn’t really matter why they’re doing it! It’s good that they offer something for free! How many premium porn sites are offering shit for free? And I’m not saying that porn should be free. You know me, I support the notion of paid porn, but you have to know something about the content that is for sale. And some thumbnails are not enough. Respect for VRBangers! They know how to sell their merchandise!

Shouldn’t you tell me now about the rest of the main menu, FapDude?

Sure. I was excited to tell you about that page with the free goodies and I forgot to continue the discussion. AR porn, Videos, Categories, Live VR cams and some others. How nice! You can even have models on cam, in VR. Now that’s something that you have to try, brother. If I were you, I would first go with the categories. From what I’ve seen, there is a category called Free videos. Can you find a better way to test their content? This category is perfect! Don’t hesitate to access it right away! It will tell you if the site is worthy of your money or not!
Once you are done with the categories, proceed with the videos. The latest updates, of course, will be there for you. But not by default. You have to change their popular additions with recent. There aren’t other filters. Unfortunately! You might not need them! When it comes to VR, it’s not like you will have an abundance of clips. It’s not that hard to simply browse, if you don’t have filters to find specific content.

AR porn? WTF is that, brother? I never heard of it! Can you explain?

It’s hard to fucking explain. It’s like a mix between VR and POV. You put headset on and you get into a room. A chick will come in front of you and she’s going to do whatever you might want. It involves a realistic experience, it has all sex positions and it supports all headsets that have camera access for your smartphone. It seems that you can be with the model in your own surrounding.
I will give you a copy / paste of their description – ”AR porn is one step ahead of the entire xxx business in terms of realism and as soon as you will wear your augmented reality goggles, an incredibly beautiful female body will appear right in front of you, providing you with all the pleasure that you need right there, in your very own house, and in a way more immersive than ever before. All clear now!

WTF, this is exciting! The future is here! Anything else I should know?

Maybe I should tell you about their app! Can you imagine that they even developed an app, that you can use on your headset device, to enjoy a better than the better experience? Come on, people! They really care about you and how you feel on the site! The owners of this place are smart people and most important, they are creative. Or, maybe I should tell you the fact that you will have the chance to see, in VR, some of the most popular pornstars available, at this moment, in the porn industry!
You can’t go wrong with VRBangers! Your wife will be happy that you use the gift from her on this site! They are professionals! And they really give a fuck about you! They really do! VRBangers has nothing in common with the notion of “bullshit” and for this reason, the site delivers such a high-end product. If we, also, take into consideration how cheap are their memberships, then we should make VRBangers the hottest porn site in the entire industry. I just hope that VR will continue to be around us in the future! If the genre dies, all related sites will, naturally, die! As long as people will continue buying headsets, VR porn will be safe and VRBangers will be online. For all of you who don’t own a headset device, yet, WTF are you waiting for? Man, we are done here! You know everything there is to be know about this site! Thank you for reading VRBangers review and enjoy the virtual reality porn!

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