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Review Pros

  • Loyal, active community
  • Free high quality images
  • Nice amateur content
  • Over 135273 image galleries

Review Cons

  • Confusing design layout



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StufferDB? WTF is a stuffer? WTF is this site? What’s going on here, FapDude?

Ahaha! I was sure that you will react this way! It’s not simple to understand what’s going on here! It’s a site for people that know their shit! Welcome to the database of stufferd and gainers. On this site, you will have chicks that put on some weight and they are not ashamed to show it. If you are into such adult fun, then you have to see StufferDB. Some chicks are fucking amazing! Big juicy asses, big natural tits! So fuckable! Much fun! Others are fucking disgusting! It’s important to know that most, if not all, babes that you will have at your disposal on this site, are real genuine authentic amateurs. This should tell you something …

The homepage will start with a sort of categories, or sections – I don’t know how to call them. amateurs, models, studios, YouTube, before and after, art and comics. I don’t know what to tell you about those studios. I still consider that even those, are with amateurs. But you will see them with your own eyes, to make an opinion about it.

Now this is an unique niche! Tell me more! Is there a lot of content here?

From what I can see, yeah, there’s a lot of content that you can access. The site is a bit confusing on a first look. I mean, it is a bit hard to understand what’s going on, where you have to push, what you need to do, so forth and so on. But have no worries, I am here to explain their functionality. This way it will be easy for you to surf on the site. Your focus must go on the main menu, of course. ‘Cause that’s where the albums are. WTF! 10K+ members on the damn platform? Now that’s a lot! You see how you can find an answer for your question? You fucking take a look at the number of members and you will understand right away with who you’re dealing with.

Let me share with you some titles of albums – Chubby camping trip, Fatty can’t exercise, Fatty in the shower, Slow motion fatty, Anonymous college gainer. We can continue the examples ‘till the end of time, because there are so so fucking many. But 5 are enough to give you an idea. For all the others, you will have to visit the site on your own, mother fucker!

You are mean to me, FapDude! What else is there in the main menu?

First of all, let me tell you that you can upload your own fatty sexy materials. I already know that your wife is fat as fuck, so you should discuss with her! Maybe she wants to be online on this site! Don’t you dare fucking post shit without her knowing about it! You can fucking end up in jail. It’s illegal to post sexy materials with people, if they do not agree with it! So, let your wife know about your intentions and let her decide if she is up to it or not.

Besides the button that gives you the chance to share your wife with the rest of the world, you will have a section called Discover. That’s what you need to see! ‘Cause that’s where you have to go if you really wanna sort things out on the site! Keywords, search, comments and a lot of sorting options, to filter the fatty porn.

Why did you stop here with this Discover section? Tell me about the filters!

I was taking a breath, man! Can’t do that? There are many ways to go with specific albums and so on. Most visited, best rated, most commented, recent photos, recent albums, random photos. Everything is happening here! So section is going to give you the possibility to explore StufferDB in depth. As I told you in the beginning of this discussion, there are some hot chicks around here! They look like latina babes, even if they aren’t! Some of you might even enjoy the real fat (so so fat) women.

I will not judge you for your fetishes, brother! Go with whatever tickles your boxes! Feel free to fap on whatever you want! If you wanna fap while watching a tree growing, be my guest. I won’t stop you! In fact, I’ll do my best to provide more good sites that feature trees. You understand my point?

Yeah, I get it! You said something about keywords? Some examples?

Oh, yeah! You can filter the stuffers and the gainers by accessing the tags. The cloud is big as fuck, like impressive. Which is good, because it means that you will have some specific keywords to approach. We are all sick and tired to go with the usual terms and the usual categories, on all the other porn sites out there, on the world wide web.

Adventure, asian, belly inflation, double belly, jeans. While I can understand the purpose of some tags, I don’t get it why they added others like chubby or gaining. Isn’t this the theme of the site? Chubby chicks and chicks gaining weight? Why do you add them as tags when all of them are under these two terms? Anyway, see the keywords! They will help you a lot! StufferDB is not something that you’ll get on every corner of the porn industry. It’s a pretty unique niche, indeed and it is great that it involves regular people who are into sharing their bodies with the world. There are many porn fans that are into chubby / fat / really fat babes and therefore, StufferDB can come in handy! There is BBW content on other porn sites, but this is different. ‘Cause it will give you all sorts of BBW sweethearts. And, as I told you in some other review – when you don’t have to pay for the content, why not see the site? It would be a waste! Visit StufferDB and let me know your opinion about it!

Site ile ilgili bir sorun mu var? Bildir !

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