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PornTrex Lesbian İncelemesi

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PornTrex Lesbian

Review Pros

  • Nice full-length scenes
  • 100% exclusive lesbian videos
  • Easy to use site interface
  • Big archive of lesbian porn

Review Cons

  • The fucking ads


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Brother, I watch my lesbians on mobile! Can you tell me how’s this site on it?

It is natural to watch porn on mobile. You can fap under the blanket while your wife sleeps, you can fap in the bathroom, with your mother-in-law in the kitchen, whatever the fuck! It’s not that easy to walk around with a laptop. So, we are talking about PornTrex.com! It’s a tube, it’s a place with a lot of adult entertainment that you can access for fucking free! ‘Cause you are like a fucking tiger after its prey, when it comes to free XXX. Remember that they don’t deal with amateur sex at all. It’s a tube with studio-made lesbian porno clips. The type of adult stuff that you pay for on other sites. Here, your credit card is going to sleep in your wallet. You don’t need it! And yes, we will discuss about the site, from the mobile version’s point of view!

When you get on the lesbian homepage, they have the latest lesbian updates. Scrolling, you’ll get more and more fun. Like hundreds and hundreds of lesbian clips. Their archive is pretty impressive. For every addition, you will get the thumb, the title, the length and other details like that. They will even tell you which videos are HD or not. Unfortunately, I don’t think that they have previews on the thumbs. At least not on the mobile version. Mnah, use the printscreen and the other details to make your choices.

Since you said that I’ll have premium porn, let’s discuss about the channels, ok?

Well, you have a good point here! We can do that. Let’s begin with a few examples taken from their list, to see that the studios are all well-known. 21Sextury, Blacked, Brazzers, BrattySis and many others. If you don’t know these places, then you have fucking lived for nothing on this planet. Also, if you don’t know which of these studios share lesbian porn, well, again, you are not a true fan of this niche. There is no way to select only those that made scenes under the girl-on-girl category. You can see their entire list of studios in the main menu. There are 3 little lines in the right upper corner of your mobile display, on the site. Push there and the menu will drop down. Click on the page called Channels.

You will have some filters at your disposal, but the mainstream ones. By default, they list the top rated. Change it with alphabetically, most viewed, most videos. It’s up to you to decide what’s going to tickle your boxes. Another great thing, here, on PornTrex, would be the fact that, when you push on a studio, you’ll get the chance to see all clips made by them and added on the tube. Browse until you spot lesbians.

Do they have a page where I can choose lesbian again, if I end up somewhere else?

Sure, they do! All respectable tubes have a fucking categories page. The page is still in the main menu. It’s amongst the first options. Click on it to discover what’s in there! Gaping, solo, shemale, toys, vintage. These are some examples of categories taken from the top rated arrangement. Change it with alphabetically, most viewed, most videos. The same way you did with the channels. Browse until you find lesbian. You see how easy it is?

They even have photos. If you are a porn collector, this is another place where you can come to find more content for your collection. Remember that you won’t find amateur porn, right? Premium XXX, for free! This is what they share on the pages of PornTrex.com. If you want homemade adult entertainment, change the site.

What’s something you don’t like at all on PornTrex.com, FapDude?

Simple! The fucking ads! When you open the site on your mobile’s browser, you’re fucked! Everywhere you click, they will open a new tab with an add. You have to close that fucking tab and to come back on the previous one. Also, there is a banner that drops in the upper side of your display. You can’t fucking click on the menu because of it, so you have to close it. It won’t work from the first time, even if you carefully click on the X. ‘Cause it will open the fucking ad! Try again and only then it will work.

I don’t understand why they’re doing such things. I mean, sure, you have to fucking earn money, but for fuck sake, how can you earn when you kill the end-user experience? The visitor might not come back because of the ads and what you’ll do then, as a webmaster?

Mnah, this sucks indeed! Now, can you tell me something that you really like?

The content, of course! It’s like a premium porn site, but you don’t have to pay for the actual porn. You will have a lot of HD materials, even exclusive XXX. And they like to make a lot of updates! A very good thing would be the fact that they add scenes which have been produced like yesterday. How can I not like that? It’s awesome!

If you take into consideration the fact that PornTrex doesn’t deal with only a few studios, but with so fucking many … and if you take into consideration that all studios are famous !!! Fuck that shit, it’s an amazing site if you forget about the ads and you learn to live with them.

But, but, but! How about the pornstars? Is there an index on PornTrex.com?

Brother, I have no idea. Let me check! Yes, there is an index in the main menu and it is under the Models name. Click there to get, as it happened on the other pages, the top rated additions – Mia Khalifa, Nadia Ali, Baby Jewel, Goldie Baby, Aida Sweetalphabetically, most viewed, most videos. For every entry, you will know how many clips have been added and the babe’s rating. There are hundreds of pornstars, so you will find for sure the ones that like pussy. Yeah, yeah, those models that you fap on. I don’t really understand why you have this obsession with the pornstars. Sure, we all like them, but you are literally in love with them. You always ask about an index, a database, something that can give you the possibility to browse them. You need to relax with this! Watch porn, fap, but don’t fucking fall in love with the starlets, brother! It’s not fucking healthy at all!

How do they get the content? And it’s there a community behind the site?

I don’t think that PornTrex has user-submitted content. There must be some people, of the company that owns the site, which are involved into getting the XXX that you see posted. Usually, where there is user-submitted porn, you’ll also have homemade sex. It’s not the case here! And there isn’t a community, like you are used to see on other tubes, behind PornTrex. Sure, you can leave comments and there are some messages, but this can’t be called a community. I know what you’re looking for and you won’t find it here.

Visitors come on PornTrex to fap and to be on their way. They don’t really get into the business. It’s not a bad thing! It is as it is! A take it or leave it matter! Depends on what you’re looking for, right? If you want a dedicated community which shares the porn, leaves comments, gets involved, so forth and so on, well, see some other sites on my list. As simple as that! But, if you want HD adult entertainment made by the greatest studios from around the world, don’t hesitate to visit PornTrex and to bookmark it for later use! It is worthy of your attention and the problem with the ads … hmm, you’ll get used to it! Nothing new under the sky! Many other sites are doing this, with the commercials. That’s about it! Now, let me be, please! Got other things to take care of!

Site ile ilgili bir sorun mu var? Bildir !

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