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PornHub VR

Review Pros

  • Premium VR porn available
  • Easy to use site interface
  • Regular updates
  • Top pornstars available

Review Cons

  • Signup required
  • Occasional pop-up ads


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PornhubVr! It’s always there when you need it! So the VR porn added here, is free?

Pornhub is one of the shining stars in the XXX industry, brother! You can count on it! We will also know that it’s there, just waiting to deliver the thing that we are looking for. What I have for you today? You already, probably, figured it out on your own! It’s the VR category of Pornhub. And yes, we are talking about the tube, not about the premium version of it. Therefore, all videos delivered under this category, will be free. All you need is your headset that you got as gift from your wife and you are ready to enjoy the VR fun!
From what I’ve seen, they have almost 5000 VR scenes right now, at the moment of this review. Remember that, in time, the number will be bigger, since they will add more and more materials under every each and one of their categories. The homepage of this section will start with the latest additions and if you scroll, you will get the menu with numbers that allows you to surf on more pages. There is a widget, there are tags, so forth and so on. Welcome back to Pornhub, ladies and gentlemen! If any of you thinks that it can run away from Pornhub, OMFG, you people are so wrong! They are everywhere! The tube is owned by MindGeek and these guys are really the gods of the industry!

Widget? Why not talk about it? What’s on that widget, FapDude?

Heh, first of all, I want to tell you about the button that quietly sits on top of the widget. You know what’s written on it? Play all videos. How cool is this? It’s like you have a week off from work and all you want is to enjoy VR sex. You sit, you relax, you open Pornhub and you push that button. They will keep on rolling clip after clip, until you tell them to stop. I don’t know how great you find this option, but I love it! Not sure if I’ve seen it anywhere else! Might be, but I can’t remember right now! Mnah, who cares if it’s unique or not! Enjoy it and that’s it!
The widget is going to give you sorting options. Like a lot of fucking ways to filter the VR. First, you can go with the duration. Short clips or long ones!? Continue with some other possibilities like categories or quality of image. Everything works just fine! In the end, it should, FFS. This is Pornhub! D’ooooh! Functionality is one id their best features! Alongside the amateur content! Unfortunately, when we talk about VR, there’s no such thing as homemade sex. ‘Cause people don’t know how to film their casual sex in VR. You know what I mean?

From where do they take this VR to deliver it for free? VR porn costs money!

Indeed! It is very expensive to produce virtual reality content. The equipment must be state-of-the-art. Still, you don’t have to be a brainsurgeon to understand why Ponrhub can deliver XXX for free. Simple – it’s user-submitted. It’s not like they spend anything to produce it or to get it. Therefore, they can offer it on their pages without asking a cent. This is always their excuse!
An entire debate regarding porn tubes has been on the Internet, some while ago. Many say that tubes are killing the industry, since people use them to get the adult entertainment for free. Well, it would not be a bad thing to use tubes or to get porn for free, if – from time to time, you get a fucking paid membership on some premium site, to support the industry. Everyone would be happy then! Unfortunately, only a few are doing this so, who knows, maybe the industry is actually dying little by little! I support premium destinations! The industry must continue the show and when everything is delivered for free, it’s kinda impossible to continue!

Will I have some tags at my discretion, to fine tune my VR results on Pornhub?

Oh, I’m so glad you’ve asked! I completely forgot to tell you about this! Sure you do! Pornhub knows how to treat its visitors. The tags are right there, above the actual videos. There’s an entire list that you can access. I won’t give you examples, because I want you to visit the place and to discover them. But I can tell you that the tags are added under the following text: “Virtual Reality is frequently combined with: …”
Oh, wait! I just noticed something! The fucking tags from above are the same with the categories added in the widget. So, they are not tags. Therefore, no way to find specific VR porn in here! You have to be happy with what they give you! Say thank you, since the VR clips are free, for fuck sake!

Will I have virtual reality porno videos with famous starlets and horny models?

We already discussed about this above! The notion of virtual reality porn has nothing to do with amateurs. All VR videos are studio-made. Since we are talking about professional productions, what do you think? You get pornstars or not? Of course you do! All fucking famous starlets did their share of VR pornography! It was a thing some while ago, to be on VR sites!
Once again, I won’t give you examples! Go ahead and visit the site, in order to discover the ladies. You just need to trust me and to trust Pornhub! What’s cool, famous and trending, it’s on their pages! This damn tube is like a family member. Every day, we move closer to it! We know it, our parents know it, our friends know it, so forth and so on. We should fucking vote Pormhub for president! It would be a better ruler than the one we have now! #FACT. Ladies and gentlemen, you are free to use your headsets now!

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