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Review Pros

  • High-quality sex games
  • Clean layout website
  • Over 100 free to play games
  • Register and get 100 gold

Review Cons

  • Nothing


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What can you expect from us? Don’t know what’s this, we’re not scientists!

You don’t have to fucking be a scientist to know what’s Nutaku. Let’s begin with the fucking beginning – Nutaku’s extension is not ‘.com’, but ‘.net’. The full is Nutaku.net. Second of all, Nutaku is a portal, a platform, that has so many porn games on its pages. Some of these are exclusive and when you will land on their homepage, you will find sections like Top ranking free Nutaku hentai games, Top ranking mobile porn games, Top ranking downloadable porn games, Nutaku exclusive porn games, Free online hentai games or, of course, the latest updates – Newest porn games. The portal itself, the design, looks pretty good and when it comes to adult games, Nutaku cam easily be your one and only stop.

If english is not a language that you like, you can change it with some other tier1 options like spanish, french, german and so on. Since they are one monster of a portal, you can imagine that they invested money in all sorts of fine features. English is default, of course. American people are playing a fucking lot of porn games. In fact, here you can find out what guys from America play – yeah, those without a girlfriend, the fapinators!

They have mobile games, too? This is what I understood from above!

Brother, Nutaku has everything for everyone! Let’s make it simplier for you – go to the drop down main menu that can be found in the header of the site. There is a page there called Games. Push and go! You see? Browser games, downloadable games, mobile games. On the same page, you can sort the results, by using different filters: casual, dating sim, RPG porn, strategy, action, adventure. Besides these, you will have ar your disposal some other ways to get specific shit – tags (western, fantasy, collection, animated sex), developer (Hooligapps, DMMGames, Endless Fun, Kinkoid, A.R.T Games, Sad Panda Studios, CharmSoft, Digital Arts), publisher, language.

Since we were speaking about mobile games, let me tell you that the games which will be found under this category, will work perfectly on both iOS and Android (as long as the game is not done in flash – iOS doesnt’t use flash). It doesn’t matter if you have a mobile, a tablet or whatever other handheld device.

What are some other details that you can tell me about Nutaku.net?

Are you ready for what comes next? Get the tips you need, in order to have the best porn game experience. Everything is in colors on Nutaku, everything is about graphics, everything is high-end. This place is not a portal with minigames, like you are used to see! It’s more than that – Nutaku is a powerful creature that can take care of all your animated kinky desires and that can kill your boredom in a sexy way. I am not sure, but from what I’ve seen, they have their own porn games, too. Like made by them! Besides so many titles done by other studios.

The site has a section for events! When you will start playing, you will know your way around and you will get used to participate in events that tickle your boxes. At this moment, you can be present in Chloe’s panties! Sure, the event will be over soon and by the time you will read this review, it will be long forgotten, but it was funny for me to tell you how fast you can be with Chloe!

FapDude, while at it, can you give me examples of XXX game titles?

I’ll do that for you, sure. Not only that I will give you titles, but I will share some from every section that can be found on the homepage – Top ranking free Nutaku hentai games: Project QT, Fap CEO, Hentai Clicker, Chick Wars, Harem Heroes, Booty Calls and more! Top ranking free mobile porn games: King of Wasteland (this game has a poster with such an amazing pair of big titties – the graphics are simply amazing)! Top ranking downloadable porn games: Custom Order Maid 3D, Man of the House! Nutaku Exclusive Porn Games – Ninja Maidens (RPG), Merge Nymphs (casual), Booty Farm (simulation)! Free online hentai games: Lustful shores, Crystal Maidens, Sacred Sword Princesses, 7 Angels and so on!

What do you think now? You like what you hear? That game Booty Farm, haha! Imagine what’s going on there! A simulation game called fucking Booty Farm! So, you’re a farmer and you fucking have a farm where you plant … booty calls? This is what happens if you fap every day – you get booty farm!

Is it free to access and free to play all of these porn games on Nutaku?

One single word in caps lock, to answer your questions: YES! Everything is free! They won’t ask for your credit card and they will not ask you donations! They are too big for donations, heh! Alright, sure, they have a place where you can register an account, but this doesn’t mean that it costs money! You will need that username to join events or whatever the fuck! But you won’t need it to pay!

As I already said, Nutaku is too big to deal with shitty things. They don’t want to ruin your porn game experience and they don’t want to ruin your mood. Therefore, expect cool features, not bullshit! If they will ever start the bullshit, I’ll cut it!

Kind enough to describe two games that you like on this portal?

Fap CEO! If you want to build your own live sex empire, then this is your place to be. While you’ll do that, you will get so much pussy! You’ll fuck them all. Go up on the corporate ladder by selling, buying, hiring and building up more and more studios. You will be part of a race where you must finish as the best live sex brand in the industry. By hiring, you need to understand that we are talking about hiring sexy ladies. Get to know them until they fall right into your cock! Fap CEO is added under tags like anal, big tits, creampie, teacher, uncensored.

Booty farm! You are a playboy mother fucker, like me! You just inherited your uncle’s old farm and your first thought is to sell it. You are dying to go back to your urban dating fun. Right away, you meet Mindy, the sexy farmgirl and your new assistant. She will tell you that there aren’t many boys left in the village and that babes are pretty much lonely! You’ll stay, of course, you’ll keep the farm. Things will go the XXX way, very fast. Engage in hot scenes right now! Booty farm is registered under tags like collection, harem, cute, romance, mobile friendly, anal, threesome, western, uncensored, creampie.

And I will get descriptions for all additions that I make, like the above?

Yes, you will. Not only that you will get descriptions, but they will also give you ingame infos and system requirements, besides news and updates. For example, when it comes to Fap CEO, you will have the following infos: Fap CEO is also available as a downloadable PC game, level-up your girls and learn their stories, capitalize on their arousal and get rich by turning them on, once you max out sell the company to start over, decorate your CEO office with eccentric and unique items, all with their own benefits. System requirements? Pretty simple, actually – platform: any, system: any.

For Booty Farm, this is what we have! Infos: 13+ unique girls to meet and explore their stories, 200+ uncensored sex scenes and animations, monthly events, multiple choice conversation system, visual novel style interactions, production line system with over 100 elements to manage, 4 ways to distribute goods. This game works only on your PC – Windows 7.

Oh, the games are complex as fuck. Nice! They will keep the updates?

There is no sign that they stopped their updates! They are better than ever, they are adding new games made by them or by other cool studios, they are doing events, the community is active, so forth and so on. There is no problem, they will keep up the good work! For this reason and until they go down, Nutaku is going to have a well-deserved place on my porn games category.

I promise you that, when Nutaku will stop the updates, will start doing bad things or whatever the fuck, I will be here to take it down and to add a new portal on its position. I never sleep, I’m always online, I’m always looking for the best options. I am dedicated! My porn directory will always give you the best porn games available, at any moment, on the Internet. Prepare yourself with some free time on your hands and start the playing on this fine games portal called Nutaku.net!

Site ile ilgili bir sorun mu var? Bildir !

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