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Review Pros

  • Quality real amateur videos
  • Complete couple profiles
  • Submit your own videos
  • Unique, exclusive content

Review Cons

  • No download option
  • No free bonus sites
  • You can’t rate videos


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Lustery! Interesting! What kind of site is this one, brother? Come on, tell me!

Lustery.com is, without any doubt, one of the most beautiful websites I have ever seen! The design of it is simply exquisite! It’s not like all the other premium porn places out there! Ah, I haven’t told you … Lustery is a paid platform, which means that you will have to pay, to get your ticket in. Supposedly, they will give you real amateurs. Yeah, right. Amateur couples, my ass! They are all porn actors, porn models, so forth and so on.

The homepage gives you the above text. If you want to actual see something, take a look at the menu. Only by accessing the pages listed there, you can see what’s really going on around here. What can I tell you, I love the fucking site. I can’t get enough of their design. Simply exquisite. Who ever had the idea for it, well done!

Wouldn’t it be better to tell me WTF is in that menu?! Where should I click?

Why in a hurry! I was about to tell you! As I was saying, the header holds a main menu with some pages. If you want to see anything, you have to choose something from there. Otherwise, you get shit – the landing page has the text I was telling you about and a join button. These are the pages available in the menu – Couples, Videos, POV (blog). We should proceed with the videos first, don’t you think? Click! We are in! I think that, by default, the authors of this site have prepared the most favorited amateur porno scenes. No worries, change the results with something else – date, most viewed. There are so many sorting options available on this page, to narrow down the results to something specific that tickles your senses.

Category – Homesex, outdoor, kink, quickie, vlog, Type – Closed relationship, open relationship, primary partners, regular lovers, life partners, Age – 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 44+. It’s like a fucking dating site and you have chosen your soon-to-be partner to match with. There is even a widget here where you can go for the tags cloud. This will give you even more specific hanky panky. These might not be pornstars, but for sure they aren’t fucking amateurs. Could be regular people that joined a program and therefore, they became porn actors for the money. In other words, you won’t get authentic homemade XXX, but if you will use your imagination, it can look like it is.

Can we talk, now, about that page with the couples? Can I meet the chicks?

Yeah. You can see them. This is like a pornstar index. Still, it doesn’t hold the ladies on their own, but next to their partner. As you already understood, Lustery is all about couples and whatever they might do, late in the night. There are filtering options, the same as on the videos page, to get the couples that you want. Every each and one of these have a thumbnail where you can, yes, take a look at the babe. Remember that there is no nudity in these thumbs, so don’t expect tits and spreading. This section tells you their stories. When you push on a couple, you get the description and some other pics.

When you are done with reading about them, choose the one that you want to see at work and away you go! You will have the chance to watch them fucking like there’s no tomorrow! Well, not really hardcore. This site is more oriented to the romantic side of porn!

Do they share any type of previews on the videos, in free mode?

Unfortunately, not! The videos don’t have trailers. You will have to decide if you want to go with a subscription here or not, based on what you can understand from the thumbnails, titles, their pages, shit like that. Don’t be sad – most of the premium porn sites are like this! Cheap mother fuckers!

Still, there is a sort of a trailer on the couples. When you push on any, you open the actual pages that holds the details about the couple you have chosen. There is the text, some other details and a video. All of these are available in free mode, so you don’t have to be registered to approach them. The other infos will tell you their names, their age, the type of relationship in which they are in, location and a word that describes their sex life!

WTF is POV (blog) page? If I’m not mistaken, POV is point-of-view porn, no?

Yes, you are correct. The scene is recorded in such a manner, that you will think that the person fucking the chick is you. It’s like everything is see through your eyes! That’s POV porn! Back in the days, it was a madness around it. Especially mixed with VR. Nowadays, people are not so excited about it, anymore. Don’t ask me why! I haven’t opened this page, yet! I will do it now, to give you details about it!

I am in! I swear to fucking God – I don’t understand why it’s with POV. They call a podcast, what’s going on here! I see articles about the couples, different topics, lots of text to read, pictures, but I still don’t get it what POV has to do with it. Maybe because they debate things that involve the couples? I don’t know and at this point, I don’t give a fuck anymore! It’s up to you to discover what’s with this POV shit. One thing is good – when they bring a new couple, they will make an introductory article on this blog, about them. This is great! It can be your morning lecture, while you drink your coffee with your fat wife. Haaa!

Site ile ilgili bir sorun mu var? Bildir !

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