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Review Pros

  • Tons of free amateur movies
  • Simple, responsive design
  • Many HD videos available

Review Cons

  • No free downloads


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I get the name! It should be with amateurs only! But the content is 100% genuine?

I understand your concern. There are many tubes that add supposedly amateur materials, which are, in fact, with pornstars. As in, the video has been made by a studio which wants you to believe that the shit is genuine. Well, it’s not the case here! As the name says, HomeMoviesTube.com is filled with 100% genuine content – porn videos made by girls nextdoor, mature wives, couples, so forth and so on. They will start right away with the fun! The site is not confusing at all! It is what it is and the porn is right there for you! The homepage starts with featured videos and it will continue with the latest updates. The footer is going to give you the menu where you need to go if you want to jump on the next page! They currently show over 1500 pages. The archive is not massive, but for sure is big as fuck! It’s not like amateur shit grows in the trees!
If you will look on your left hand, the homepage has widget where you can go with different sections – Sorting, channels, top categories, top tags, top uploaders. When they say channels, they mean categories. You can use them for generic porn and you can use the tags for specific XXX.

Great! And can you give me examples of categories and tags, FapDude?
It will be my pleasure! I will proceed with their top categories, of course, for you to see what people enjoy around here – wife – 20,000+, hardcore – 25,000+, interracial – 15,000+, cumshot – 25,000+, MILF – 25,000+. I gave you the number of videos added under every each and one of them. Well, these top categories make sense to me! Who the fuck doesn’t want to see the beautiful horny wives? Or who the fuck doesn’t want to see amateur chicks fucked hard, or fucked hard by a big black cock? Remember that these numbers are available at the moment of this review. In time, they might chance, since the site is doing regular updates with a lot of new materials.
If we speak about the tags, here they are – cum in mouth, threesome, orgasm, college, swallow. As I already told you, the tags are going to give you specific shit. Like chicks getting some cum in their mouth, to swallow it! They all do that, but most of the chicks don’t want to fucking admit it. If your wife doesn’t swallow, well, I don’t know! Maybe she just don’t want to do it for you! Ever thought of that?

Shut up! Since they say uploaders, it means that all content is from users?

It means exactly that! The site has a community behind it which uploads the amateur porno videos. As you can see in the section for amateurs, some people upload more than the others. Therefore, they got into the top. I bet there are many couples who just love to make videos with them having sex, on a regular basis, just to upload it here. They started liking the site, they love how people react to their sexy content and therefore, they made a habit by uploading whatever they do in the bedroom, on HomeMoviesTube.com.
You can click on any uploader, if you wanna see the videos added by him. You don’t need an account to see what I just said above. Besides their materials, you will have details like gender, age, joining date, location, marital status, occupation, orientation. You would be so fucking surprised to see how many women are uploaders and how many are sending sex videos with them – solo or with some partner, whoever that guy might fucking be.

What else is in the main menu? What other cool sections do they have?

Wait, I forgot to tell you about the sorting options. Yeah, you can choose between top rated, most viewed, longest, most favored. I never understood why there is a filter that can give you the longest porn clips. I mean, WTF?! Why would you need that?! It’s not like you fucking gather your family around your laptop, you bring popcorn and you want to enjoy a quiet evening while watching a long video with amateurs fucking their brains out?
It’s like I never understood why the fuck are they giving you the possibility to share the porn on Facebook or so. First of all, FB is against adult shit. Second of all, I don’t fucking thing that your mother-in-law wants to see that you watch porn with crazy housewives getting a BBC between the legs! Even if she would want to be fucked like that!

Hello! FapDude? You haven’t answered my question! The main menu!

Yeah, right. I’m sorry! Heh! There’s nothing else in the main menu. But what do you need more? You have the categories, the tags, the possibility to sort the amateur porn however you want! Isn’t it enough? You can even choose to see materials uploaded only by a certain user. You don’t need an account to see the shit and therefore, why register? In other words, I think that you have the basic features, which are more than enough on a site like HomeMoviesTube.com
Oh oh! Wait! haven’t told you one thing. I just realized that. About your main menu – there is a section where you can go to enjoy homemade photos. Let me give you some examples of titles taken from the gallery list – Amateur sluts in tight dresses, Cuckold wife, My slut wife Tori doing what she does best, My facial, Redhead MILF sucking strangers. As you can see, the fun never stops! When you are done with all those videos, continue with the pics. These are also 100% genuine, only with authentic amateurs. Nothing professional. That’s it with HomeMoviesTube.com. The basic idea is that, if you wanna enjoy premium shit from Brazzers, you will never find it in here! But, if you wanna see babes from your neighborhood doing the nasty things, this is going to be your one-stop destination!

Site ile ilgili bir sorun mu var? Bildir !

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