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Review Pros

  • Nice and clean site design
  • Interesting karma system
  • Lots of sexy girls profiles
  • No strings attached sex

Review Cons

  • Girls are not so kind to interact
  • Some ads can be annoying
  • There is no mobile app


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When I go out on some site, to watch porn, I get ads with FuckBook! What’s this?

What is this, mister FapDude? This is how you should talk to me. Ehh, fucking punk ass lazy mother fucker! FuckBook inspired its name from Facebook. You can say whatever you want, but I am 101% confident that the name is from the social network. They offer the same thing, to be honest – a lot of fucking. The only difference is that FuckBook admits it! Good, now! So, this is a dating site that has nothing to do with romance, relationships or anything else related to this. It’s all about sex, fucking, intercourse, no strings attached, no obligations, no nothing. Penetration and more penetration with girls that are dying to try your dick! College babes, girls gone wild, teens, girl nextdoor type, housewives that want something new and they are ready to cheat their hubby, MILFs obsessed with sex, grannies that want a young penis, so forth and so on.

The homepage will give you nothing if you donMt register an account. This is the same shit as on any other dating network. They will ask you your gender, your orientation, your email and your desired username. The process takes like 2 minutes and it is free to sign up. Do it fast, ‘cause this way you will open the gates of the kingdom that gives you fuckable ladies from everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you are in China, Yemen or USA … this site has members from all over the world.

I imagine that profiles pics on FuckBook are not with cats and dogs, no?

Not only that they are not with cats and dogs, but you will barely see any face. Most of the profile pictures are with tits, with spread pussies, spread buttholes, whatever. This is like the most genuine porn dating network you will have. Everything is on the table, everything is transparent, everything will get you laid. You know what else is great on FuckBook, compared to other sites of this kind? It will be fucking free to see the profiles. Yeah, there are destinations where they ask you money to give you the fucking possibility to browse on profiles. In other words, they should fucking ask you money when you register – one single payment per month and that’s it. What the fuck can I do, in free mode, if I can’t even fucking see the chick’s profile?

Another good thing is that you don’t have to complete lots of infos on your account, on your profile. Things are pretty much simple here and you can hunt for a wet pussy in no time. Don’t forget that the site gives you some privacy options that you can use or not – if you want to hide parts of your profile, to be seen only by members that you allow, do it! Ahaha! You can share with the others, your interest in books! I advise you to write there FapDude – the most comprehensive poen catalog. Let people know about me, brother! Who the fuck cares WTF you read? People come here for the love making, not for books. Unless you get a foxy librarian with glasses like Mia Khalifa. Bang the books out of her, dude!

Someone told me that FuckBook has no damn mobile app! Is this true?

Unfortunately, yes. It’s not that they don’t want to have an app or that they don’t have the money to develop one … I don’t think they can. Android and iOS are against porn. Sure, you can make an app that can be downloaded from your website, into your phone, by enabling the site as trustable source. I can give you, as examples, lots of sites that are using this method. It’s not the end of the world, if you don’t have a FuckBook app on your mobile. Maybe it is even better, if you are not single. If your partner has access to your phone, she might find the app and you are screwed. That’s the moment when you know that you are fucked. While you can motivate an account on, I don’t know, Badoo, where you can say that you were looking for your highschool colleagues, I am confident that you cannot motivate one on FuckBook without getting a slap!

Then what the hell am I supposed to do when I travel or I’m at work?

I’ll tell you what to do, to access this adult dating site, on the go. Use your mobile’s browser. Go on the site incognito, to cover your footsteps. They do have a mobile version there, yeah. It is highly adaptive.

It will work like a charm on your phone and on your any other handheld device and it will have exactly the same features present on the desktop version.

What’s free here and what isn’t? The world works only with money, FapDude!

Do you work for free? Would you like to work for free? You never support the adult entertainment industry, yet you want new sites, better sites, new platforms, so forth and so on. Development cost money! They need to earn one way or another, to keep their business up and running! Without earning, there would be no FuckBook. You wouldn’t get pussy! The circle of porn and of getting laid! I told you above that you can access any profile you like, for free. I am telling you this again, because it is important. That’s how you get the chicks, you begin by studying their profile. And when you can do that with zero costs, it’s awesome.

I am not sure if you can send or read messages for free. I really don’t know. You require a premium account to use all their communication features, but I don’t know if this involves the messaging system or not. I do know that you can get auto-generated messages from other members, but you cannot open them, unless you have a premium account. When you get on the site, they will use your details to send auto-messages to other people, like you are interested in them. And viceversa. You understand what I mean?

How is the design of this network? Something fancy about it?

The template is simple. What’s up with this fancy question? How many dating networks have you seen with a fancy design? FuckBook is simple and clean. Which is good. This will never ruin the functionality, while fancy can hurt it. It can even make the site slow.

And, contrary to our belief, they don’t share the blue color of their mother network. Still, there are some similar things, some buttons. They are not similar to those found on FB only, but with characteristics from other networks, too.

Is FuckBook a place that you recommend to people that want a fast fuck?

I don’t recommend it to people that want a fuck to happen in a year! For that, you have the church choir. And I don’t recommend it to people that don’t understand the notion of “sex, no strings attached”. If you want a serious relationship, you should be mad to look for it here. Well, you might find a girlfriend, but she sucked like 147 cocks on FuckBook, before she has met you! Eh, she won’t stop here, probably – even if she’s in a relationship with you! What you gonna do? Close her account? She will register a new one and she will hide it from you! The visits to her mother, well, new cocks …

On the other hand, I highly recommend it to people that want a fast fuck, true! This is the main purpose of this dating site and that’s why I have listed it on my porn directory! I can bet my life on the fact that you will get laid in less than 48 hours, on FuckBook!

Site ile ilgili bir sorun mu var? Bildir !

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