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Review Pros

  • Kinda cheap to use it
  • No strings attached sex
  • 100% free to join
  • This site is all about sex

Review Cons

  • Amateurish ugly design
  • Consumers are not pleased
  • Too many annoying ads



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This is one more explicit domain name! Hookups? Fucking? Dick in mouth?

Note: This dating platform is for people living in the United Kingdom!

It may surprise you how many times you would understand what’s on a website, just by taking a look at the domain name. When you’re not a lazy fuck, of course! When you are, you need explicit domain names like this one to understand what’s going on. FreeDating.co.uk is a hookup platform where you can sign up, if you’re looking for, yes, fucking and blowjobs! I am trying to get you laid! You should stop spending money on cam sites already! Try a real babe, from time to time …

These type of sites can help you find a fuck buddy in no time. Sure, they’ll tell you that they deliver romance, love stories, serious relationships. They cover under these words – they can’t tell you that, in fact, all they deliver is pussy. Wet pussy waiting to be destroyed! ‘Cause that’s what all chicks, on these dating sites, want – your dick!

I guess that I can’t really do anything without getting my account, no?

There is no mystery that you won’t be able to do shit without registering an account! There is no network that allows you to be there as a guest, so go ahead and sign up to get an username! The process is fast and they won’t ask you your wife’s details! They know that most of their members are in a relationship and that they are all looking for affairs.

You know what?! That’s why these places go so well with the concept of “sex, no strings attached”! I said it in another review – who doesn’t understand these words, well, fuck off! Go somewhere else if you want flowers, poetry and like 10 years to fuck a chick. These sites are for men that don’t fucking fall in love, ‘cause they know that romance might ruin their lives!

And how free it is, FapDude? They trick us and then they ask for money?

100% completely free! They will tell you this tight away, on the homepage! I think that they earn from ads and not from members. Everything you want to do, you can do it for free. Including the initial registration. And you need to do it, ‘cause otherwise you can’t go further. If you don’t mind ads, then this is your place to be!

It is based on matches, too. Like most of the dating networks. They are online since 2005, which means a lot of members from around the world. Wherever you might be, wherever you might want to go, FreeDating.co.uk will provide the pussy! As long as it is within the United Kingdom, of course! You fucktard! I already told you in the beginning of this review that FreeDating.co.uk is for UK people! Don’t you fucking see the ‘.uk’ extension? Going back to the site, it seems that you can also send emails to other members, besides the messaging system. This might be interesting! Use the email to send letters, like our parents used to do.

You tell me that all that pussy is for free and that there are no hidden costs?

I haven’t found any hidden costs. I did not notice anything that would cost money! The ads that they deliver can sometimes confuse you, but once you get used to them, everything will be in order. This is how they work, brother. They allow you to arrange your profile for free, to look at other profiles for zero dollars, you can send messages, you can play around! When there are so many dating adult sites around you that cost money, it is hard to believe that there is one free place of this kind, ha?

There is one thing that you have to keep in mind. The site doesn’t allow you to make any searches until you enter a valid UK postcode and when you are done with this, they will ask you to fill some registration details.

Have you seen the ladies on FreeDating? Do they seem … eager to fuck?

Heh, some, yeah! Now, this doesn’t mean that those who are a bit shy on their profiles, are virgins! Or they don’t want the dick! All women want a cock between their legs, even if they never fucking admit it! They will be shy in the photos, but once they get to know you in messages and they feel comfortable around you, they will do their best to let you know how available they are for a sexual adventure! I should rephrase my statement – all women want a cock between their legs, especially the ones registered on a dating platform!

Teens, girls that are at college and they wanna get down and dirty, latinas living in the UK, romanian babes – the same, living in the UK (we all know how hot these eastern european girls are), MILFs that want a younger dick, wives sick of their husbands who are looking to cheat them with any cost, your neighbor, your neighbor’s girlfriend, everyone is here!

Do they have good functionality on the site? Like a good end-user experience?

The site works pretty sweet, if you ask me! The design looks a bit old, with blue links and so on, but this is not the end of the world. It’s not like these dating sites offer fancy templates. I am not a fucking programmer, but I am pretty much convinced that a complex design would ruin the functionality and it would make the network slower.

The buttons are where they should, everything is responsive and it even works good on your mobile. They did not develop an app for handheld devices, but who knows, maybe they’ll do it in the future! It is better to use it on your mobile’s browser, to be honest! Nobody will know what you’re doing, if you go with the private mode and nobody will find an app on your phone.

You are on your own now! What any other cool thing can you tell me, FapDude?

Oh, I am glad that you give me such liberty! I feel much better! Fuck you, brother! But, to be honest, I have a cool thing to tell you. FreeDating.co.uk has a blog on its pages! And it holds interesting articles. It would be good for you to come here when you are bored or when the chick doesn’t answer to your messages right away. I’ll give you a few examples of articles taken from this blog, to see that they deal with kinda awesome topics. 10 terrible chat-up lines, Ten reasons picking up at the gym is a no-no, Why you should never try to find love on YouTube, The perils of dating a hipster, Five romantic celebrity wedding proposals, Worst reality TV stars to go out with, Celebrities who went broke, Five celebs who don’t like the Internet, Stars who failed their examen and so many other titles. It’s like a scandal magazine! And we all like this type of magazines! I am not sure if others have blogs, since I haven’t paid any attention to this, but it is nice to find this addition here!

Before telling to go fuck yourself and to visit them, let me tell you one more thing. I have found a page where they say that indeed, FreeDating is completely free. They won’t charge you for anything, which means that you can surf and you can do your thing without any issue. How they earn their money to keep this business running? Banner adverts on the service, custom adverts and promotional messages in your FreeDating inbox. Pay attention, brother! Not your email inbox, but the inbox that you have on the site – that’s where you get the messages from thr chicks that you will fuck! Now, fuck off and visit the site!

Site ile ilgili bir sorun mu var? Bildir !

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