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Review Pros

  • Lots of hot models
  • Many filtering options
  • Tokens based system
  • Free nudity 24/7

Review Cons

  • Some girls are very arrogant



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Never been on a live sex cam site! How is it? How does it work?

Curious to know how the fuck did you end up here, if you haven’t been on a live sex cam site until now. Most of my visitors come from Google, when they search specific keywords. For example, in this case, they look for terms like cammodel, cam whore, cam shows, private cam shows and so on. You were, probably, browsing the homepage of my directory, ended up in here and decided to give it a try, otherwise I can’t explain.

Chaturbate is an oldies, but goldies site! It opened the road, amongst others, for the live sex based on a token system. Before this website, people were using the credit system, like the one found on the awesome-too LiveJasmin platform! They focus on all sorts of cammodels (young – 18-19 years old barely legal models, MILFs, matures, amateur curvy babes alongside fit beauties), they share all type of bodies (they can be BBW, they can be like on the catwalk, they can be girl nextdoor type, they can have small tits, big tits, saggy tits), they share everything in one place!

Understand! But the system, the tokens? I asked you how it works!

Chaturbate will give you cam shows for free! Nudity for free – you can enjoy the babe in free mode, while she’s playing with a sex toy, or while she has the lovesense gadget inside her (pussy or asshole). If you like the girl, if you want her attention, if you want her to be only for you (a sort of virtual love-making between you and her), you can take out your wallet, to buy tokens. With those tokens, you have the option to reward her pussy with tips!

Of course that the girls prefer the guys that send them tips. Isn’t it the same in real life? Girls want gifts, they want you to spend money on dinners, clothes, jewelry (some even want houses and cars)! But none of them will show you their naked skin right away! Only on Chaturbate.com! You understand what I mean? And what’s the thing with this tokens system?

I think I do now! What the fuck is lovesense? What’s special about it?

It’s a dildo-like toy! The difference is that lovesense is an electrical gadget that can be synced with the girl’s live sex room. When someone is sending her a tip, lovesense will start vibrating inside camwhore’s holes! Send them enough tips and she might reach an orgasm. That’s how you can become model’s hero! And you want that, for sure!

Do you have any idea how many stories there are around these videochat (yeah – this is the term used in east european countries for live sex on webcam) sites? People from around the world spent fortunes on different models, to win their hearts. The guy falls in love, the girl falls in love (or not, heh!), the guy becomes jealous ‘cause the girl shows her tight pussy and her butthole to others, on cam, the guy asks her to quit videochat, in order to stay at home. He will send her money and he will support her. Some of them end up meeting in real life, hooking up, while others forget about each other and the girls must resume their cammodeling career. Life goes on!

Ha, I won’t do that! Got a wife! Does Chaturbate share different ethnicities?

You got a (FAT) wife, I know! Statistics show that those with a chubby (fat as fuck) wife tend to spend more on live sex webcam platforms, than single dudes or those with normal girlfriends / wives. Don’t get me wrong, it’s normal for you to have a fat wife! You just can’t do better – life, again, goes on! Going back to our main subject, yeah, Chaturbate likes diversity.

Hispanic babes, latina chicks in general, asian webcam models, even indian or arab, ukrainian, romanians, russians, french or american, the sky is the limit!

What they can do for me? Does live sex include roleplaying sex?

Virtual sex on cam is built on roleplaying adventures and ventures! You can ‘own’ the babe! Literally! She can do whatever you might like! There are all sorts of ladies, focused on all sorts of things! Some of them focus on fetish stuff, that include bondage, gagging, latex outfits, leather fetish kinky clothes, handcuffs, burning candles, burned with desire (I love Armin Van Buuren, ‘cause I’m a well-educated man and I listen to trance music), high heels – they can roleplay as sex sclaves, where you are the boss and you dominate / humiliate her however you might want, or they can roleplay as dominatrix, the mistress, the femdom. That’s the moment when you’re fucked, ‘cause they will hurt you (painful sex, rough fetish sex), they will trample you, spit you. But, it’s probably what you are looking for if you spend the tips on a webcam sex dominatrix.

Those that do not roleplay, can learn! If you will spend enough time with them, they will start to learn what you like and they will do it for you. For tips, of course. All good things in life cost money, even if you will get so much pussy for free, on Chaturbate.com. That’s only the beginning!

There are any sorting options on live sex webcam sites? To filter the rooms?

Yes, there are! And it depends on the site. Since we are talking about Chaturbate, I will tell you how things work here. First of all, Chaturbate gives you the possibility to see girls, couples (a girl will have sex on cam, right in front of you, with a guy – there are even threesomes, with 1 babe and 2 dicks or 2 girls and 1 cock), males and trans (we will not discuss these two options right now).

Second of all, if you will register an account (it is not mandatory to have an account to browse between the rooms, to see the girls – you need one if you want to buy tokens and to show them how wealthy you are or, if you want to access the advanced sorting options that can be found right above the webcam rooms, in the right corner), you will get some other goodies, like filtering the babes by geographic location (North America, South America – what did I tell you?, Asia, Europe / Russia and other). You can also prioritize the HD cams, you can check to see the locations of the girls or you can disable the recommandations.

What’s going on in a live sex room, when you enter in one?

The homepage of Chaturbate will show you the active babes! If a girl is not online, you won’t see her thumbnail! The ones on the landing page, have the most visitors at that moment. The more popular she is that day, the better the position on the pages. When you enter in a room, after you have chosen the one that deserves your attention, you will have the girl in a player (no buffering, instant loading, all good and nice) and the chat space, where you can express your feelings.

You can drag the player to resize it, you can mute it or you can hit full screen. It’s good that they have a mute button. If you use this site at work, well, your boss, for sure, doesn’t want to hear your camwhore moan while he has an important meeting with Donald Trump! When you are ready (and if you like the girl), login, buy tokens and start sending the tips from within the girl’s room!

I heard that webcam models have profiles with their details! True?

You are correct! Who told you this? You have friends that spend their money on private shows, it seems! All models have profiles! It’s a fact! A well know fact, if you are a person who has been at least one time on a webcam sex site!

From that profile, you can learn the model’s number of followers (this will tell you how many people like her – the bigger number of followers, the hotter the girl), you can learn birthday (you will be surprised how many 18 years old models there are), if she has body decorations like tattoos or piercings, her location, last time online and the wishlist! Buy her what she writes on the wish list and win her fucking heart! With all of these being said, you can now consider yourself a mother fucking expert in live sex shows and in webcam models! In theory! In practice, go ahead and visit Chaturbate.com or choose some other platform listed under this category that you have on my porn directory! Any of these locations will rock your fucking world and your fucking mind! Be careful, brother! Don’t let them fool you! Don’t fall in love! Don’t leave your wife, even if she’s fat as a fuck! She’s the mother of your kids, FFS!

Site ile ilgili bir sorun mu var? Bildir !

Did you check Chaturbate earn tokens by broadcasting program yet? Try it if you want to make some extra daily cash!

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