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How To Find Your Ideal Partner

11 tips and tricks to finding your ideal partner online

By FapDude
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First off, we need to start by saying the most cliche thing ever. Love is beautiful! Secondly, we also need to state that not everybody is looking for love on the internet, so beware! When trying to pursue the road to being an internet dating person (whatever that means), you need to have a little experience to get a firm grip on how things function smoothly. That goes for girls and boys. Sadly, you can’t get experience without trying something for yourself. That is why we are here to make your transition from a novice to a semi-pro painless, so you can enjoy dating apps, dating sites, and maybe learn a thing or two so there will be no need returning to this post for the hundredth time because I’m positive you will (sarcasm included).
To sum up a few things we are going to go through here, here is a short numbered version of what we are trying to portray today.

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Here are 11 Tips and Tricks that will find your ideal dating partner online:

1. Gather information first

When looking for your ideal partner, I implore you, always read where they are from. Because sometimes you see a pretty face, click, and the next thing you know, you are broke and traveling four times a week hundreds of kilometers away just for love. Well, that does sound kind of romantic, but with today’s technology, things don’t necessarily need to be so difficult. You can find love oozing from every corner of every dark alley nowadays. That, however, does not concern us. What worries us is how to get you, our esteemed reader, to come to a dating service state of Nirvana and get precisely what you are searching for in a place near you! Okay, that sounded like those tacky sites trying to get you to click on anything, but it really is true! You can find anybody for anybody if you put your mind into it.

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ass up

2. Stay healthy: mental, physical and emotional

Our sex lives are vital for our physical, mental, metaphysical health, and to ignore our urges is to go against us as human beings directly. Naturally, you don’t need to indulge in everything you can in this world, that’s just showing off, but trying new things is an entirely normal thing and needs to be explored to some extent. Because we have gathered here today, in some search for answers, I can give you something from my extensive research on the matter.

Research and prosper

Okay, it wasn’t that much research as it was talking with people about their experience on sites that give you dating services. The fact is, I’m coming from a place with meaningful insight on the matter, and it would be wise for you to take some of these pieces of advice and implement them in trying to find something extraordinary for you.

3. Never pretend to be someone you’re not

One of the essential things you need to focus on when online dating and in search of your dream partner is to be yourself, and only yourself. I can’t stress this enough but, DO NOT put some overconfident profile photo that completely misses catching your personality just to be cool, because that is the number one deal-breaker with both guys and girls. Nobody likes to see some poker-faced bad boy in a picture and then meet a sweetheart with no complaint in the world. I’m not saying sweethearts with not a single thing to complain about the world are bad, I’m just stating that people tend to make a mental picture in their heads before meeting you based on how you look. They leave the reading of the preferences of the partner when they decide that the person they are looking for is a match physically.

Don’t even try it

The vast majority was not pleasantly surprised when their date turned out the polar opposite of what they were expecting, and it can indeed be a good thing, but being honest can sometimes go a long way, so don’t be going and pretending to be something or someone you are not.

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girl with naked boobs

4. Always think things through

Always put yourself in the shoes of that potential match you are looking at because there are times when maybe you are overconfident about your look, and you find someone that could potentially be your match, but you screw it over by being too simple and straightforward. Analyze things a bit; not everybody is searching for the same thing, think a little about what you want from all of this and what you can get from it in a realistic matter. Don’t be one of those self-centered people that think everything revolves around them, that’s old news, and it’s in direct conflict with what we are trying to achieve with this.

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5. Be funny, confident and fresh with new ideas

Another thing that pops up in my mind when dealing with questions like “what is love?” “Where can I find my ideal partner?” Is there somewhere to read about tips and tricks about getting a date online? *wink wink* is that you need to keep things simple and don’t drag out everything because there is quite an extensive amount of people you are going up against. The fresh and exciting part of things always needs to be present. Situations, where you need to show your funny side, constitute a significant part of every dating occurrence, and you better be on your toes when searching for interesting ideas and things to talk about.

Photo Credit: Heidi Klum

heidi klum

6. Avoid toxic people at all cost

One thing you should realize about dating online is that it is hard for women and men, and it’s not going to change. Every situation, person, moment, experience, etc. comes with good and bad parts, and it is not something that goes without the other. The best free dating sites are here at your disposal, and there is literally no excuse for you not to join them.
Open your eyes
I agree spotting people like this is a bit hard from the few things we can know about them, but that goes to show that it’s not good “meeting someone on first sight” and you should always look for signs on the road that can inform you about whether or not your partner is a match.

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7. Never tease too much

Almost all people that have gone through a dating app like FuckBook event once in their life always say that they had a bad experience with people that gave them an effortless time while talking with them on the internet. Don’t sell yourself short when talking to someone, but always recognize where you stand in the conversation. For guys that need a tip from this area, it is just be yourself and don’t tease too much because that will meet a “perverse effect.”

“Perverse effect”

That word fits well in the context of our text and brings us to the next thing that girls need to consider while online in search of their knight in shining armor, and that is the EXACT SAME THING.

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Don’t let a guy tease too much if you are not really into that kind of stuff because that is a clear sign of him not being interested in the matter at hand, but can mean that his sights are set on many different goals, and he is just fishing. Don’t be a fish, please, except you are really into that stuff, be an animal that hunts its food. There can, of course, be various ways of catching your prey with active or passive bait. It’s up to the reader to decide what kind of predator he would like to be. Remember, YOU are searching for something, it’s not bad if you don’t have a clear vision of what that is, but it’s a lot easier if you have way-points that you have put in front of yourself, so you achieve the best possible outcome.

8. Take a break from time to time but stay online

A good thing to know about the internet dating experience is that you can just take a break from it, and it’s recommended you do so from time to time. Also, I need to say this but always go on different dating sites while active in this regard, and always be safe with your choices. That sentence can be a bit far fetched because you can’t be a hundred percent sure of who you are meeting but take some steps before that happens, like asking for a call, or video of the person to know you are dealing with the one from the profile picture.
Online is the safest way
A little reminder to the ones that are skeptical about finding love online is that online dating is the safest way of finding your Adam or Eve or Steve because you have a larger amount of information about your partner than you would have if you met them at a bar or somewhere else.

9. Don’t play games and don’t be a creep

Get a good feeling about the partner you decided to match up with, don’t play too many games, that tends to let people know you are a bit unreliable in terms of being a little bit too childish. Women love a man that can hold his own, and men don’t always appreciate the perky and sunny side of how the girls view the world, so don’t be too over the place, please. Don’t take missed chances like they are missed chances, take them as a starting point for your final goal, and that is, of course, individual to us all.

Don’t be a creep

Try not being a creep and that one guy that writes strange stuff to girls half his age, and gets off by giving the forums a piece of his mind. Be a respective member of a community, and there is not a community that will not welcome you, it’s just plain and simple facts that every normal person should abide too.

Photo Credit: Thought Catalog


10. Keep an open mind, take it slow, be cautious

Girls reading this material should always look to take things slow, because you never know what kind of sick and twisted things are lurking in the cold world, always keep an open mind because I’m sure everybody can get hooked on a new situation that two or more people can get into. Guys reading this should take these tips and tricks and go enrich the dating site community with your enlightened minds and make this internet dating thingy much easier.

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11. Act like you are on the second date

If I could try to give the sexes some pointers on their first few dates, it would be for the guy to choose the location, but a place that would give the prettier sex a feeling of security and comfort. You don’t need to be in a sex dungeon for your first few dates. If you want to pay, pay it, don’t ask if she objects, then the next round is on her, and that’s that, not thinking too much about it. For both the girls and the guys, I can tell you don’t act like you are on the first date. Nobody likes awkward hellos and hi’s.

Act like you would act if you were with a friend

Just act as you met them before, and it will be a hell of a lot easier. Go into all this like you want to find if the other person meets your standard, not the other way around, but never be too demanding because that’s just a mega turnoff either way it goes.

Last, but not least

Lastly, I would like to tell everybody that has come to the end of this text, that you will surely find what you are looking for in your pursuit of kinkiness. Even if you haven’t learned anything today, the time will come when you get into a situation portrayed in the writings above. When that day comes, you are welcome to come back and give a silent salute to my attempt to teach you a thing or two about making singles near you, not so single.

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