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Oбзор XNXX Lesbian


XNXX Lesbian

Review Pros

  • Lots of daily updates
  • High-quality lesbian videos
  • Biggest archive of lesbian porn
  • Stream and download options

Review Cons

  • Some videos quality is bad
  • Annoying ads


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Again with this XNXX? What’s so great about this blue XXX website?

Amongs other things, its lesbian category. XNXX is one of the greatest porn tubes in this world and yeah, it is also popular for its retro blue template. I think that it’s an electric blue, no? If the blue is vibrant, isn’t it electric? Eh, alright, so … like all great porn tube, you can expect XNXX to have all sorts of categories on it. One of these must be with lesbian porn. The category is popular as fuck and for this reason, they added so many adult videos under it. I will tell you how it looks, the landing page …

Everything is blue, haha! But you already know this! What you don’t know, is the fact that the landing page will not start with the latest updates, but with the most viewed lesbian clips of all time. No worries, if you want to change that, you can do it by accessing the drop down menu that holds sorting options like all time (default), this month, this week, 2 days, yesterday and today. You see? You can get what they just posted with a single click!

Is the category big? As in, do they have many lesbian videos on it?

If I am not wrong (and from what I see here), there are over 160.000 clips at this moment. Later in time, when you will read this review, the number can change. As in, it will be bigger, of course, ‘cause they’re doing so many updates! You can see how many they have, on the homepage of XNXX. That’s where they have the list of categories and in the lower right corner, they add the numbers. Every category has thousands and thousands of porn scenes.

These 160K videos are not a surprise. XNXX, probably, has millions of additions on its fucking pages. It’s natural to expect absolutely full categories. I am not sure if you understand or not, but XNXX is in the group of giants when it comes to porn tubes.

What other sorting options do I have, except for the ones described above?

Simple answer? None. Besides the drop down menu, absolutely none. You can surf from a page to the next one, but that’s it. This is, in the end, a category. If they do have other filtering options, they are for the general site.

Let me teach you something. Go ahead and use the search function box. If you have some keywords, add ‘lesbian’ before them. Example: lesbian deep-throat, lesbian orgy. You understand what I mean? This will give you specific results and you will be able to enjoy a good fap.

Kind enough to share with me some nasty lesbian titles from XNXX?

Sure, here they are: Hot lesbians fingering and tribbing pussies in scissors position, Nasty wild hot lez girls (Monique Peta) get punished with dildos, Erotic lesbian scene with Rahyndee James and Desiree Night, Mature blonde lesbian swapping partner with neighbor, Petite brazilian teen forced to kiss with inked lesbian bully, Nurse with big tits fingers lesbian small tits patient, Drop dead sexy lesbians fuck with strapons, Lesbian babe licks straight friend after watching porn. Enough, don’t you think?

It’s pretty simple to see that they have a thing for long titles. It’s a good thing, ‘cause long titles describe better what’s going on in the video. Also, the above example will show you that XNXX has diversity when it comes to the actual scene.

You know what I want next? To tell me if they have premium lesbo XXX!

Like any other tube out there, XNXX has user-submitted content. First of all, there’s the amateur sex, upload by people like the girl nextdoor, with them in the clip. There are a lot of lesbian / bisexual chicks on the planet and they love to show online what they’re doing in the bathroom. Nude clips with their girlfriend, tits all over the place, drop dead hot butts, beautiful faces, teens, MILFs, even grannies – they like sex, too, you know?

Then, we have the pornstars. In premium scenes. Still uploaded by users. They go on lesbo sites, they buy a membership, they download the content and they upload it on tubes. Why? For the fun of it, since they don’t earn anything. For the number of views, for the rating, for the attention. Or, who knows why … This way, the lesbian category XNXX became filled with premium porn, that you can watch for free. The circle of life!

Whenever you say ‘pornstars’, I want names! Can you share some with me?

Lesbian or bisexual pornstars, or starlets in general? I think that you want to know names that you can encounter in the clips posted on XNXX lesbian category, right? All famous ones will be here! Well, famous ones who made fucking pussy licking. Or those that want a strap-on in the butt! Or those that want a face sitting! Or those that want the taste of squirting in their mouth! Or those that … whatever the fuck!

Tiffany Thompson, Jayden Cole, Blake Eden, Sophia Knight, Kendra James, Georgia Jones, Emily Addison, Celeste Star, Brett Rossi, Milana May, Malena Morgan, Val Dodds, Aspen Rae and so many others! Only babes, brother! Only the finest lesbian pornstars! I have never seen (in my life), a lesbian pornstar which is not hot as fuck!

Going back to amateurs, is there on XNXX any program like there is on Pornhub?

I don’t actually know, but to be honest, I don’t think so. But, you don’t need a program to make people send their sexy sex clips. You don’t need to give them money to expose themselves on the Internet. They will do it for free, as long as they get visibility, comments, likes, whatever the fuck. It’s amazing to see that! And I cannot understand them! Why would you want the entire planet to see how you lick a pussy or how your girlfriend goes with a dildo in your lesbo pussy? These are things that should be done in intimacy, in your bedroom. No one else should see what’s going on there!

Sure, Pornhub is stimulating amateurs to keep up the good work and to send more and more materials. But this doesn’t mean that homemade XXX will go extinct without it. We have normal people recording themselves since 30 years ago. This reminds me of those blurry sextapes, when the clock and the date in the corner – 23:42 / 02.03.1990. For fuck sake, that’s good sex! They didn’t had digital cameras.

I know what you say, haha! Have you ever made a sextape, FapDude?

Pff, want me to be honest with you? Lots of them, since forever. I used to do them when I was in high school and later on. I used to do them with cameras and I used to do them with my phone. Why not? It’s fucking erotic. When I was in high-school, I was saving the clips on a CD. I wrote on it CHICKS! I don’t know what the fuck happened with it and where is it now. If it still exists. But I remember what I had on it.

Those made with a phone, I have never saved them. They got lost one way or another – when I changed my phone or shit like that. I advise you to hit reset to factory settings when you sell your phone, because – otherwise, anyone might get your sextapes. I have never uploaded them on the Internet. Not my type. I like to record chicks, I like to record babes while they suck my cock, so forth and so on, but for fuck sake, why would I expose them on the Internet? Don’t fucking do this! The law doesn’t allow you to do it! Let others upload whatever the fuck they want. It’s enough amateur porn on the Internet as it is, your sex-tape won’t make any difference. If you want to upload some clips anyway, at least get the girl’s approval. Don’t do it in secret, ‘cause the police and the judge might eat you alive! Fuck chicks, use your phone to record the fucking, let them see you when you’re doing it and if they don’t agree, get rid of the phone, keep the sex tapes for your eyes only, watch them from time to time, fap as much as you fucking want, but never upload them. You cannot do this to another human being! Don’t you know the story of the Italian girl who committed suicide? In a few words, she was sucking a cock while taping it and she has sent the video to her ex-boyfriend as a revenge. The guy upload the clip on the web and it went viral. The babe committed suicide shortly after because of this! One life lost! And for what? Goodbye now, mother fucker!

Что-то не так с сайтом? доклад !

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