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Review Pros

  • Compatible on all devices
  • Totally uncensored videos
  • Exclusive tranny content
  • Full photo galleries

Review Cons

  • Daily download limit
  • No model bios


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FapDude, I’m already bored of all the other trans sites! Some new place to visit?

This site just got in! And it’s fucking great! Sure, we are talking about a premium destination, but a few dollars are nothing when you get such great shemale porn. Right? The name of the site is Trans500.com! You can remember the name, which is good! Nobody wants to bookmark a fucking porn site that has female boys on its pages. Trans500 is one of the best in the industry. It’s also popular as fuck. Most important thing here is the fact that when you pay your way in, you get access on some other sites, too. Therefore, we are talking about a network. A network with a dick! A joke, I made a fucking joke! Now, laugh, you mofo!

The site looks like a true premium destination. Exactly how a paid site should look. Elegant, with all sorts of sliders and sections on the homepage! The sliders are showing some featured productions. Underneath it, they arranged the main menu! Latest updates, a trailer, their top models, this and that – all available when you visit the place! As I already told you, everything looks premium and elegant. Top-notch little place, if you ask me!

You imagine that I’m curious to know the other sites, now, right?

I know that you are the type of person who’s always looking to get free porn. But at least, pay for a membership on those sites that give you a network. Because, all the other sites within this network will be for free! You follow me? You understand what I’m trying to tell you? Trans500 is part of a network and the other members are I Kill It TS (monster cock shemales), TS Girlfriend Experience, Trans at Play (when the men are way, TS will play), Behind Trans 500 (behind the scenes videos) and some more. As you can see, you’ll not have only sites, but some other things, too. Like the Behind Trans 500 section, or whatever the fuck that is!

I am sure that in time, some other names might join. Even if I don’t want to admit, the shemale niche is very popular. For some reason, people want to see such porn and therefore, more and more sites dedicated to the niche will rise up. So, stay tuned, brother! Keep visiting my directory and I’ll tell you everything about it!

How’s their pornstars page? They have many models in that index?

Unfortunately, I cannot answer. They do not show the total number of pornstars. I can see the menu with numbers that allows you to surf on more and more pages filled with models – there are many to investigate. If you feel the need to sort them, feel do so by using the filter Most recent, Most popular, Name / Title. For each model, they added some photos that you can access for free. When you click on a pornstar, they will also show all the scenes available on the site with her. Or him? Hmm … I’m confused!

I won’t give you names! It’s up to you to discover them. Since you don’t have to pay for the index, I see no reason for you to not fucking visit the site to take a look. Maybe you’ll fucking love with one of these famous ladyboys and you’re going to buy a membership just to see his scenes! Or it’s her? Hmm … confused again!

Stop making fun of me! How’s their main menu? What’s their special sections?

Besides the index with the pornstars, which is always special for you, they don’t share anything special. The pages are Exclusive HD Videos, Our TS Models, 100% Exclusive Sites, Transcams. Oh, alright, maybe the latter is special, if you are a fan of live sex. There are enough webcam platforms on the Internet that share shemale performers, true, but the cams on this site might be better suited for you, since they can offer pornstars. Who knows, maybe you will be lucky enough to meet your favorite ones.

How it would be to fap tonight on some scenes with a model and tomorrow to make that model your bitch on cam? The heaven would be at your feet. So yeah, this section with the cams might be special, indeed. ‘Cause it can give you something that isn’t available anywhere else. I have to mention the fact that some trannies here are exclusive for this site, so you won’t find them anywhere else.

I am not sure if I already asked you, but .. they have trailers or previews?

Hmm, you don’t pay attention to what I’m telling you! There’s a trailer on the homepage. I am not sure what scene they list there, under the trailer. Could be the latest addition. Could be a featured video from the recent updates. Now, I’m going to tell you something that will really make you happy. There is a trailer on every shemale clip added on the site. It has around a minute and it will give you the hottest part. How many premium sites have you seen that are kind enough to share a fucking preview on every post? I have seen them all and let me tell you, the mother fuckers will give you shit! Trans500 is good people! Me like good people!

Do you realize that our entire discussion, here, becomes irrelevant? You come here and you ask me things, because you want to understand if the site is good or not! And I can understand that! And I respect it! All you had to do was to take a look at their trailers! There’s no better way to decide if you want to pay your membership on a site, than to see the actual content. Trans500 is, for sure, great for you! I am confident that, the previews will show you that I’m correct! Why the fuck are you still here, brother? Shouldn’t you be on Trans500 watching whatever they prepared for you in free mode? Fuck off and visit the site! Aaaaaaand, I’m off!

Что-то не так с сайтом? доклад !

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