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Review Pros

  • Hundreds of posts
  • High quality hentai art
  • Very erotic drawings
  • Lots of updates


Review Cons

  • All videos are SFW, so no porn
  • There are no categories
  • Old ugly design



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ShadBase? Strange name! WTF is this all about? What kind of XXX is this?

ShadBase is a little porn empire that delivers hentai. You should stop asking this silly questions, since you know the category in which you’re in. And when you know that the category is with hentai, surely you can think for yourself! Yeah, probably a strange name, but nothing out of the ordinary, when it comes to XXX hentai. Everything is strange in this niche – the porn itself, with all those drawn creatures with tentacles humping innocent girls with big tits, the hentai series, the whatever. With so many strange things going on, expect strange names!

ShadBase doesn’t give you the best design when it comes to their template, but it does offer some of the best hentai materials you have ever seen. Famous artist behind the drawings – its name is ShadMan (from here the sites name). The guy really likes hentai and he really likes to express himself within this niche, by drawing nasty stuff. To make himself know, to share his passion – who knows and who cares? As long as he delivers good hentai, worthy of my directory, then everything is going to be alright! First of all, when you land on the homepage, read the guy’s note: “All characters drawn by ShadMan are 18 or older, even if specified otherwise. ShadBase is for parody purposes only and doesn’t actually reflect ShadMan’s desires or beliefs. The site shouldn’t be taken seriously or viewed by anyone”. Nice touch, that ‘not viewed by anyone” thing, heh!

Hmm, nice alternative to regular hentai sites! What does he offer?

As I said, the site doesn’t give you the best design, but you can easily walk around, since it has a good functionality. Is more like a blog-type platform. I don’t know on what it’s built and I don’t care! All I care is that he is offering a menu with pages that will let you proceed with the categories list, the archive, random content, comments, latest updates and so on. Right underneath this menu, you will have … (probably) the recent additions. Or not, I don’t know.

To be sure that you go with the latest shit, better go to the menu and click on the designated button that holds the archive. That’s where you will have, one next to the other, the posts in order, from the last to the first. Well, you will need fucking years to reach the first, since ShadMan has put together a huge archive. And yeah, I just noticed! The homepage will host the last update he made. The mother fucker is popular as fuck! He has like hundreds of comments per post, brother! So many people want to see his hentai work and so many people are there, next to him, on a daily basis.

Famous, ah? How are his drawings? Are they hot? Can you fap on?

Brother, I don’t know about fapping! Yeah, the drawings are arousing as fuck, they make you feel horny and when you see all those wet cartoonish pussies, well, yeah, you might feel an urge to fap, ‘cause they look so damn hot! Yet, I won’t! Not me! I do not fap on mother fucking hentai, brother! If I wanna fap, I go on Brazzers, to see real babes showing the wet vagina! Not gonna lie to you, hentai shit can be exciting, like the one drawn by ShadMan, but I won’t fucking fap while watching a cartoon! I am not here to judge, fap on whatever tickles your boxes, that’s why porn is so diverse – for everyone to be happy, but it is not for me!

I can believe that the author of ShadBase is talented! You cannot have such a popular website without being good! And alongside talent, here comes the good porn cartoons! It’s natural, no?

What are the categories offered on ShadBase.com by ShadMan?

You’re starting to like this dude, don’t you? That’s great, ‘cause that’s why I told you about him and that’s why I listed his site! Because he is really worthy of your heart! You want me to give you examples of categories that he arranged for you in his hentai blog? Sure, no problem!

Hmm, got you! Brothers, there is a button that says ‘in category’, in fact, there are two if them, but it seems that they don’t actually have categories. I think that the author did not used categories to sort his additions. When I did a click on the buttons, I got a cartoon with Sonic the Hedgehog showing his balls! This happened on one button. When I clicked on the other, I got Sonic Girl showing us her tail and her pussy! Isn’t this nice? The drawings are simply amazing, the focus on the details, the lines, the erotism (fuck, I’m talking about Sonic Girl’s pussy!). Nice because of this, bad because I cannot find the categories, if he does have them.

Understood! You said that it is a blog-like site … what blog features it has?

Already told you about the comments, haven’t I? Yeah, you can see his drawings, his series, you can browse around and when you have something to say, you can write down your thoughts in a comment. You don’t need a user account to be able to do so! The comments section has the usual boxes where you have to write a name and an email (of course, they don’t have to be real!)! Once you have done that, share your feelings and send the message. The guy is, probably, moderating the shit people say, otherwise he would have tons of links and tons of commercials in the comments. Nobody wants that – unless it is paid advertising, of course!

Speaking of ads and being a blog-like site, ShadBase has a widget where some ads found a place, but they won’t be in your way! He also has some under the header, but again, they won’t be in your way! Underneath the ads, in the widget, there is an area which holds the latest comments. If you want to see what other people said and on what posts, check that out and do your thing!

Wouldn’t be better if you would give me some examples of titles?

I already prepared them for you! I told you many times, I know you like I know my whiskey! We had so many discussions and I know what you want – there’s always a thing between you and pornstars, titles and categories. Well, I can understand it. Titles and categories can make you know what they have prepared and when it comes to pornstars, since you have favorites, you will know on who you’ll cum!

The titles are these: Diary of a simple kid, OK boomer, The Invention of the condom, Put the bun in the oven, Starfire in heat, No dogs allowed, Necrolationship, Game of bones, Cat girl farm (you really have to fucking see this – someone cat-like chicks with massive tits, some shit on their titties, their’s milk, there’s madness, there’s whatever the hell is going on here). Dude, I cannot stop here, ‘cause the cat post is WTF! Hear the description of it: “Cat Girls at a farm getting bred and milked like the livestock they are. Plenty of extra versions this time, I recommend the dickmilk versions myself”. I fucking told, WTF is going on? Alright, lets’s continue with the titles – The incestibles: smells like teen spirit (dude, how well the guy draw a cameltoe on a chick in this post and another chick sucking on it from behind !!!), Family vacation, Sonie the Sluthog, Deathwish and so many other good titles!

Nice, really nice! Now I’m curious as fuck! What’s a great feature here?

You know how I took the above titles? There is a button that says RANDOM! I’ve used it to reach more and more posts, to copy / paste the titles for you. It is a great way to enjoy more hentai porn materials, if you just want to sit back and relax.

It’s Sunday! Your girlfriend went shopping or she went to visit her mother! Good for her! Open your laptop and hit ShadBase.com. You don’t want to see something in particular, you just want some hentai fun, some porn cartoons, some porn anime or whatever, without a target! Hit the random button and the journey will start! No matter how many times I’ve pushed it, I did not get repetitive posts and I haven’t ran out of content to see! It seems that the engine behind this button has some settings, which are making everything a delight!

Any … last words … about ShadBase?! Like a … hmm … like a conclusion?

Stop that! Stop telling me that! Stop asking me if I have any last fucking words! How many times do I have to tell you? I already told you several times in other reviews to stop it! For fuck sake, I’m not dying! Your just laughing at me! Am I a joke to you?

I’m fucking upset! You are on your own now! No more last words for you, ‘cause I have nothing to say! Goodbye, fucker!

Что-то не так с сайтом? доклад !

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