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Review Pros

  • Tons of hentai porn content
  • High-resolution images
  • Tons of great, weird stuff
  • Awesome search engine

Review Cons

  • Few annoying ads
  • Old, amateurish design


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I’m here for hentai and everything else related! Are you with me or not?

It depends on what you expect me to answer when you ask if I am with you or not. No, I’m not with you, ‘cause I don’t like hentai or anything else related, like furry, manga, who knows what other type of twisted cartoonified porn. Yes, I am with you, when it comes to finding the best hentai destinations on the Internet, for all fans of this genre, out there. There are many adult niches that I don’t enjoy watching, but still, it doesn’t mean that I won’t provide that type of pornography for you. Today, for example, I have prepared a new hentai site, called Rule34.XXX. First of all, we need to discuss about the definition of this notion, rule 34. Here it goes, from the good ol’ Wikipedia …

Rule 34 is an Internet meme and slang which states that, as a rule, Internet pornography exists concerning every conceivable topic. The concept is commonly depicted as fan art of normally non-erotic subjects engaging in sexual behavior. This art can also include anthropomorphized non-human subjects, such as the search engine Google. Basically, porn can be made on every topic in this world. Rule34.XXX is using the motto – “If it exists there is porn of it. If not, start uploading”. I hope that you understood and you’ve got the picture. What better way is out there, to make porn out of everything, then by using the hentai technics?

Yeah! Understood! Nice concept … How’s the actual site, FapDude?

How’s the site, you ask? I’ll tell you how’s the damn site! Confusing like all the other hentai platforms out there! You need like 5 visits to understand what’s on their pages. Rule34.XXX is yet another destination built in the Danbooru style. The landing page will give you the search function box, right in the middle. If you are not careful, you might think that they show the login box, like you can’t see anything without an account and you might leave. Nah, don’t leave! They are exposing everything, even if you aren’t registered, so no worries! The only problem is with their design and arrangement of things – confusing.

Above the search box, they added the menu. The pages that you might find there are Posts, Comments, Forim. At least their menu is simple, clean and right to the point. This will not last, ‘cause when you are on any of these pages, the confusing shit is back! Sometimes I wonder how the hell these destinations can become so massive! They are probably lucky to have visitors that are too focused on the content! Speaking of that, well .. the content is on another level – a massive archive with some of the hottest materials you have ever seen!

If I push on the page with the posts, what will I get in there?

The posts! Haha! I understand what you are trying to find out. I just said that the pages are confusing as the overall site and you wanna know what to expect. Still, I wasn’t kidding. You will have the posts, one next to another. Every addition has a thumb and nothing else. Therefore, no rating, no number of likes / comments, no date of upload. We can only assume that these are the latest updates. There are millions of posts. The landing page will tell you that we are talking about over 3 millions of updates. This is an user-submitted platform, brother! It means that the content comes from people like me and you. Creators!

If you wanna know more about a post or you want to see the image enlarged, click on the thumb. Once in, you will find out which artist made the pic, you will have details about the characters and finally, details about the date of upload and the comments.

You said something about a forum? I can interact with the community there?

Yes, there is a forum on Rule34.XXX. As you can expect, this forum is active as the rest of the site. A good thing about it would be the fact that you can read the threads without being logged in. The forum doesn’t have boards or shit like that. Threads after threads, after threads, one under another. All sorts of questions, all sorts of curiosities. Everyone can write there, a reply or a new thread. So, if you want to interact with the community and you have questions to ask, don’t hesitate to access their forum. Now, how about if I give you a few examples of topics discussed here?

How did you develop your most hardcore fantasy?, Would you fuck the character above?, What do you do after fapping?, TV-shows that you enjoyed which you consider bad now, Energy drinks – waste of money or do you chug them all the time?. As you can see, they discuss all sorts of topics, related to the site or not, related to hentai or not, related to porn or not. This is good! You can come here to relax after a hard day at the office or with your wife. You will laugh of some of the questions. It’s fun to browse the forum, this is a fact!

What other cool things will I have on this site, besides the forum?

It depends on what you mean by “cool things”. If you wanna know how is the content, I already told you. It follows the rule 34 concept and you will have the chance to see some of the hottest materials available, at this moment, on the Internet. If it exists, it can be with porn and it will be present here. The artists, the creators, are pretty good and pretty talented, if you ask me.

If you ask about their sections and their pages, I advise you to see their second main menu. So, the first one is above the search function box, when you land on their first page. This second menu is available when you are on any of the pages that can be access on the first page and when you click on the little lines that can be found in the header. Not going to tell you why that second menu is great! Find out on your own! I am off, now!

Что-то не так с сайтом? доклад !

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