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Review Pros

  • Real fuckable babes
  • Millions of horny members
  • Get paid to upload your sex tapes
  • The video player has tags so that you can skip to your favorite sex act.


Review Cons

  • Hot features require money
  • Hard to find customer service


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I see Cupid, I say yes! It’s something about dating, isn’t it?

I always said that my visitors are smart! Simply because, only smart people are using my directory filled with the best porn sites available at this moment on the world wide web! And if you mix porn with dating, you get OkCupid. Yeah, you can get a relationship out of this, but I am not here to give you a wife. I’m here to give you pussy, wet pussy, shaved pussy, babes that want sex with no strings attached, teens obsessed with blowjobs, with orgies (a friend of mine and his brother fucked two babes at the same time, all together), obsessed with doggy style action, creampie, facial, deep-throat, rough and hardcore sex, one-date one-fuck and no calls the other day, so forth and so on. I am here for you, brother! I got your back when it comes to meeting babes that will accept you just the way you are.

OkCupid is a massive dating platform, it’s old, it’s good and it has millions of members in its database. Since they are so old and so big, they don’t need fake profiles on their site and for sure you won’t have robots. Their reputation is intact and they don’t wanna ruin it with shitty things like fake girls or whatever the fuck. So no worries, if she will answer your messages, it means that a real girl that wants your dick is behind it.

I guess that they don’t allow me inside, without registering an account, no?

You are absolutely correct! How many social networks have you seen that allows you in without an account? And how can it happen? With a guest account? Impossible! The registration form is right there, on the landing page and it takes a couples of minutes to walk through the process. Don’t be scared! OkCupid.com has over 50 million members on its pages, brother! All these people went through the same registration process and they were happy about it.

Once you have made it in, you are ready to fuck! 1,000,000 logins per day! How do you comprehend this number? Can you imagine how much pussy you will have at your cock’s disposal? Can you imagine how many babes are from your area? I am more than confident that so many girls nextdoor from your location are active on OkCupid. And every member is active as fuck! Selfies, pics, posts, comments – engagement all together, mofo! The majority is within the 25 to 34 age range. Perfect for you! And if you want something else, well, I said the majority! You can also get teens, MILFs or even grannies! OkCupid gives you the possibility to say if you are looking for ‘short-term dating’, ‘long-term dating’, ‘hookups’ or ‘new friends’. It’s good, ‘cause this way, the girls that will talk to you will know that all you want is a hookup between their legs!

Hmm, let’s cut the bullshit now and tell me what I get inside?

Cut the bullshit? Since when do you talk with me like that, brother? I am your porn king, you have to be polite with me! How can it be inside? It’s great, as you can imagine! A platform cannot become as big as OkCupid, if it doesn’t deliver top-notch features in every possible field. The interface looks great, you will have a familiar feeling and you will know right away how to use the buttons, the options, the pages and the whatever. By the way, once in, you can import your Facebook photos, to make your life easier. If you want those photos on OkCupid.com, of course. If not, upload other pics. I advise you to use the real you! Don’t be shy!

The dating site will also learn some infos about you – likes, dislikes, religion, personality, habits, hobbies, relationship desires, how many times you fap and if you stick a pencil in your ass from time to time (just kidding, of course!). They will use all of your answers to provide compatible matches in the suggested section. The system has a search function that you can use, to fine tune the members, based, of course, on your preferences. Take advantage of all of these to find the diamond princess!

Speaking about profiles, can I personalize it as much as I want?

To be honest with you, yes, you can personalize it as much as you want. Compared to other networks, you have a full free hand here! I have to tell you one thing regarding the profiles! You can see other members’ profiles for free! Some other networks are asking for money to allow you to do so. Oh, oh! Note: all pics that you upload on OkCupid will be public! So, you cannot hide any! It’s not like on fucking FB! Be careful what you upload! Think twice before drinking and uploading dick pics!

You can write your profile’s summary, to let people know that you’re not a stupid mofo hungry for pussy only! You’re better than this, even if, deep down inside you, all you fucking want is sexy sex!

Cut the bullshit once again and tell me, do they have a mobile app?

Grrr! Punk ass mother fucking bastard! They do have a mobile app! Yeap, you can use OkCupid on the go, while you walk, while you travel, while you work or while you fuck your wife! Their app gives me the feeling that I’m on a regular social network la Facebook, or like Tinder. Not because of the similarities, but because of the … to be honest, I don’t know why! They developers built an excellent user interface and the functionality of it is perfectly designed. You can use it with one hand, to handle your dick with the other.

It is great to use the Double Take option on the app – swipe right if you are interested, swipe left if you want to get rid of the match. If you swipe right and the compatibility percentage with that chick is relatively high, there will be a pop-up window that will encourage you to send her a message. If you are single, or you have a girlfriend but she doesn’t check your phone, enable the notifications to get match suggestions. A safe way to use OkCupid on your phone, without anyone knowing what you’re doing, would be to access the dating platform via your browser, to get the mobile version. Go incognito and when you close the browser, you get rid of your footsteps! Your girlfriend will never know!

What cool features can I get with real money? Shall I prepare my CC?

If you have money to spend, sure! You can use OkCupid without spending a dime, don’t forget that! Sure, spending, will give you more exposure, or some fancy things that will make you feel better, so if you have some dollars that you can spend, do so!

These are the premium features: you can see who likes you, you can enable message read receipts, no ads, advanced search filters, daily auto boosts, message priority, you can see public question answers.

And how can I pay for these? What’s their payment options?

I know what you did here! You’re asking about the payment options, ‘cause you wanna know if there will be anything visible on your bill! No, brother! Nothing visible! Your card’s bill will not show that you have spent your money on a dating app. It will say anything else, but it won’t say this.

If you still don’t want to use your credit card, send them your money via PayPal or via mobile phone. I hope that your dominatrix doesn’t know about your PayPal account, for you to be able to pay the OkCupid membership in peace and without worries!

How are the girls on OkCupid.com? Have you seen some profiles?

I’ve seen hundreds! I spent about a week in here and I even had a date. I was surprised to see that the chick went in bed with me after a 2 hours dinner, on first date. I mean, I know that chick registered on OkCupid are looking for sex and I also know that they are willing to fuck with you, but I was expecting this to happen after 2-3 dates! Lucky me! Or maybe this isn’t about luck! Maybe all chicks on OkCupid are, in fact, whores!

It’s time, brother! Stop reading, stop asking, go ahead and register your account! Go in, prepare your profile, start the matching, start the chat, engage, meet, date, fuck! The girls are all hot, all ages – teens with blue eyes, small tits, innocent, blondes, brunettes, MILFs with a curvy body, wives looking to cheat on hubby. Have no worries! They are all your type! Oh, one more thing – prepare some good photos! Your profile will be your mirror and this is the only thing that attracts the babes! Understood, you mofo?

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