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Oбзор NaughtyAmerica



Review Pros

  • 30+ network sites
  • Only real HD content
  • Nice clean design
  • Tons of 4K HD videos

Review Cons

  • Ads can get annoying


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All chicks in USA are nasty! Why do american babes love sex so much?

Simply because they are sluts! American babes are sluts! Most pornstars come from there, ‘cause they wanna hump the dick all day long! And when you can earn while doing it, life is good for them! Alright now, we are here to speak about NaughtyAmerica! It is one of the biggest porn studios in the world and they, of course, have a website specially designed to share whatever they produce! Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, welcome to the one and only NaughtyAmerica.com! The hottest premium porn videos, the wildest pornstars, the best time ever!

I remember that, when I was a fucking rebel kid, I used to see clips from NaughtyAmerica. They were downloaded from the neighborhood network. And NaughtyAmerica had a thing for fucking awesome MILFs, awesome mature moms, shit like that. Those were the great times of porn, brother! It was fucking magnificent! Would you like to know WTF is on their homepage, brother?

Sure, FapDude! Tell me, what’s on the homepage? Will I see those moms?

You know, I have no idea why, but the producers of NaughtyAmerica will always give you mature hot ladies. They probably have a thing for this kind of women, since years ago. It’s not like you won’t have all sorts of women, but MILFs will be on the day’s order! Every single day! The homepage is going to start with their new 4K / HD and VR porn videos. I often say that there was a time when VR meant the shit! Like, literally, the shit! Every fanboy of porn was ready to buy a handheld device, just to see Asa Akira and her award-winning ass, in a VR production! Virtual Reality porn was awesome, brother! It gave you the feeling that you are right there, in the room, with the pornstar! You felt the need to touch her! Those days are long gone and nowadays, VR still exists, but it doesn’t have the same fame as it used to have!

I forgot to tell you that, before their latest updates, NaughtyAmerica is going to share a slider with featured XXX premium movies. Scrolling won’t give you anything else than the new additions. I fucking love the fact that they add under each and every scene, the name of the pornstar. Even if you can approach a full index with them in the main menu, without being logged in, it is still good to know who’s playing in the video that you are about to see!

Main menu? Pornstars? Come on, let’s talk about the menu! And the chicks …

I am currently on mobile, so I don’t fucking know how the site works on PC. On mobile, if you will look in the header, left upper corner, you might find the menu. Oh! They share something really great for you here! But, I won’t talk about it now! Or maybe I won’t talk at all! The page that gives you the great thing is called Create. Ahh, indeed, for fuck sake, this shit is going to keep you busy as fuck! Let’s proceed now with the other pages! Videos, VR, Sex Show (this is another cool page related to the one I was telling you above), categories, sites, pornstars and the access page.

If you wanna know some pornstars featured on the NaughtyAmerica.com site, it’s easy! You just go on the Pornstars page. But you are too fucking lazy for that and therefore, I will have to copy / paste the names for you, here! By default, the girls are shown by popularity. Still, if you want, the platform is going to give you the possibility to list them in alphabetical order, or by letter! Let’s see who the fuck are their most popular sluts … oh, sorry, their most popular ladies – Nicole Aniston, Julia Ann, Emma Starr, Phoenix Marie, Ava Addams, Brandi Love, Lisa Ann, India Summer, Lexi Belle, Kendra Lust and so many others! You see?! You fucking see that I am right? Their most popular starlets are all MILFs! Where’s Mia Khalifa and all the other young pornstars?!

Fuck! Tell me! I wanna know! WTF is going on if you go on the Create page?

Well, why would I tell you? I should shut the fuck up, to let you go on the fucking site, to discover yourself what’s going on in there. Brother, the Create page is going to give you the tools to fucking create 3D porn scenes! There are so many possibilities, like endless. You can choose the environment, the music, the fucking positions, you can rotate them, you can have them in doggystyle, (reversed) cowgirl position, you name it! You can be a porn producer, brother!

The Sex Show page has the 3D scenes, made on the Create page. I don’t know who did them. I am talking about the clips that can be found on the Sex Show page. Maybe they are done by NaughtyAmerica, maybe they are done by people like me and you. Maybe they list the best ones made by members. I don’t know! One thing is for sure! In these 3D already-made scenes, you can have a look at pornstars! So, probably, when you create a fucking clip, you will have the chance to feature a starlet!

Can you tell me some niches, to see if they list other categories than MILFs?

You must be crazy to think that a fucking network like NaughtyAmerica is going to list only MILFs. Teen category is one of the most popular categories in the world, if not the most popular and therefore, they are not fucking stupid to lose visitors. I need to tell you that they have an interesting filtering menu for you, when you arrive on the Categories page. You can mix some shit – 1.) select category, 2.) select who (actress, athlete, baby sitter, bad girl, boss’ daughter, boss’ wife, college girl, cougar, many more), 3.) select where (backyard, beach, bedroom, bench, game room, garage, gym, so many other options). You understand what’s going on here? Sweet fucking way to go with specific content that tickle your fucking boxes, brother!

Now I have to give you the categories, right? Here they are – 4K, HD, american, anal, anal creampie, ass licking, ass smacking, big fake tits, big natural tits, interracial, ebony, teen, blue eyes, braces, cum on ass, cum on feet, barely legal college girls and so on. Brother, NaughtyAmerica is too big to give you bullshit! They can cover any possible porn category with ease. And, as you can see, they can also cover the most common categories and they can also cover specific niches. It’s fucking great! Everything I see here is absolutely awesome!

I think you said something about a network? More sites for 1 subscription?

Like all the other respectable premium porn sites, NaughtyAmerica is part of a network. If you pay for one single membership, you will get access on any of the platforms that are in the network. Here are some examples of destinations that you will have, once you get in …

My friend’s hot mom, Mom’s money, Mrs. Creampie, My first sex teacher, BigCockBully, Watch your wife, OpenFamily, NaughtyOffice, My sister’s hot friend, Latina stepmom, Asian 1 on 1, Big cock hero and so on. You see?! Again with the moms, the matures, the MILFs. This is the fucking kingdom of very hot older women!

I want to try NaughtyAmerica! Do they have a trial membership for a dollar?

There is a trial membership, but it won’t cost a dollar. It’s almost 2, like 1.95$. And you won’t get 24 or 48 hours, but 3 days. Still, it’s great! Longer time to learn if you want to proceed with a bigger membership. You can see their updates, you can take a look inside, so forth and so on.

NaughtyAmerica is a champion of adult entertainment! This studio is one of the biggest, one of the oldest players in town! Only the best premium porn will be found here! Go ahead, get your trial membership, brother!

Что-то не так с сайтом? доклад !

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