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Oбзор MyDirtyHobby



Review Pros

  • New content updated daily
  • A total of 512.916 videos
  • Innovative social network
  • Ability to chat with models

Review Cons

  • Lame cam shows
  • Everything is expensive



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I heard about this place! Or I’ve seen ads with it! Is it of any good?

How many times do I have to tell you, for fuck sake? If a site is listed on my directory, of course that it is good! Otherwise, I wouldn’t add it on my pages! ‘Cause I bring and I review only the best porn sites available, at this moment or any moment, on the world wide web! MyDirtyHobby is a well-known premium platform and indeed, they run a lot of ad campaigns on the Internet. So yeah, why not, it’s possible for you to have seen them in some commercials. I bet that this happened on tubes, ‘cause you always hunt for free porn. Well, you can’t have it here! The site is premium and you will have to buy a membership, if you want to open its gates!

The homepage is filled with all sorts of things. It looks like a tube, if you ask me. Maybe this is what they wanted, to give you the feeling that you are on a tube. Especially when they try to promote their site like it is with amateur porn. About the homemade sex and how genuine it is, we will talk later on. For now, I should tell you what you get in free mode, when you arrive on the homepage. Right?

Yes, I agree! You said that it is filled with sections! What do I get, exactly?

The site is built in such a manner, like it holds amateurs which love to upload their content, for everyone else in this world, to see. Better said, they’ve build it to look like a social network. From what I understood, users can interact with the performers via this supposedly social network. You got the picture? Basically, this is a porn site. But it becomes an adult social network, because people can interact with each other. Therefore, the homepage will start with a section that has thumbs with the models. Clicking on any, will reveal that model’s profile. You will be able to take a look at her timeline, to see how many videos she has uploaded, how many pictures, etcetera.

The site can be a bit confusing, in the beginning. You won’t know what type of porn platform it is. It’s simply a porn site? It’s a social network? It’s both? Just follow my lead and I will explain everything to you. Let’s continue with the homepage, shall we? After the section with the models, they give you This week’s top videos. Scroll more for the Livecam amateurs. Yeah, I forgot to tell you. Some of the performers here, will also be available on cam. So they have live sex.

Indeed, it can be a bit confusing! What’s their pages? What’s in their menu?

There is a widget that holds the main menu, so you won’t find it in the header, like you are used to. First of all, they will show you how many chicks are online on cam. Then, you can proceed with the videos. Sort them by using the following filters – top videos, video sale, latest videos. Or, proceed with an index of amateurs. New filters are available for this – online, top amateurs, new amateurs, exclusive amateurs.

They even have photos. You can find them still in the widget that holds the menu. Click further for the community, for the categories or if you want to play a fucking game on Nutaku, called MyDirtyBoss. Haha, how cool is this? They even made a game after the site, brother!

But, but, you haven’t told me if the amateurs are really … amateurs! So?!

I simply don’t know what to answer, exactly! They might be! For sure the chicks are not pornstars, but they might become porn actors for the money. You understand what I mean? Amateurs turned actors. Let’s not forget that MyDirtyHobby is owned by MindGeek. These people own the entire fucking porn industry. Another thing is important here! MindGeek also owns Pornhub. And we all know about the amateur program that happens on this tube. Who knows, maybe there’s something similar going on here, too.

You should not worry about this, brother! As long as you find the porn on which you can fap, you should be happy! There aren’t many places where you can interact with the performers that you see in the porn movies, so once again, be happy!

Any last reactions, before we end this conversation? I’ll visit the site afterwards!

This is the first fucking time when I hear you saying on your own, that you will visit a place! Glad to hear that! I don’t know what to tell you now. We kinda discussed everything about MyDirtyHobyy, what’s on it, how things work and so on. Once again, I have to tell you – the place is confusing in the beginning, until you get used with their genre. I tried to explain everything, so you can learn what goes where and so on. There are so many sections – you don’t know if it’s a fucking tube, if jt’s a fucking social network or … maybe it’s a live sex cam platform. Nah, it’s all 3 combined.

The mofos even added an amateur porn catalog of images. And a fucking online game! Let’s not forget about that! Who knows, maybe in the future they will go with a web search engine. They tried to cover as much market as they could. Pretty good job, if you ask me. Everything is in HD, the design of the site is good and clean, the functionality is alright. The only problem for you is that it costs money and the fact that it can be confusing. Brother, you have to support the damn industry. Even Pornhub built a fucking premium version of it. Everything in this world, costs money! With these being said as last remarks, I think that it is time to go. Visit MyDirtyHobby.com and let me know if you like it. When you are ready, use your credit card and be the king of this tube live sex adult network game site!

Что-то не так с сайтом? доклад !

Become a dirty amateur in 5 steps: Create Account, Get Verified, Join the Community, Be interactive, Get Paid. Do it now, you will thank me later!

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