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Motherless Images

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Motherless Images


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Motherless? Pictures? Never heard of this place until I visited your directory!

Well, my directory is filled with knowledge! It is a curated catalog of fine porn sites! If a website finds its place on my directory, it means that it is worthy of your time and your attention. Still, I wonder, how is it possible to not hear about Motherless? It is a huge website! Like literally, they have an impressive archive – massive would be the exact word! And they focus their efforts on a lot of amateur shit! Similar to all the other good tubes out there, Motherless has prepared a section only with XXX pics! If you are like me and you enjoy fapping on porn images, then don’t hesitate to visit what they have. You will lose your mind in the blink of an eye and you will thank me afterwards!

Alright, let’s have a chat about their landing page, shall we? First of all, I am glad to say that Motherless has prepared some filters for you, to fine tune the results that you are about to fap on. From what I have seen, not many tubes have this. For some reason, they don’t add mother fucking sorting options on their photos. The mother fuckers! One day I’ll have a word with all webmasters about this! And they will fucking listen to me, ‘cause I’m The FapDude!

Hey, take it easy! You should tell me their filters. Wouldn’t it be better, FapDude?

Mnah, I’m angry! I have to put some order in the porn industry! The new world order! No worries, that time will come! I am not in a hurry and I don’t plan to die today! Now, we were Speaking about the fucking filters. And you wanna know them, right? They sound a little something like this – Most recent, currently watched, most favorited, most viewed, most commented, popular images, random image, archives images. If I were you, I would go with currently watched. Don’t ask me why, but I always had a thing to see what people see. It’s a repetition here, but you got my point.

Normally, if people watch something, it should be good. The higher the rating, or the number of likes, whatever, the better the material. Still, this is not a fucking rule! What you like, doesn’t mean that it will be good for your neighbor! You understand what I mean? As I said, it’s not a rule, but in general, you can guide your shit based on ratings, view, likes. On Motherless, everything is good. Especially when you know that you are going to approach so many fucking amateur porn photos.

So, you say that there is a lot of content, yeah? Can you give me some numbers?

Haven’t you learned already that you need to trust my word, when I say something? Motherless is not like all the other tubes, if we speak about their content. They don’t have a passion for the premium porn, since they concentrate all their efforts on homemade sex. That’s how they’ve built such a huge commmunity of chicks just dying to share their pussy with the rest of the world! Like literally, all they do is taking pictures to share them on Motherless. The tube doesn’t have a good design, with fancy shit sparkling all other the place, but for sure it has a good archive.

Want numbers, yeah? Well, what if I tell you that, at the moment of this review, you can browse on more than 3000 pages filled with sexy photos? Horny teens, beautiful housewives, girlfriends gone wild, couples doing the naughty things on cam, bla bla bla. The authors of this place are going to tell you in the footer the following – ”Motherless is a moral free file host where anything legal is hosted forever! All content posted to this site is 100% user contributed. All illegal uploads will be reported. If you want to blame someone for the content on this site, blame the freaks of the world- not us. Feel free to join the community and upload your goodies. While you’re here check out the boards, chat, groups, galleries, videos and images.. You see, mofo? 100% user-submitted adult fun!

When I go in, to see a photo, what do I get on the page? And, can I comment?

Expect the actual photo as first thing. Obviously! You will know the size of the pic. I don’t know how the size will help you. There is a button called Random image, if you feel lucky enough to think that the next random pic is going to make you fap like there’s no tomorrow. There are some other buttons, like favorite, shout, download, share, add to gallery, add to group, post media, whatever the fuck. Find on your own what does the share button do, Dee Dee!

Yes, you can leave your comments, if you wanna share your thoughts with the rest of the world. Since the community is huge, don’t expect to be the first one writing down in the comments section. And you don’t need an account do so! This is a good thing, ‘cause it’s faster!

Is there a way to go with categories or tags, on the Motherless photos page?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a designated page where you can choose a particular category or a tags cloud. Still, I will teach you a trick. If you like a photo, click on it to go on the actual post’s page. Underneath the image and all the other button that we discussed above, you will have a tags list. Those are the terms under which they have posted the porn pic. There are like 10-12 tags. Clicking on any, will give you more shit like that. This is the only way to go with specific materials.

Dildos, wife, toys, saggy tits, big areolas. These are some examples of keywords. Use them, fap, do your thing! Motherless is here for you and they don’t joke around when it comes to the amateur sexual things!

Что-то не так с сайтом? доклад !

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