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Review Pros

  • Lots of HD content
  • High-quality real amateur videos
  • Get paid to upload your sex tapes
  • The video player has tags so that you can skip to your favorite sex act.


real fuckable babes
millions of members
hot paid features
free to register


registration required
no app on iOS

Review Cons

  • 1080p content is only available for paid members
  • popunder


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Match? As in football match or as in dating match? Which is it?

Well, you don’t have to be Einstein to understand which one is it. Since you are on a porn directory, you should expect to have here another good dating platform. Match.com is an amazing place to be, if you want to find your partner for sex or for a relationship. In other words, Match is not a sex-only dating site. You can either find love making, or you can get a wife. It is up to you to decide what you’re looking for and how to approach the network.

It will start in an interesting manner, once you have decided to visit their landing page. You are used already, so it won’t be any problem for you to see the fact that you need to register an account, in order to be able to open the gates of Match.com. They have prepared an walk-through, some steps to follow. Like, first, you will have to say your gender and what gender you’re looking for, to meet! I hope that you are a man looking for a woman, or a woman looking for a man. Other mix, ah, let’s leave it for other directories. It is fast to take care of all the steps, it is free to register, so I see no reason for you to not do it!

I’m looking for sex, not marriage! You sure I’ll find it here?

I am more than confident that you will get what you’re looking for. I post only sex related sites on my categories and since Match.com is here, have no worries, it will give you sex. It’s the same as on Facebook! How many found their wives or their girlfriends on Facebook? And how many found sex with no strings attached, like lots of it? You understand what I mean?

The platform will allow you to filter the girls that you want to meet, by selecting their age, their distance from you and so on. That’s why, after you have registered, you will have to answer some questions. Based on what you will say there, Match will give you your … matches! It is a matter of compatibility! If you want to really narrow down the quantity of persons you receive as a match, enter additional information like age, religion, geographic location, marital status, if they want to have children or not, etcetera.

It’s possible to arrange your profile, by adding different details and pics?

Like on any other social networks, of course. In the end, a dating site is a social network. And where would a network like this would be without profiles? They will give you the possibility to upload your photos, to write info about you, like your bio, or whatever the fuck!

Be careful to add enough info, for babes to understand who they’re talking to! And pick more photos, add diversity! Let them see you in different forms and situations! Your profile will be everything! That’s your mother fucking best thing! It’s your weapon! That’s how you get the pussy! So pay attention to it and make your profile look as interesting as possible, for fuck sake!

Alright, alright! And how are their matches? How’s their system?

It’s not so different than other networks, yet it has a few things that might be special. For example, you will get 7 matches every day. Potential matches! If we do the math, this means 35 per week. All of these will be made based on your answers given when you registered and based on your browsing preferences on the site.

Hit those that you like. It is not mandatory to engage with all of them or with any! In the end, go with those that look fuckable for you! Those that seem to be accessable! You understand, my dear friend? Match allows you to message anyone you want and you can view any profile your heart desires. Some sites have all sorts of restrictions regarding these actions, but not this site!

What are some cool things that I will get if I will use this sex dating site?

There are several things that I find good in here! I should start with the fact that Match allows you to add up to 26 photos in your profile. Take into consideration that not all dating networks allow you to upload so many. Also, it is possible for the system to give you Match events from your area, where you can go to meet babes face-to-face. They all come for sex, no worries. They know why they fucking come to an event. To meet a dick!

I also love the fact that communication with other members is done anonymous, which means that all your personal infos are safe! The platform has 20 fucking years old, or more! They did their homework and it is hard to be disappointed on their pages. Also, if we are talking about 20+ years of activity, well, imagine how popular it became and how much pussy is available around here! It’s your time to fuck ladies that are looking for casual sex, blowjob, anal fuck, pussy licking, rimjob, doggy style, (reverse) cowgirl position, facial, cum shots, creampie and why not, double penetration. It’s not like women do not want that! Most of them want it, but only a few would admit it!

How many members do they have? Do you know their numbers?

Well, I had to surf the web, to call my connections, to speak with secret services, in order to satisfy your curiosity! Match has 20 million members world wide. And they deal with 3 million daily logins! There is a high member activity around here and you will not get bored! The gender distribution is particularly proportional. There is also a good percentage of members in each age range, making the site a good place to be for all people that come here to meet another human being!

I also heard that Match doesn’t have dead profiles, since they clean inactive members and I also heard that they do not deal with fake profiles. Why would they? The database is full as fuck and they are too old and too big to deal with this kind of shit. Members respond quickly to your messages! This is a proof that babes love this sex dating site!

What are the methods to interact with the chicks? Likes, etcetera?

You’re using my expressions already, from what I see! I use the “etcetera” thing. It’s not wrong for you to use it! I am glad! If you use my expressions, it means that you consider me a close friend! Back to our subject – there are different ways to interact with the other members! And yeah, when I say members, I think of the girls, of course! I told you! On this page, I want ONLY man looking for woman and woman looking for man.

Match will show you, as explained above, some other profiles. You will be able to like them, or not. If you will do so, the girl will be notified that you have liked her. If you will pay some money – this is a premium feature, you will be able to use the option called MatchPhone. It allows you to call the other user through a custom number assigned by the site. The line is anonymous and you can talk freely without being monitored. Another premium feature would be MatchMe – use this and your profile will be first in the suggested area of other members. Visibility! The babes will see your profile, front row view!

Do they have a mobile app that I can use on my brand new iPhone?

You Apple fanboy! Your mother bought you the iPhone, no? No worries, I have an iPhone, too! I only use iPhones! Any other brand is for losers! Winners use Apple, haha! To answer your question, yes and no! Currently, at this moment and for now, Match has a mobile app available only for the Android platform and only in USA and Canada. Probably, in the near future, their developers will build a version for iOS that will cover more countries! Give them some time! But, read the following lines, ‘cause I want to tell you something!

Most of you have girlfriends and wives. Most of them have access to your phones and they are probably checking it to see what the fuck your doing! They might discover the dating app and that’s the moment when you’ll be fucked as fuck! I advise you to not use the app! Use the mobile version of the platform, but via browser. You can go with the incognito mode when you use it and once you have closed the browser, no one will know where you have been and what you have done. Your relationship / marriage is safe now! Thanks to me! If you want to really thank me, give me your girlfriend, while you spend some time on Match.com!

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