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Review Pros

  • Over 85320 porn videos
  • New amateurs added daily
  • Awesome design template
  • Get paid to upload videos

Review Cons

  • The best videos cost money
  • Non-premium members are limited
  • Cannot contact models



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Who the fuck doesn’t love home fucking porn? Is this site with real amateurs?/

Before answering your question, there are other things to tell you about LoveHomePorn.com. It is not free! This is a premium site, which means that you will have to pay your way in. It’s a tube, yeah! You are used to see free tubes, but it’s not the case here! What do you get in return? Exclusive content with amateurs having sex! When I say exclusive, I really mean it. What you get here, can’t be found anywhere else. Sure, maybe a clip or two, but in general, LoveHomePorn has exclusive homemade XXX!

The homepage looks like a true tube. It’s filled with all sorts of stuff! The first section has the most popular posts for the month. Right underneath it, the authors of LoveHomePorn has prepared recent photo galleries. Scroll even more for the recent porn. You will notice that on some thumbs, in fact – on most of them, there is a crest which says Premium Video. Well, you don’t need me to understand what they mean by that. Just in case, I’ll explain! Not all videos are with money. Some of them, those that don’t have the crest, can be seen for free! That’s right, you don’t have to pay to access them. All the others will be at your disposal only if you subscribe to one if their memberships. Above the recent clips, there is a tags cloud which holds a lot of keywords. Use this cloud if you want to reach specific content, based on your preferences!

You forgot to answer my questions, FapDude! Is this site with genuine amateur shit or not?

100% authentic homemade porn! They brag with the fact that all materials are user-submitted. If this is true, I don’t know. Maybe they repay the uploaders with money, like some other tube around here that has an amateur program. Maybe, mnah … Who cares?! What I do not, for sure, is that the porn is indeed with girls nextdoor, wives, housewives, girls from the street, teens, sucking, fucking, doggystyle, cowgirls, this and that. These chicks want facials and that’s what they’ll get! Besides the creampie!

It’s easy to check if what I said above is the truth or not. Just take a peak at the thumbnails. None of them look like it was taken from a professional production. There is a mix between couples doing their thing in the bedroom (pussy licking, anal, casual sex, college fun, girls gone wild), cam models (toys, masturbation) and cuckold mother fucking fuck! Everything for everybody, so prepare to find whatever gives you an erection! The perfect amateur fapping place!

Do I have some other sorting options at my disposal? I should, this is a tube!

You are correct! When you are, you are! Since this is a tube, it means that you get all the sorting possibilities specific to this kind of porno site! Where you see the recent homemade porn videos section, that’s the place for them – being watched, most recent (obviously, default option), top rated, top favorites. Since you are new on the site, you should not go with the recent filter. It doesn’t make sense. That’s for people that are used with the archive and they want new stuff. I advise you to try being watched. It’s always fun to take a look at what others see at the moment of your visit.

Or, you should try the tops, the ones with the rating or the one with the favorites. This way you will learn which are their best porno amateur clips. That’s how you get to know the content of a site. Recent videos, as I said, they’ll be good later on. You can also go with the tags, but I have already told you that. I don’t see any other ways to sort the content. Ah, wait – the search function box and the main menu where you can swap between videos and photos.

I love porn photos. Those are still with real amateur people doing the sex?

Absolutely! You think that they add genuine homemade XXX in the videos section, but they go with professional materials for the photos? It doesn’t make sense. And you won’t get many couples, even if there are a few, but you will have a lot of naked chicks in the images. Selfies, mirror pics, whatever. Wanna hear how many sexy albums they prepared in the archive, for you? Over 10,000! I repeat – albums, not pics! Every album has a lot of photos in it, so the total number for these is even greater! When it comes to videos, it seems that they added almost 100,000.

Now, let’s get back to photos. The section has its own filters, to find what you’re looking for! Most recent, most viewed, top favorites, most downloaded. Or, you can modify the timeline – all time, last year, this year, last month, this month, this week, yesterday, today. You can mix the timeline filter with every each and one of the others. Near the footer, they have the menu that allows you to browse on more pages. Simple, don’t you think?

How’s their functionality? Everything works as it should, FapDude?

I wouldn’t worry about that. The functionality is great! I had no issues surfing on the site. The template looks damn good and therefore, you should expect a fine functionality. They are focused on their members and they are trying to deliver a one-stop destination for them. LoveHomePorn.com will catch you right away!

The actual materials are great, too! As I said, these videos and photos cannot be found anywhere else! Don’t expect HD or 4K shit, man! Amateur people don’t record their sex with high-end cameras, brother! We all know that! Still, this doesn’t mean that the quality of the image is not ok. It’s more than ok, in fact! They don’t post junk! LoveHomePorn.com is a platform that can win your soul in a blink of an eye! I fucking recommend it from the bottom of my heart! Go, have your test drive on the site!

Что-то не так с сайтом? доклад !

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