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Review Pros

  • Lots of HD content
  • Very hot teen porno videos
  • Amateur porn program
  • Download videos available

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  • Lots of HD content
  • Very hot teen porno videos
  • Amateur porn program
  • Download videos available



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Is this site still working? I browsed it like 10 years ago!

We all browsed this site when we were young. As guests, of course, because we couldn’t fucking spend money on cammodels when we were 18, but still. I used to do it, too. I remember a pretty blonde mature lady from USA – it was a delight for me to go into her room, in order to try to get a few words from her. Cool times, brother! LiveJasmin is still around, it’s still one of the most famous live sex sites on the Internet and it still holds some of the hottest chicks money can buy. And they are still in red … same clothes! It’s their image, their symbol!

Meanwhile, LiveJasmin has developed an exquisite mobile version and an app that you can download on your phone. We will talk about these in our review, today. The homepage still has their best online rooms! I don’t know the algorythm behind this, but I can imagine – maybe they list those rooms based on ratings, maybe they do it based on online hours or they do it based on the number of visitors at that moment, in the room. One of these, for sure! It’s not so important! What’s important would be the fact that the landing page is going to give you their hall of fame!

I can’t remember their system! Do they have credits or tokens?

LiveJasmin has a system that used to be the most important one in the industry. Many live sex adult sites had the same system. They have credits and not tokens! I repeat, LiveJasmin has credits! And there is no nudity in free mode. In other words, if you don’t take out your wallet, you cannot see naked chicks, their tits, their pussy, their masturbation technics or their sex toys. With your wallet, you can buy credits and with those credits, you can take the girl in private.

That’s where everything happens – in private shows! Unfortunately, LiveJasmin – as big and as famous as it is, has some downsides. One of them would be the fact that some camwhores will set their cams to show their neck and their face, only. If you want more, you take the girl in private. WTF, brother? On what do I spend my money? I can understand that they don’t want to show nudity for free, but still, I want to see the girl – even if she has clothes on, to know if she is worthy of my credits or not.

Uh, that’s really bad, FapDude! Do they show live pics on thumbs or artistic shit?

ARTISTIC SHIT! LiveJasmin has some of the hottest models in the biz, no doubt about that. Still, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t some ugly girls. When you surf between the categories or on the homepage, you will have thumbs with the rooms. Those thumbs will show you the girl, yes, but it shows a pic with her made by a professional photographer, who knows when, in some exquisite decor, while she has a sexy outfit on … you won’t see the girl as she is, right then, when she is online, in the room. There are big chances to be disappointed as fuck when you get in the room. Professional photo VS actual girl – hmmm, guess who’s going to win?

This is another downside when it comes to LiveJasmin. Sure, you won’t always be disappointed, but it can happen. The best way would be to show is how the model actually is at the moment of your visit. Some sites are like that. Jasmin is not one of them.

You said something about a good mobile version of LiveJasmin, FapDude?

LiveJasmin has one of the best mobile version! If not the best! It works great and it looks like a fucking billion dollars. They use their red color on this version, too. It is compact, it shines, it has all those HD pics of the models – really really gorgeous. You will have boxes with the girls and when you will push on any, you will be taken into the room.

By default, the video player will be on zoom, but you can change that with a double tap on it. You can swipe to change what you see and to access something else, you can login, you can spend your credits, you can do anything you want on the mobile version.

Tell me another downside! What’s something else that you don’t like here?

What I don’t fucking like, besides what I already told you above, is the infinite scroll that they have on the homepage of the mobile version. There isn’t any menu with numbers that allows you to browse on more pages with online models. Let me give you an example! You want to browse the girls until you find one suited for your desires. You start scrolling – at a point in time, you find one that maybe you like, but you still want to continue the browsing, to check some other camwhores until you decide with which to go in a private show.

If they would have had a menu with numbers, you could have said “oh, no worries … I will remember that this girl is on the 4th page and I can come back later in time”. When there is an infinite scroll, you can say fucking shit! I don’t know if you understand my point, but it doesn’t matter! Listen to me when I tell you – infinite scroll is a shitty thing.

How do they classify their models? What are their sorting options?

I told you above that today we will speak about their mobile version and their app (which is exactly the same as the version that you can access in your mobile’s browser). Mostly because everyone knows their desktop site and I don’t know how many of you know the mobile alternative. Therefore, I am going to answer your question like I am on my iPhone. You understand?

The homepage of the version (and the same on the app), in the header, has some boxes in which you will read the following: girl, celebrity, hot flirt, amateur, BFF, mature, fetish, couple and so on. That’s somehow their most important categories. You know that Hot Flirt is more like a sexy section, where you will have sexy stuff, but you won’t fucking have toys and pussy spreading. If you want more sorting options, click on the magnifying glass that can be found right next to the search function box. The new available options will be asian, ebony, white, latin, petite, athletic, BBW, C+ cup, black hair, blonde, brunette, redhead, 18-22, 40+, mobile live, recommended, most popular, newbie, exclusive, free chat, private chat, video call, VIP show!

I see some new features around here, right? Like video call and VIP show!

You are correct, my brother! These are new features on LiveJasmin. Not like new as in they were added this morning, but new as in they didn’t have them since the beginning. Let’s begin with video call, shall we? It’s expensive. As fuck! If a private show costs 2,99 credits / minute, a video call with the model will cost you like 10 credits / minute. But it will give you the girl wherever she is, brother! You will be able to see her while she’s at the mall, while having dinner or maybe you will have the chance to watch her changing her clothes. It will be like any other video call!

VIP show – the babe will set a goal, like 50 credits. When people will send her this amount (credits from more members, not from a single one), she will start the VIP show. Everyone who paid will be able to see her! Most of the time, these shows are better than the private versions, since it involves more money for the model. Come on, you lazy fuck! Go on LiveJasmin and see all of these new features with your own eyes!

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