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Review Pros

  • Lots of HD content
  • High-quality real lesbian videos
  • Nice and clean site design
  • Regular daily updates

Review Cons

  • No advanced search features



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I don’t need a dictionary to understand what’s here! How is the site?

Filled with lesbian porn videos, of course! The domain name of this platform is absolutely insane! It must be an old domain, since you cannot get such a title nowadays, with all the domains being occupied since so many years ago! It’s not brandable, but it’s great! And yeah, it tells you right away what you’ll get if you will access it! LesbianPornVideos.com, ladies and gentlemen! A site built for videos that show you sex between chicks! Nothing less, nothing more! And it has so much fucking lesbian love-making on it!

The homepage starts with their most popular updates and if you will scroll, you will get near the footer, the menu that allows you to go with more and more pages filled with popular materials. Different, as you can see! Most sites will give you the newest porn on the landing page!

I understand, FapDude! And how can I see what they just added?

It’s a secret! I won’t tell you! I am kidding! Right above the clips, on the homepage, there is a button that says, obviously, Filters! A menu hidden under that button will give you sorting options like Quality (any and HD only), Sort (most popular, most recent, most viewed, top rated, longest), Duration (all, short: 0-8 min, medium: 8-20 min, long: 20+ min). That’s how you go with the latest updates! What else is great here? The fact that they have HD porn and you can even choose to see it.

If you want to sort the content in depth, you can also use their search function box. I don’t know how good it is, if it will give you relevant results or not and if it can mix several keywords. It’s up to you to see how it works! Every clip has a thumbnail, a title, length, number of views, rating and date of upload. This is how you can see that they are doing lots of updates on a regular basis!

Do they have previews on the thumbnails? Trailers or something?

LesbianPornVideos.com seems to have trailers / previews, if you cover your mouse over a thumbnail. All printscreen look like they are in HD and absolutely all of them are hot as fuck. They did their best to show you the most relevant parts of a scene and this will help you choose what Yo watch when you want a good fap.

I don’t know if I’m right or not, but the thumbs are a bit bigger than usual. At least on the mobile phone. I am too lazy today to open my laptop, so I’ll have this conversation with you via my iPhone. The site has a great mobile version, accessible on iOS and Android and you will have no issues using it. The trailers on thumbs are working on handheld devices, too. You will have to push on one of them and you will have to hold the push for a few moments, until the motion starts. At least, this is how I do it!

Do they have premium lesbian porn on their pages, studio-made?

Again, you want professional porn with lesbian pornstars for free, right? Oh, oh! Yes, they have! From where do you think that the HD porn comes? Sure, a good phone can film in HD, but to have that quality of image, you need good light, you need location, you need to take care of many aspects. Amateur people record their sex in whatever possible way and that’s about it!

True HD adult entertainment comes from studios. And, as you can see, they are offering HD materials, in abundance. Therefore, to answer your question in precise words: yes, LesbianPornVideos.com has premium content on their pages, studio-made!

Is it possible to give me some examples of titles from their popular area?

Ah, I thought that you want me to give you examples of premium clips titles! Like I have time to sort this shit for you! Yeah, I can give you some titles from their landing page. Remember that these titles are available at the time of this review. Until someone else is here to read these lines, anything can happen – they might delete the quoted lesbian porno vids.

Big boobs whores licked their tight pussies, Skinny lesbian babes fingered their cunts, Girls nailed each other with a strapon, Dirty fucking hentai lesbians make each other cum. You see?! They even have hentai fun! Lesbian hentai! I know that you fucking love this shit! How great is that? Now you can see babes doing nasty things, in animations!

Hentai, yuppy! What other categories are prepared for me, here?

Yuppy?! WTF, brother? You ghei? Only pussies use such a word! Prepared for you? Like, imagine, you’re so fucking important that they build their fucking website based on your desires? You mother fucker! Let me see if they have a categories page index and where they’ve put it. Ah, yes, in the main menu! I also noticed there a page that says Pics. If you are a collector, that’s your place to be – but we will get back to this later on.

Categories: amateur, anal, babes, BBW, BDSM, big ass, brunette, college, interracial, latina, lesbian, lingerie, old and young, outdoor, schoolgirls, shower, threesome, toys, community – women. Again, on the categories, I have seen Pics. This tells me that they added images under every each and one of the niches.

I am a porn collector! You kind enough to tell me more about this?

When you are on the categories page, you will have the option to go with videos or with pics. Most of them are studio-made. They are taken from the full scenes, most likely. If you are a true collector and you want some lesbian photos, browse whatever they have for you here. Sites that deliver pics are rare these days and you should take advantage of LesbianPornVideos.com.

They also have amateur pics. You need to scroll until you reach Community – Women. We are still on the categories page, so don’t change the section. Selfies, nudes, amateur babes showing their shapes, tits of all kinds – big boobs, small titties, sexy nipples, hot and big areolas, lingerie, teens gone wild, wives exposed by their husbands, so forth and so on. You don’t have to fucking be a porn collector to want to see XXX pics from the girl nextdoor. You ask for these selfies and these nudes on Facebook. Sometimes you get them, sometimes you don’t! And rarely, you might see a naked ass! On this site, you don’t have to ask for images. These girls are willing to expose themselves without you asking for it. No need for FB! A selfie to see a pair of nice natural boobies? Sure, come here! It won’t cost you anything, so why wouldn’t you?

Community – Women?! Is this like a place where people send their sexy stuff?

Most likely, yes! LesbianPornVideos.com has a button called Community. What’s in there? Let me tell you – Members, Videos, Pics, Groups. You will need an account to find your way around here, but it is free to register and it takes like 2 minutes. I know what you want now! You want me to give you examples of Groups, right? Vulva against vulva, Dirty asian MILFs, GirlDoGirl Series, Avinion group, Juicy, 69, Dirty Talk, SafeCyberSex, LGBT group, Pussy rubbing and so many others! All of these groups are following a specific theme and all content posted is about that! Be a member on those that tickle your boxes. The ones that you see above are from a featured list, but they will give you some filtering options, if you want to access something else – most recent, most members, most videos, most pics.

Every group has a thumbnail that will describe what’s going on inside, you will know the number of members, a description, number of videos and number of topics. Enough details for you to be able to make your choices properly. The videos and pics pages under the community section will give you materials sent by women from around the world! This demonstrates the fact that, yeah, most of their amateur lesbian sex videos are uploaded by members, with themselves featuring in the scenes. In other words, if your girlfriend is bisexual and she has a fetish for uploading her videos recorded while enjoying a threesome with another girl and, hopefully, you – this is the place to upload them! You won’t get anything in return, since LesbianPornVideos is not like Pornhub, where you can earn money as reward for your number of views. Still, the attention people will give you via ratings and likes, even comments, should be enough for your girl to keep her horny and going. Until then, see their videos, walk around, enjoy the lesbian sex and fap like there’s no tomorrow! Let me know if you have bookmarked LesbianPornVideos.com.

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