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Why it’s called ‘LegalPorno’? I mean, why legal? What are they trying to say?

I have no fucking clue, brother! I have no idea why they used this domain name and what they’re trying to tell us! Maybe it’s called legal because this is a paid premium porn website. Mnah, I am tired right now! Can’t think about things like this! And it is not even important! There are some other cool things regarding LegalPorno.com! For example, the fact that it shares exclusive porn made by some of the biggest XXX studios in the world! This platform is, basically, a tube! It even looks like a tube. And it will share all sorts of premium videos for which you will pay.

The homepage will start with recommended videos! Probably a similar thing to featured. By default, you will have only the 4K updates. If you have a bad Internet connection, uncheck the box and you get as results posts with a lower definition of image. If you don’t want to watch the recommended clips, change it with newest scenes, best sellers, best recent scenes. Scrolling, the homepage is going to show more and more scenes. Yeah, it’s a tube, no doubt! A paid tube! Aren’t you sick of seeing videos that have such a low quality of image that you can’t notice if the woman has some hair on the pussy or not? Those days are over! Looking for a premium tube? Visit LegalPorno.com!

Wait! We are not done, FapDude! How do you pay to see the porno videos?

I am glad you asked this, because things are a little bit different. Sure, you will still have the memberships, but they work a little bit different. Also, they won’t tell you anything about the payment, until you login. So you register, you open the doors and only then you can learn about the subscription. Nothing bad about this, it’s just different, as I already told you above! But, that’s why I’m here, to teach you everything there is to be known about LegalPorno.com!

There are like 3 options to buy. They will all give you a number of tickets and you can exchange them for watching videos. It’s a sort of a pay-per-view system. You pay tickets to watch clips. When you buy, you also get a package of free bonus scenes. The archive is gathering all sorts of porn from all sorts of studios. So it’s not about one type of adult entertainment …

I think I want to know which are the studios! Got any famous ones for me?

You ask like you are the only one who wants famous studios or the only one who knows them, brother! People heard about popular places that produce popular porn, you know? You are not the mother fucking center of the universe! I am! Remember that, FFS, I am the boss of the universe! LegalPorno.com deals only with famous studios! And the good thing is that you will be able to learn how many scenes from a studio they added. Want me to give you 4-5 examples, to understand better what I mean? Here we go …

Gonzo.com (over 2,000 videos), Giorgio Grand (over 1,000 videos), Private Castings (over 100 videos), Hard Porn World (over 1,000 videos), Sineplex Classic (over 1,000 videos). Sure, maybe they are not as popular as Brazzers or RealityKings, but these are still famous studio. It might be a good alternative to all that porn that you already know.

Is there a way to see what pornstars these studios feature in their XXX?

Yes! The authors of LegalPorno.com have thought of everything and they added a index in the main menu, called – simply, Models. Not only that they have the directory, but they also prepared some filtering options for you, to fine tune the results that you get – by studio, by nationality, popular, alphabetical, last release and so on. You can work on one of these filters, or you can mix them.

As always, I went with the most popular chicks on the entire site – Veronica Leal, Angel Smalls, Jillian Janson, Emily Pink, Alexa Flexy! Many many others, like a total of over 3,000 models. It’s good to see some other faces, than the usual ones. We are a bit bored of Mia Khalifa and company.

And can I also know which are the categories of porn available here?

Again I say, the authors are good people! They added, yeah, a page where you can take a look at the categories. In fact, the page has also, besides the niches, a tags cloud. I will give you a few examples from both sections. Categories – teens, 3+ on 1, double vaginal (DPP), triple anal (TAP), gapes (gaping asshole), more. It’s good to see that you won’t have usual shit.

If we speak about the tags cloud, these are even more specific. Like when you choose one, you will go deep as fuck into the mysterious world of porn put together by LegalPorno.com. Ass licking, ass to mouth, butt plugs, facial cumshot, gape farts. Many others, of course! You see what I mean? You see what I’m talking about when I say that these are even more specific and unique. It’s good, everything looks good around here, brother!

A friend is a member on LegalPorno and he said that there’s a forum. It’s true?

LegalPorno has a community behind it, indeed. You will rarely see such thing on a premium site. In fact, the page that will take you there is in the main menu. It won’t be hard to find it. There are some studios which have a thread on the forum – Gonzo.com, Giorgio Grandi, Porn World, Interracial Vision, American Anal and so on. As you can expect, since it is famous, Giorgio Grandi has the most topics. Over a thousand at the moment of this review!

The forum is pretty active. It is simple to see that! It has posts made in the last days! It is not a forum which gathers members on a daily conversation, but for sure is pretty active! Like you won’t fall asleep on it! When you want to take a break from all that porn, come here to discuss!

So, you try to say that LegalPorno can be a good option, if I want premium XXX?

Without a single doubt! LegalPorno.com is absolutely great! As I said, maybe it doesn’t give you porn from the first studios on earth, but this doesn’t mean that the sex delivered here is not super cool. In the end, we are all kinda bored with all that porn produced by Brazzers or who knows what other studio and it is good to have the chance to watch something else. Make it your exclusive discreet friend! Use it on a daily basis and watch what others can’t watch! Everybody is on Brazzers, but only true XXX fans are on LegalPorno!

Don’t forget that they deal with HD and 4K porn, like all the others! It is indeed an amazing quality of image. It’s like you are next to the pornstar, like you are in the scene. You’ll think that you see it with your own eyes. Double the fun! Double the fapping! And when you think that they allow you to sort the sex in such a specific manner, you know that life can’t get any better! With all of these being said, go ahead and visit them, brother! Don’t forget that when you buy a membership, you will get tickets that you can exchange for videos. A different system! It’s not a new concept, but for sure it’s different, compared to most of the other premium platforms on the world wide web. And also, don’t forget about the big bulk of free bonus scenes! OMG, the joy you will have! Fuck off now and let me be, man! FapDude out again!

Что-то не так с сайтом? доклад !

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