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The domain name says it all! I can come here to fap on images, right?

You can fucking fap on your boss, if you want! If your boss is a woman, of course! If we are talking about a man, then don’t do it ‘cause it would be fucking gay! Yeah, brother – ImageFap is a simple porn site that delivers adult photo sets for you to enjoy while having a good fap or to download, if you are a true porn collector! Or, maybe, you are a porn nostalgic and you miss the good ol’ days when we had so many pics at our disposal and so many sets! Yeah, I miss those days, too! What can we do, time flies when we’re having fuck!

ImageFap has an awful template and they should really do something about it! They probably became too popular to care about the design! This is not good, yet it’s not the end of the world! If you will visit it 1-2 times, you will know your way around and you will learn the paths! I am here to teach you and to tell you everything about ImageFap! Dude, fuck me! I just saw, on their homepage, a porn photo set with some mormon girls! How cool is that?!

Wait, what?! Mormon girls?! Never saw something like that!

Haha! Actually, if you can imagine, it’s my first time, too! Haven’t seen mormon girls in this manner, until now! Pretty arousing, if you ask me! The photo set is called Mormon Girl 240 (look it up if you want) and it has 12 pics. For every pic, you will know details like the dimension of it, number of views, number of votes, who uploaded it and when was posted. There is also a description under the photos where you can read under which tags they added the pic, yet you cannot click on them to go with other posts of the same kind. In our case, the mormon girls, they used tags like amateur, outdoor, car, college, wife, vacation, beach.

Unlike some other porn pics platforms, ImageFap also has amateur content. Some materials are in HD, while others aren’t, but they all have a good quality of image, so no worries about that! Your eyes will be happy with this!

So, what do I access here? How does it work? Do they have a menu?

I’ll start with the last question, since it’s the most important! You can find it in the header, all pages added one after another, in a line – categories, galleries, videos, random, mobile / desktop (if you are on your mobile, you can push there to have the desktop version and you can push again if you want to come back – use this feature, since the desktop version is pretty different than the handheld version), blogs, members, clubs, forum and upload. I should continue with their homepage now and with the categories!

The homepage shows a big section, in the middle of the page, with today’s featured member profiles. All of these members have descriptions near their profile photo, like “ I love spending time as a pet to my Master and Mistress. I also love outdoor bondage at our property. I am very submissive and love most types of sex with both guys and girls” or “hello! My price list (updated): 20 Marlboro Lights – Suck and swallow / 40 Marlboro Lights – Condom pussy fuck, cum on my tits or swallow …”. Dude, WTF?! What’s going on here?! So yeah, we will have a lot of amateur porn ar disposal, real homemade made by members, but … dude, wow, they post it for cigarettes? ROFL, LOL, ahahahahha! Let me try to continue with the homepage! So, besides the menu and the members’ section, the site will also give you a widget with niches that they cover (and the number of materials added under every each and one of them) and a list of interests (searches done by members).

Start with the examples, give me more members descriptions! Can you, LOL?

Yeah, I would love to give you 1-2 more awesome members descriptions – “ We are Bunny and Fox. We decided to share intimate moments with you. We hope you enjoy it and you spend a good time. You will find more content here!” or “ THAT’S MY WIFE. SHE KNOWS YOU’RE SEEING HER PLEASE MAKE YOUR OWN CAPTIONS TO OUR PICS.
WE’D LOVE TO SEE THEM. We love reading your comments”. Don’t think that I’m crazy! I haven’t wrote those lines in caps lock myself! The hubby of that wife did! He was so fucking excited to write their description, that he started yelling! Crazy world we live in, my dear friend!

The widget with the niches list holds the same thing as the category page! These would be some examples taken from there – amateur (for real!), anal, animated GIFs, asses, bondage / s&m, ebony, celebrities, CFNM, cumshot, double penetration, feet, fetish, gaping / stretching, mature, softcore, upskirt, teen and so many others! Brother, women always say that they are not so obsessed with sex as we are, but, in fact … they are whores! You cannot imagine how much amateur content you’ll find here sent by women! Women that love to show everything that they have under those clothes that they wear to show us how … soft they are! Hardcore whores, listen to me!

WTF is this place? Sodom and Gomorrah? What else can you tell me?

I was trying to remember how’s this place called, scientifically speaking! Probably TGP, if I’m not mistaken! It’s not important! I said it because I’m bored! I don’t know what’s this place, but I know that you’re about to have the journey of your life! You will fap 24 / 7, or you will amazed and surprised! It depends! I haven’t fapped yet, but I will soon, ‘cause I’ve browsed a little the ass category and I’ve seen girls from around the world showing their butts naked, in thong, with a dick inside, with cum on the butt-chicks, so forth and so on.

It’s good that you can browse around without an account, but if you decide to share your thoughts with the other members, if you want to message them, to be active and productive on the site, if you want to access the forum or some other shit, you will have to register an username. It is free to do so! Do it without hesitation!

What is a thing that you really don’t like on the ImageFap site?

Dude, to be honest, even if I am simply amazed and dizzy with all the things I’ve seen and read around here, I find the site and the community interesting as fuck! It is in unique and it delivers an unique experience! Sure, there are some things that I don’t like …

I don’t like, as I said above, the design! It’s like some kid did it in his bedroom last night! And I don’t like their ads! No, they are not in your way, they are where they should be, they don’t ruin your fun, but they show dicks! And I don’t wanna see dicks! So they should do something about it!

What’s on their forum? Should I register an account to access it?

Well, it is an extension of the community! It is a place where people can make image requests, they can talk with each other, they can come closer! In other words, it is a place where likeminded people come together to speak freely about their passion for images and for porn in general.

The forum doesn’t have too many boards, since it’s right to the point! I see that it is active, with thousands of posts and replies, which is a good fucking thing for you. Join it and you’ll see what I’m talking about!

And what’s on the clubs section? I need an account for that, too?

Yes, you need an account! Clubs, hmm! It’s like groups! In fact, this is what they are, these clubs! They are groups where people meet to speak about a theme, to share content and to enjoy content!

These are some examples of clubs! By seeing them, you will for sure understand what a delight it would be for you to register that account: Barely legal amateur teen community – 28.000 members, Homemade babes, Expose your wife – 26.0000 members (here’s your chance to see real genuine wives), Expose a teen – 23.000 members, Hentai and porn comics, Best cum and cumshot club, Housewives all ages. There are many others, brother! As I said, these are only some examples! That’s it, we’re done here! Go ahead and find yourself all the answers you need! I have plans for this evening! I’ve started talking with a chick on ImageFap and she wants a C2C session with me! I wonder how this evening will end – hopefully with a big pair of natural tits on my laptop’s display!

Что-то не так с сайтом? доклад !

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