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This is a standalone sex game, no? I think I’ve seen it around!

Not only that HentaiHeroes.com is a standalone sex game, but it is also one of the biggest porn games in the world! You will find it on portals, too. I mean, the game can be embed on other sites and you can play it right there! I hope that I’m right! Well, who cares – you have the main site where you can come to enjoy the hanky panky. It’s a sex adventure and you will, for sure, like it. You’re a fan of erotic comics, aren’t you? HentaiHeroes will give you exactly that! With a twist, of course – you can be a character, you can play it. All dialogs are written in text, which brings the game even closer to the notion of ‘comics’.

You won’t see much without signing in, but it’s no something new when it comes to online games which are standalone. There are some ingame printscreens on the landing page and a button that says Next. Pushing there, you will change the screenshots and you will be able to see the graphics. Pretty good, if you ask me! And the chicks are hot, upskirt, wet pussy, nice! Besides the above button, there are some others which will give you the possibility to register, to login or to contact the support.

What’s the action of this porn game? What do I have to do?

Basically, you have to create your own harem by getting as many chicks as you can! Of course, FUCK THEM ALL! Give them the D, brother! If I remember correctly, you can collect as many as 50 babes and the number is increasing, ‘cause they make new ingame updates. It’s a parody, a parody of all popular manga – ever wanted to fuck DBZ girls?

The scenario itself is very hot – sex scenes that include all sorts of fetishes. You have to build your character, since the game is an RPG, a character-building sim. You will have to make decisions which will affect you one way or another. There is an arena where your chicks will battle for stats and for prizes. Pachinko will let you bet with your money! With more money, you can buy better weapons and better armors. What have I told you? It’s a fucking RPG. Which is fucking great! Especially when it involves the sex thing. Don’t forget the daily missions, ‘cause these are important for your character. Different shops will give you items and the village is the place where you will spend most of your time!

Can I play unlimited hours, or I spend something when I move around?

In adventure mode, it will cost you 1 lightning bolt. You start with 50 and after you spend it, you can wait like 4 minutes to gain more energy, or you can take out your wallet to buy some with real money. No worries, what I’m telling you here, it doesn’t mean that you can’t play without spending. Not at all! You can play, but you will have some waiting times without real costs. It’s not like you haven’t seen this before. Most of the online RPGs are doing it this way, brother!

When you’ll think of your harem, it will be easy to decide if you want to continue playing or not. Those chicks have their own stats, they will show their love for you, so forth and so on. Forgot to tell you that the battles in the arena are with sex! You will enjoy, literally, fucking battles). The only annoying thing that I see around here would be the repetitive song that you will hear over and over again. Maybe they took care of this, I don’t know – this is how it was when I was playing the game.

What tags would you use to describe porno HentaiHeroes.com?

Well, good question. And it would be pretty simple for me to choose the best tags that would describe HentaiHeroes. Alright, let’s begin: adventure, anal sex, big dick, brunettes, titsfuck, management, babes and so many others!

This game is like a fucking dictionary of porn. You have everything! They cover all popular niches and all popular tags! If there is anything that you might love in a porn game, you will have it here. I am good with tags, I have chosen those that are perfect for HentaiHeroes.

Is there an app that I can download to play the game on my mobile?

iOS and Android don’t accept porn apps on their shops. It is a rule invented since forever and you cannot bypass it. There are apps for porn platforms, but you won’t take them from the official stores! HentaiHeroes has an app which will help you play the thing from anywhere you want, but you will have to take it down from the developers. The installation will happen right when you download it and there are no security issues!

The app is safe. HentaiHeroes.com is too big to not be careful when it comes to their app. You will have to check the provider as being trustable in your phone and that’s about it.

So, I’m not sure if I understand! The game is free or you have to pay?

The game is free! You can download the app for free! You can play it browser for free! You can play it as long as you want for free! There are ingame things that you can buy with real money, but it is not mandatory. You can still play!

There is another important thing to be said here! There are games that allow you to play for free, but you cannot really go forward at a point in the game, without paying with real money for advantages that can help you in your adventure! This is not the case here. You can still go further, you can still build your character, like you can still level up, even if you never spend. If you will decide to use your credit card, you’ll not get poor. It is pretty cheap to buy fancy things and you won’t feel that you have spent your family fortune, FFS.

Are the girls from my harem hot? Is any of them a virgin, haha?

Well, how can they fucking be virgins, if they’re fucking like hell in the arena for you? I know that you’re joking, I was joking, too. They are not virgins, but they are really hot. You’ll want to fap! I never wanna fap when I see porn comics and I always say that I cannot understand people that do it. Well, things have changed for me here! I really wanna fap when I see the chicks from within the game!

Big tits, big asses, big nipples, wet pussies, blondes, brunettes, spreading the legs, taking the cock in mouth or in the ass, lesbians, cumshots, facial, cum on tits, cum on ass, cum on pussy and in the pussy – creampie! What can go wrong? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! HentaiHeroes can become the best porn game you have ever played and it become your online companion for the next 3 years! RPGs can be addictive! Sex RPGs will, for sure, be addictive for you!

I want to focus my time on a single sex RPG, TBH! You say that this is the one?

Why not?! There are many other porn standalone games, but not as many as you might think. People can play RPGs for a long time, so it would not be something out of the ordinary for you to focus your entire energy and your entire time (why not your entire wallet?) on HentaiHeroes. And yes, I clearly recommend it to you and I can say that this is the one. It has all the pros of a good game and the negative sides are low in number. And unimportant.

I can advise you to play the game, I can tell you that it is the one, but in the end, it is up to you. You make the decisions and you are the one that can decide if HentaiHeroes becomes your main online sex game friend or not. You have to register your account, you have to play the game for a while, you have to see the ingame story, the characters, the locations, the tips and tricks, so forth and so on. Only after all of these, you can decide what to do next. Since it is free to register and to play, why wouldn’t you try such a wonderful sex platform? Trust me when I tell you, HentaiHeroes is not your common game platform. They’ve put a lot of effort in delivering this product and they did their best to put together the hottest graphics that you can get, when it comes to an adult game! Enough talking! Less words, more playing!

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