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Review Pros

  • Tons of manga and hentai
  • Active community of perverts
  • Superbly organized tags
  • Great search feature

Review Cons

  • Old, uninspired site design
  • Some ads, nothing scary



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Hentai, furry, monsters, all sorts of XXX drawings! Where should I go for this?

I can understand why you don’t know. There are plenty of hentai destinations out there, that’s true, but most of them are not good at all. You need to know which are the best sites and therefore, you need my directory. Gelbooru.com! That’s where you need to go if you want content of this kind! It’s yet another porn site that is using the Danbooru style, filled with talented artists, exquisite and eccentric materials, so forth and so on. The platform is huge, active and it holds a massive archive. They brag with the fact that over 400,000,000 people visited them, until today, the day of this review. This Danbooru style sites are confusing as fuck and I never understood why the hell is this a trend. The template, the functionality, the arrangement of things – everything looks like it was done by someone in his bathroom, while taking a shower. Anyway, let’s continue …

The homepage has the search function box, right there, in the middle, as first thing to be seen. Use your keywords on it to find specific content. Above it, they prepared the main menu with the pages – Browse all posts, Comments, Forum, Wiki. If you don’t know what’s under the page which says Wiki, I can tell you all about it.

I don’t know what’s in there! What is the connection between hentai and Wiki?

Come on! You don’t really think that it’s a Wikipedia section, no? I mean, while Wiki can give you the definition of who knows what related porn, it doesn’t mean that it is a connection between Wikipedia and pornography. They use the term Wiki, for a glossary. It’s their own Wiki, unrelated with the one that we all know and use. Alright, now. So what exactly you will find on this page?

It’s a place where the community is adding entries, to give users a better understanding of tag definitions and the cases in which they should be used. As I said, it’s their own Wiki. It’s a place of knowledge. There’s even a search box available for this section only, to find faster what you’re looking for. Well, I think that all hentai destinations should have a Wiki. With so many weird things that are involved in the hentai niche, you need a place to learn what’s going on.

And if I go on the page that delivers posts, will I get the latest?

Normally, yeah! As in, you won’t know right away that those are the latest updates, since they don’t show the date of upload or anything related to it. All posts have a little thumb and that’s it. They are posted one next to the other and that’s it. No other details. At least you have a menu with numbers which allows you to browse on more and more pages with posts. If you want more infos regarding a material, or if you want to simply enlarge the image, click on the thumb to go within the post.

That’s where you can know the date of upload, for example. Or where you can find out which are the characters … Nah, you will know shit! When you go on the post’s page you will have an enlarged version of the pic and that’s it. Ah, the comments too. Nothing else, nothing more! It seems that Gelbooru is so much focused on the actual content, that it forgot to add other things around it. Some people can consider this a bad thing, while others will like it – more and more porn, with nothing in-between.

Do they, at least, have pools on their website?

Oh, so you know what pools are? That’s great! Gelbooru is a site that has them. The only problem with this section would be the fact that it is on a second main menu. Told you that these sites are fucking confusing. You can never know right away what they have and where they’ve put it, FFS. It’s a mystery for me how the hell this type of platform become so famous and so used.

When you land on the site, as I told you in the beginning of our discussion, they have the search function box and above it, they have a menu with some pages. To find the pools, you can either be on one of those pages or you can push on the little arrows at the end of the main menu. I’ve seen them and there are many. A great way to see content under the same theme.

How about the forum? Will I be able to interact with the community?

Why you wanna do that? You’re not a content creator. That’s a place for the artists. Naaah, I’m kidding. Anyone is allowed there, creators, members, whatever. You can even access the forum, to read the threads, without having a registered account. Everybody is active there, so you can easily interact with the community. The forum doesn’t have boards, like the other forums that we know. Instead, they place all threads, together, one under another. The one with the latest reply, will go on top. In other words, any message on a thread, will bump it back to the first position.

People are discussing different topics on it. If you want, I can give you a few examples of titles taken from there – Can anyone help me remember the name of this hentai series?, Anyone know the artist that created this image?, Who made the front page image? and so on. There are topics that are in a connection with the content, while there are questions regarding the functionality of the site. It’s a free forum where anyone can ask anything. Gelbooru is a great place if you want hentai content, without all the special features around it. You come here to browse the materials and you leave satisfied. That’s it! Now, don’t make me angry and prepare to visit them!

Что-то не так с сайтом? доклад !

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