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Review Pros

  • Free to register
  • Find kink events near you
  • Millions of members
  • User-uploaded content

Review Cons

  • They ask phone number
  • Registration required


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FetLife? What does it mean? It’s something with porn, but what?

It’s something with porn,’cause it involves fucking, but it’s a dating site, in fact. And it’s not a regular dating site where you go, you meet the girl, you take her out on a date and you make love. Oh, no, brother! Here, you meet the babe and you take her on a date in the red room. FetLife.com is the dating place for the BDSM, fetish and kinky community. It’s the 50 Shades of Grey, the paradise, the Holy Grail for those of you who try to find someone that wants the same thing: rough kinky mother fucking fetish fucking fuck! And since you cannot do anything else but some missionary sex with your wife, I’m confident that you will soon find your place in here!

“8,567,349 members are sharing 46,443,569 pictures and 891,035 videos, participating in 9,757,159 discussions in 140,445 groups, going to 877,538 upcoming events, and reading 3,468,162 blog posts. Kinky heaven!” – this is a quote from the landing page of FetLife (remember that these numbers are available at the moment of this review)! And they are probably right, they don’t brag for nothing! I know that this is a very big and popular platform. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have listed it in my category that has the best dating sites on the planet! Now, going back to the subject, do you understand the fucking numbers that you have here? You’ll find your fetish girl in no time, brother! No matter how ugly you are!

My God! BDSM fans unite! Let’s go in! How’s on the actual site?

You know what I don’t like? A simple, probably not-so-important thing, but I have to speak about it! When you will enter on FetLife, you will find a gate on the landing page. In other words, you will not be able to get in, without registering your account! It’s not like you will have to spend money for it, or something! It’s free and you can register it pretty fast! You will have some steps to check! First, the usual details like email, date of birth (no one under 18 is allowed, which is normal!), username and so on! The second step will give you the possibility to follow some babes! Well, not them, their profiles, of course! Following them, the persons, it’s a bit illegal, heh! So, choose those that you like (asses with buttplugs, gagging, bondage, sex machines – whatever else on their profile pictures) and proceed with the next step! ‘Cause that’s where they will give you the possibility to upload your own strap-on in the butt picture! No picture prepared? Skip this step!

Third step will ask you for your phone number! You cannot skip this step! But don’t worry, I gave them my number in the blink of an eye! What the fuck can they do with it? Nothing, brother! It’s safe! I list only safe sites! They have 8 million members! You think that they give a fuck about your phone number? Anyway, I care for your security! They care, too – read their quote from this phone page:”We know it’s a lot to ask, but to maintain a healthy and vibrant community, we need to verify everyone before they join. Something we think you will appreciate once you are on the other side”. They will send you a code and after this step, you are in, brother! You are in the kinky heaven!

I know that my phone will be safe! But still, how is it inside? What’s there?

It’s your kinky Facebook. Imagine a social network like Facebook or like Twitter, but only with likeminded people that share a passion for BDSM fucking! You will have a profile to arrange, you can gather friends, you will have followers, you can make posts, you will have a news feed where you can see what people do, so forth and so on. Sky is the limit from now on!

I like the black background on this network! It will make you think that indeed you are on a kinky platform. ‘Cause BDSM people are indeed dealing with black stuff, like black leather outfits, black latex, black boots, black high-heels, black whip and black candles, of course. Not the Asa Akira kind of candles, brother! She sold them all, none left. And they didn’t smell like anal sex or like Asa’s butt!

Is it free to use this network! Do they ask money or something?

It is absolutely free. Exactly like Facebook. I haven’t seen any request for money, I haven’t found anything for sale. They probably make an income by selling ads or things like that. Facebook is a powerful ad network and FetLife can be as powerful as FB for products like porn sites, sex toys or whatever they might sell around here in ads.

I fucking love to browse on profiles! Just found a kinky babe which wrote on her profile that she likes to be called princess, good girl, but also a cumdump! Ahahaa! And she is also very interested in humiliation. What a choice of words, brother!

This fetish network also has nasty groups, just like on Facebook?

You mother fucker! You fucking telepathic? I was just browsing the groups in which the above cumdump is subscribed. Wanna hear some names of groups? 101 ways to drive a sub crazy, Ask a dominant questions, BDSM humor, Coffee sluts, Fuck or pass, Obedience Training, Squirty Girls (I’m not into BDSM, but I would like to be on this group, too – I fucking love babes that squirt) or Submissive women.

What do you think about these groups? You found one suited for you? Be sure that there are hundreds of other groups, popular or less popular, that are waiting for you. These groups are the ones in which the cumdump subscribed!

And the functionality is the same? I don’t have to learn the platform?

You don’t have to learn anything. You will know every single corner of the platform, from the very beginning. Why? Because all buttons are arranged the same as on FB! They wanted this! They wanted people to have a familiar feeling when they come here! As they arrived home! They wanted people to know their way around without having to learn new tricks and tips!

If you want the news feed, you push on the same button as on FB. If you want to reach your messages, what do you think? It’s the same! And yeah, you can send messages, you can receive them, you can chat. Everything looks alright, everything is in its place, everything is about fetish and BDSM.

Can you give me more details about the profiles? Hot BDSM babes?

Brother, I have seen all sorts of babes around here! I have seen from mature women showing their asses, their lingerie, their kinky toys, their hot selfies and so on. One of these MILFs wrote on her profile that she likes hospital socks, leggings that have pockets, long walks and long car rides, to be spanked, bondage, gagging, whatever the fuck else. Don’t you just love a mix between regular things that we all love to do and unusual stuff that only Grey wants to do?

I see that many babes have whislists, like on cam sites. There are, probably, guys that like to pamper them with gifts. No worries, you will find someone to fuck with ease. Exactly like on FB! How many babes have you fucked over there? There are so many that want gifts on FB, too! And when you take them out, they forget about gifts and they spread their legs right away!

Do you really really recommend this fetish social network to BDSM fans?

Heh! I really really really really REALLY REALLY do! Enough said? FetLife.com is the only place to be if you are looking for a community that shares the same passions with you, when it comes to all these kinky stuff that BDSM fans do behind closed curtain. When you have such passions, you cannot speak in public about them and for sure you cannot speak with your wife about it! She will for sure, next second, call her mother and you are fucked! When the judge will hear that you would like to be whiped after you have been fucked in the ass with a strapon, you will lose the kids and your wife will get the divorce! This community can be the winning answer for you! It can become your support, your home, your soul train!

It doesn’t cost you anything to be here, you will have 8 million people around you, you will have a lot of sex at your disposal, you will have that kind of sex that you fucking like, with fireworks and pain – I don’t see any reason for you to not try this network, brother! Not a single reason! You can try it at least for a few days. If you won’t like it, try some other dating place from my list! If you will like it, use FetLife as your daily social network!

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