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I was thinking to start earning some dollars from dating. Any affiliate program?

I can give you something, if you’re looking to warn from dating. Some say that what I am about to show you might be the industry’s best dating affiliate program. Welcome to DatingGold.com, brother! Your launching pad to the state of being a millionaire. There are several big brands that are registered under DatingGold’s programs – Ads for Sex, Affair Hookups, AmateurMatch, CasualMILFs, Cheaters, Cheaters Fantasy, Cheaters Finder, Cheating Cougars, Cheating Hookup and so so many offers. You can work with any of the above. Unlike other affiliate program sites, this one can be a little bit confusing, because they won’t telling you something concrete when you visit the place. You will have to dig and to sign up, to understand what’s going on, in depth. No worries, I am here to give you a walkthrough.

The homepage is going to give you some infos about the program. First of all, they will tell you the fact that the program won a lot of awards these last years, from XBIZ, YNOT or AEVC. They will continue with details about the payouts, the support and what you can choose from within the program.

This is important, FapDude! Can you tell me about the payouts and the program?

You really thought that I was about to give you the silent treatment? I already told you that I want to help you. I am happy to see that you want to do something with your life and that you want to earn. And I am more than happy that you want to earn in porn. Alright, let’s see what are your options – Single-Opt: per registration, SOI / Double-Opt: PPL, PPF, Pay Per Free / Per Sale: PPS / RevShare (reccuring).

You have to check their vast portfolio of brands to decide with which you want to proceed. They all convert, that’s a fact. Otherwise, this program would not be the best for this niche. I am confident that you don’t really know what all those letters from above mean and therefore, we will have to discuss about it. Should we proceed with the explanations?

Yes, great! WTF is Single-Opt and Double-Opt, FapDude? Never heard of it!

I really advise you to do your homework before starting the work with the affiliate programs. Reading my reviews will not be enough to learn how to conduct your porn business. So, go ahead and browse the Internet for all kind of infos, before commiting to an affiliate program. Alright, so, you want to know what’s Single-Opt and Double-Opt, yes?

Single-Opt: Earn a commission from every male signup on ant of the brands put at your disposal by the DatingGold program. It is the easiest option to earn substantial returns, but still, it is the most scrutinized for quality. All rates are determined by how your traffic converts. The higher the ratio, the higher the payout. Double-Opt: High commissions will be paid out for all new signups that confirm their account through email or SMS. All the things that have been said here might not be enough for you to understand how it’s going to work. That’s why I’m going to tell you once again – do your homework and learn what goes where, what is what, before going online.

And all the other options? Can you explain what I get there, brother?

You mean Per Sale and RevShare? Obviously, the first one is going to give you Pay Per Sale, or PPS. In this option, commissions will be paid for signups that convert in a membership. It can provide the best return in the shortest amount of time. Still, it might not be the best choice if you want something on longterm. In other words, it depends on what you’re looking for.

On longterm, there’s RevShare. You will receive commissions for the life of the paid subscriber. This can offer the best ROI for your traffic over time. It seems that all the above options are restricted to male users from USA, Canada and Australia. This is what they, probably, consider as tier1 traffic. Or the brands are available to people from those countries.

Can you give some real numbers? Sick to see percentage values and that’s it!

Hmm! Let’s see what I can find out for you! Here it is! There’s a FAQ section on DatingGold.com where you’ll find answers for all your questions. You want numbers? Here they are – you can receive up to 5$ per free member, 75$ per sale or once again, a percentage value, 65% commissions with the industries only 3-tier affiliate program. You also need to understand what’s the difference between a join, a lead or a sale. A join happens when a user completes the registration process. A lead occurs when the user confirms the registration via email and therefore, he becomes a free user. You can call a sale when the free user is buying a paid membership using a valid credit card or a check.

DatingGold is going to give you a section called Affiliate Management Portal. That’s where you can find the promo tools. All of them will help you make more money, of course! You can request payments whenever you want. By default, they will send you money on 10th and 25th of each month. You must have earned a minimum of 50$ to get a payment. They make the payments via checks, Payoneer, Paxum, PayPal, Bank Wire. It’s up to you. DatingGold also has a great customer support which means that, if you have any type of problem, their people will be glad to help you in your matter. If you wanna try your luck in the dating biz, this is the best way to proceed. If you have the traffic for it, the program that you see here is going to make a lot of money for you. That’s it! That’s all I can tell you! If these details are not enough for you, visit the site and sign in.

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