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Dating Factory


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Some say that the best way to earn money in porn is by going with dating. It’s true?

There are lots of money in porn, all together, all niches. Dating is one of these niches and indeed, you can earn a lot if you know how to do it! There are some good affiliate programs that work in the above niche and one of these is called DatingFactory.com. The site and the program can help you kickstart your own dating network. If you have the traffic for it, they will provide all the needed tools and the technology for you to rule the dating industry! Unfortunately, the site is confusing and you will need to sign up to know all the details and to see the entire program. No worries, I will do my best to give you a comprehensive walk-through, to make your life easier.

DatingFactory can help you build your own dating site. You will have full access to CSS and HTML. This access is going to give you full control over your design and the ability to affect your conversions. You will also have the possibility to use their in-house, top-performing brands as catch-all offers. It doesn’t matter from where your traffic comes, since their brands are global. Basically, they’ll give you the platform, the dating, the brand – you have to bring your traffic. Voila, you are rich now!

I think I get it, FapDude! Still, I need more details! What else can you tell me?

Have you heard what I just said? You need to have a community targeted to dating, before going with a dating program. If you have porn traffic that comes from a tube, well, that traffic won’t convert on a dating platform. You understand what I’m talking about? Money comes from traffic. But the traffic must want dating shit. Otherwise, it’s useless. Alright, now that you fucking understood, let’s go further with more details about the program. It’s good that you can track your own exclusive offers. They also use the traffic that doesn’t convert in advertising to long-term users, to ensure the highest return for your investment.

It seems that DatingFactory has provided solutions to over 100,000 sites for a decade. Well, a thing like this cannot be possible if the program isn’t good. They really know how to deliver a great product, if they managed to reach such a number of sites.

Can I design my site? Do they offer tools for that, FapDude?

Yes, they will provide editable templates. They are niche-specific templates, of course. You will have full control over the design, so relax and enjoy the ride. There’s no other boss, than you. If you want to know how things are doing, access detailed reports about your members and data, at a glance, to evaluate the full sales funnel. Also, DatingFactory is offering currency options for payments in 85% of their geos.

There’s also a campaign management section where you can their tracking tools will show you which sources have the best ROI. If you encounter problems, don’t hesitate to contact their support. The White Labels available on DatingFactory will use secured transactions and all user data, privacy details and financial info will always be safe.

You said technology a few times. Is their technology so good?

Probably state-of-the-art. You will get SSL by default. All domains are processed and approved for SSL certificates. This alerts the search engines and your customers that the site is trustworthy. They even have mobile versions for you, which will help you a lot. The most traffic, in present times, comes from mobile. It’s easier to browse everything while you sit in bed, don’t you think? Who the fuck still uses desktop PCs? Except gamers, of course!

Let’s imagine – you are fucking married! You wanna talk to that girl you have found on a dating site. Isn’t it safer to talk to her on your mobile, under the blanket, than to do it on the laptop, for your wife to see? You need to learn and to see all the tools that are offering here. You need them to make money. And you need to know how they work. I can give you basic info, but it’s up to you to discover everything in-depth and in detail. It’s not easy earn on the Internet. There’s isn’t a button where you push to become rich. You need to work, work, work. To be creative, to invent new solutions to old problems, to put together a good product for your soon-to-be customers. This is the only way to convert!

Is there anything else I should know before registering on DatingFactory?

Maybe a few more words about their White Labels. They are so easy to work with. As I already told you, they use state-of-the-art tools. These tools will make your life so much easier! Their White Labels are fully integrated and ready-made. As a reseller, you don’t have to worry about spending time and resources on research and development. You just have to add your brand and your identity! That’s it, before going to work!

Ready IT infrastructure – their system is ready to handle your traffic the second you turn it on. All you need to do is to point your DNS settings at their servers and their infrastructure will take over from there. Truly international – they offer over 70 niches, to reach a global audience. Pre-populated members database – the White Label solution grants you exclusive access to their pre-populated database. Over 50 million members worldwide and tens of thousands joining every day. Brother, you see the advantages? This might be the winning solution for you, if you want a chance in the dating business. You should visit the site and you should login. That’s how you can learn what they share, from A to Z. It doesn’t fucking cost you anything to do so and therefore, why wouldn’t you get your white label today? That’s it, we are done here! It’s up to you from now on!

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