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Oбзор Clips4Sale



Review Pros

  • Over 7000000 fetish videos
  • 600 fetish categories
  • 50000 different studios
  • Upload clips and earn money

Review Cons

  • Amateurish design
  • Studios closed with no reason


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I feel that you’re going to give me a great fucking amateur. Well, are you?

I am! Well, it’s not your typical porn site, since it’s more like an adult store, but it will still give you a lot of amateurs that want to make money from their sex. The clips here cost almost nothing. Why not start your own collection of exclusive porno videos? Clips4sale.com can help you with that. It doesn’t have the most fancy design and it will not give you some fancy features, but I’m sure that it will have all sorts of ladies for your entertainment and your … fapping. In the end, that’s why we are here – to fap. This is what porn has to offer.

The homepage looks strange. It has text, links on it, without thumbs, or posters, or shit like that. They start with the Recently updated studios and it continues with the new ones. Let me explain better! Yes, there are studios which are selling their amateur clips, in here! You will ask me how the fuck can a studio deal with amateurs. Well, the chicks and the couples that you are about to see here are not exactly amateurs. But they aren’t pornstars. You should call them actors. It’s a type of homemade adult entertainment made for the sole purpose of selling. Everything should be clear now!

Yeap, it’s clear! Where do I go to access the latest clips or things like that?

This is another confusing site. If you access it from mobile, you will have right away the newest added porn clips, instead of the studios. If you open Clips4Sale on your laptop, there is no specific button to get the latest porn. You know what I did? I was on their main page (the menu has a button called main page and if you click there, this is what you get, the studios) and I clicked on the logo that can be found, obviously, in the header. I ended up on the page that has the recent porn videos. Problem solved! I know, confusing as fuck! You know what? I’ll open the site on mobile and I’ll discuss with you about that version. I’m pretty confident that you use it on mobile, too.

If you don’t want the new clips, simply change that with top clips. You can, on this page, once again choose the studios, by accessing the top studios section. Clicking there is different, because this time you will have thumbs for the studios, details, so forth and so on. If you choose one of them, you will be able to take a look at all their clips. They all wrote very big descriptions on the videos. It’s good, you can understand what happens in the scene.

Are the porno clips in HD? And will I get any type of trailers?

Most of the clips can be considered HD, yes. I am not sure what to tell you about the old ones, but I am confident that the ones are in high definition. Clips added 5 years ago, well, who knows. It’s not like they expire or something. If the owner of the clips still wants them in here, well, they must be available.

Regarding the trailers, you are lucky. Since Clips4Sale is basically an online shop, you can imagine that they give you the possibility to take a look at the clip, one way or another. Otherwise, no one would fucking buy anything. And there are two ways to see a scene. First, there’s a GIF. Second, there’s a preview. Easy does it!

Is there a category page on the site, to choose from, FapDude?

Of course there is. Otherwise it would be a fucking madness. There is a drop down menu in the header of the mobile version. Brother, is more like a tags list, if you ask me. Because there are hundreds. Also, most of them are specific. How do you fucking call albino fetish? These so called categories will fucking help you get the specific of the specific.

They are all in alphabetical order, so follow the letters to reach what you’re looking for. Don’t forget the search function box which can also be used to narrow down the results. Clips4Sale is a place that cares about selling and therefore, they added all sorts of filtering option to help people buy whatever they are looking for. The site is popular as fuck. And it is old! Everyone heard about it (except you), all webmasters know it (since they buy content for their website)! Most important, it is known for the fact that it can deliver porn for the most exclusive and exquisite, or weird and strange, or bizzare or whatever, fetishes! There are over 7 million scenes, available a few clicks away. The prices are cheap! It’s a win-win situation! They make money, you fap!

How about if you tell me some more details about the women in the clips?

Yeah, really, how about if I do so? Sure … the sky is the limit! There are grannies. There are teens. MILFs and housewives. Sex can happen at home, at the office, in public. You will get chicks that will teach you how to masturbate – yeah, it’s called jerk off instructions. Even POV scene, if this is what you want. As I told you above, Clips4Sale is capable of covering any kind of fetish!

You know that moment when you find a clip in which you see the love of your life? And you want more videos with her, but you can’t find any? Your problems are solved here. In general, like most of the times, the amateur babes – the amateur actresses, are doing more than one clip. They even record entire series. If you like a woman a lot, be sure that you will have a lot if scenes with her, at your disposal! What can I tell you? It’s a great site, an oldies but goldies, a place filled with adventures! You’re gonna visit it or what?

Что-то не так с сайтом? доклад !

It takes less than 10 Minutes to open a studio with Clips4sale. Register now your account will be up and running in no time.

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