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If I’m looking to build my own site to promote cams on it, is CamBuilder an option?

It is, yes. I tried to bring the best options when it comes to promoting cams which aren’t yours, on your site. CamBuilder is really powerful and for sure is one of the best options, available at this moment, on the Internet. The affiliate program behind CamBuilder is powered by Streamate, since 2003. And we all know who these people are and how well they are doing in the live sex industry. If you wanna work with one of the greatest names in the biz, don’t hesitate to read this review and in the end, to access CamBuilder for further infos.

You know that nowadays, all big names – tubes, premium sites, have a live sex section where they are offering cams, right? Well, those sections are not really built by them and they don’t have their own cams. Most of these big names are using the CamBuilder program – SpankWire, PornHub, MetArt, Eros.com, Brazzers, YouPorn, MrSkin. It is important for you to know this, because … if Pornhub and its network decided to use CamBuilder and not some other program, it means that indeed the tools are advanced, well put together and efficient. You here to make the pussy dollars? Then, follow my lead and let’s build a fucking live sex site! Read every single line that you see here. With a bit of patience, you will have your own powerful live sex webcam website in no time!

Everything sounds great! Can you tell me the benefits of using CamBuilder?

Plenty of benefits to start with. First of all, they have some of the biggest payouts. You can get the money via Payoneer, bank wire or check. And their payouts are weekly. 35% lifetime revenue share – this might be the highest conversion rate in the industry (best suited option if you want to earn on the long run), 75$ per sender + 30% lifetime revenue share – so, you get some money per unique sender and a lifetime revenue once your share exceeds your per-sender payouts. It might sound complicated, but it isn’t. You just have to get to know what everything means and it will be so easy further on.

30$ per unique join + 30% lifetime revenue share – you get money for the unique joining of visitors and a revenue share from all spending members (this plan is paid once your 30% lifetime share has exceeded your per-join payouts). 100$ per spender – simply get money for unique spenders (this option is good if you want to make fast money). 40$ per join – when a free member joins, you get paid. So these are the benefits, this is what you earn with CamBuilder. The numbers sound good, if you ask me, brother! I haven’t made a comparison yet, but it could be true – maybe they have not some of the biggest payouts, but the biggest.

Will I have tools to build my site, like an editor or a creator?

It takes like a few minutes to build your site, man! Yeah, with the help of their creator / editor. This editor is going to give you so many options to make the site look exactly how you want. First, you pick a template, then you go for the logo. You can add your own! If you don’t have a designer to prepare an unique logo for you, use online logo creators. There are plenty that don’t cost money, on the Internet. Still, expect to find the same design of your logo somewhere else – it’s natural for this to happen, if you don’t pay a designer to take care of it and you use a free online program that everyone else can use! Don’t be cheap – spend a few dollars to make a few dollars! This is how things work in life.

Once you are done with the logo, start working on the actual site – colors, thumbnails, content, styles, featured content, languages, etcetera. You can even choose themes, if you really want to make the design of your brand new platform unique. Don’t worry, there’s no need to hire a designer or programmers, shit like that! You can do everything yourself!

Do they also offer promo tools? I need those to make something out of it!

Have you seen the names that are using the CamBuilder? The program has everything you need. When you enter, you soon understand that when you leave, your site will be ready to make dollars. Which means that you will have promo tools at your disposal. You can customize your entire promo campaign and everything else marketing-related. They will give you the possibility to choose the ad type, for example – if it’s with banners, popups, bla bla. You can choose templates, customize every single piece of the campaigns.

Unlike other affiliate programs, the CamBuilder site is well-written and it isn’t easy to work with. Still, if you encounter any issue, browse the web for explanations or contact their customer support. They answer fast, they are ready to help you and they don’t mind doing it. CamBuilder knows that you can bring them lots of money and therefore, they learned that a good support means cash!

Do you recommend this program, instead of other affiliate options out there?

I haven’t said this! I can’t say such thing! There’s a difference between what I can say and what you’re asking! I recommend this program! I can tell you that it is one of the best, but I cannot tell you to use this instead of some other program! Better for you is to test all of them with your own traffic and see which sends you bigger ceques. It’s up to you to decide if CamBuilder works better for you, or not!

Some programs might have this, or that! Some other programs can offer that, without offering this! The user is the one who can put in balance, who can judge the product! There are people using CamBuilder and they are happy with it! Will you be one of them?

Что-то не так с сайтом? доклад !

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