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Oбзор BestCam.co.uk



Review Pros

  • Lots of recorded shows
  • Quality reviews of cam sites
  • Enough tags to filter content
  • Nice color palette design

Review Cons

  • Can’t find the model
  • Confusing escorts area



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The fuck? It’s a cam website, but it doesn’t have live cams! What’s this?

It’s a cam directory, brother. Not like my category, where you can get lists of good webcam sex sites! No, no! You come here for thousands of private shows recorder by users. It’s like a form of a tube where they post live sex videos with british cam girls. It seems that they also have escorts, clips with them, still on the webcam. I wonder how do they know that these are escorts and not simple models, but this is not important. The only important thing around here is the fact that the site is super-good, it offers super-content, super-mega-ultra girls and so fucking on!

They don’t have a great design and they probably don’t want one! As long as the content is awesome and people come back, it means that the functionality is alright and everyone is happy!

Nice concept! Haven’t seen it before! What else can you tell me?

If you want to know some other goodies that they can offer on BestCam.co.uk, then I’ll tell you about the reviews. They post reviews about the cam sites and they post reviews about the models. I also find this interesting, ‘cause there are many cam fans out there and they would love to know things about models, in order to approach them, to spend their hard earned money!

They brag with the fact that they have adult content writers and critiques that are taking care of the reviews, which, if true, is a really good thing. We are fucking sick of people expressing themselves on the web, without knowing shit about anything! Yet, they think about themselves that they are experts in whatever the fuck who knows what field of expertise! It’s great, from time to time, to hear a real expert’s opinion! It’s also great the fact that they divided the content in categories! Faster to fap!

Shall we proceed with some examples of categories, now?

Haha! I knew it! Told, I fucking know you very well! They call their categories channels. It’s not wrong. Porn categories can be called niches or channels. You will find them under the header, before the updates start, in a drop down menu. Push and voila! Here they are: amateur, analsex, babes, BBW, big boobs, blonde, brunette, redhead, blowjob, couples (yeah, you also get private shows with couples – a bit of fucking on cam never heard nobody!), taboo (nice!), teen (very nice!) and so many others.

I am disappointed that they do not share videos with pornstars in front of the cam. Many starlets love to earn more from live sex cam sessions and therefore, there are many clips with them running around on the web. Unfortunately, none of these scenes found a place on BestCam.co.uk. And I am glad that they have a Pregnant category. Most of you love to see a pregnant hot mom fingering her pussy or taking a dildo up her ass!

What about escorts! What’s the deal with these hot babes?

There are many posts under the Escorts tab. They look like regular cam girls and they are doing similar shows. My question is, as you have seen above, how the fuck do they know that these are escorts? There is no sign on their back telling us that they fuck for money, so I don’t get it. I even watched a few cam show clips, just to be sure that I’m not missing anything …

In the end, let’s not think of that. Let’s be happy that we have more babes to watch. Most of these girls under the Escort tab are hot as a flying fuck. You will have casual girl nextdoor looking chicks, alongside those with botox lips, implants and big asses. Those are the ones that usually wear stockings, high heels, that like to roleplay with you as femdoms, mistresses, dominatrix, while you are the sex sclave! With so many live sex vids at your disposal, with so many categories and more updates on the way, be sure that you will find a quick fapping video in no-time!

Do they have tags? Can I look for specific content by using the search?

I always thought that a porn site without tags is pretty sad! Tags are wonderful when you want to find specific content. Tags / keywords are the brick and bone of the Internet. Search engines like Google work on this. This is how they give you the results when you fucking search for something. I am not going to explain the process of SEO here, but I can assure you that this process is important as fuck and you will have to believe my words.

Going back to your question, yes, the site has tags. Plenty of tags, if you want me to be more precise! Let me give you some examples, to prepare for what you are about to see: teen slut, glasses, fingering, camsex, bongacams, skinny sluts, lesbians, sexshow, lovetrap, bigtits, threesome, fetish, foot fetish, hot MILF, xlovecam, hardcore, homemade and so many others! Understood?

Understood, yeah! But WTF is bongacams or xlovecam? Tags?

Yes, they are tags, if you want to use them as keywords. BongaCams and xLoveCam are very big live sex adult sites. They share a lot of beautiful cam models and therefore, so many hot private shows happen on their rooms. For this reason, you find these as tags. The keywords are arranged on the video player pages, right under the player. If you encounter a tag like BongaCams, it pretty much means that the girl and the show come from there!

BestCam also share clips from other huge webcam sex sites like LiveJasmin, Chaturbate, so forth and so on. They share, in fact, clips from all big sites! That’s why the girls that you see here are hot as a flying fuck!

If I like a model, can I trace her back to the cam site where she’s active?

I am not sure. Under the video player, on any page, there is a link where it says that you can push, if you want to see the model live. When you actually click, you arrive on a cam site, that’s true. But you are on the homepage of it, not in a room, to think that you have found the babe. And, it seems that, no matter what video you approach on BestCam.co.uk, no matter what niche, that link will get you on the same site. Even if it has in the tags, as you have seen above, a term like BongaCams. So, I am not really sure what you can do or if you can trace the babe.

Don’t be disappointed! Instead of trying to search the girl, go ahead and see a second video with a different other babe. If you fall in love with this one, too, go ahead and try a third one. I am pretty sure that you will fall in love with all of them, but this is you …

You said something about writers, opinions. Where’s that?

I have said something about writers, indeed. I said that BestCam has reviews on its pages, made by professional writers, where you can go, in order to read pertinent opinions about live sex cam websites. See the menu in the header! That’s where you will find the reviews page! It’s called, of course (and I’m serious here), BestCams. What else can you want, than a site called BestCam that has a review’s page called BestCams?

They also share some dating platforms in there, so I don’t really understand what’s the relation between a cam place and a dating site, but who am I to judge? BongaCams, obviously, is here, Camster, Chaturbate, LiveJasmin, Omegle (well, you can call it a cam site, sure, if we take into consideration their webcam section).

I also noticed a lot of White Labels. If you don’t know what a WL is, I’ll tell you. Let me open Wikipedia, to give you an exact explanation: “A white-label product is a product or service produced by one company (the producer) that other companies (the marketers) rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it. Some websites use white labels to enable a successful brand to offer a service without having to invest in creating the technology and infrastructure itself. Many IT and modern marketing companies outsource or use white-label companies and services to provide specialist services without having to invest in developing their own product.”. So, now you know! And you understand that, for example, if we take a White Label made on LiveJasmin, you will have the same girls, the same rooms, the same thing, but under a different brand name.

I think now would be safe to say that you know everything there is to be known about BestCam.co.uk. My head hurts and I need to drink a Mai Tai near the pool! Go ahead and visit this place, start browsing the pages, read the reviews, see their webcam videos and fap the hell out of you, brother!

Что-то не так с сайтом? доклад !

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