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Review Pros

  • Real fuckable babes
  • 400 millions of members
  • Hot paid features
  • All accounts are verified, no bots

Review Cons

  • Too simple profile options
  • Limited search features


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What’s this? Being in the dating niche, can be yet another good platform?

You know me already! That’s good! You know that I list only the best and if a site found a position in any of my categories / niches, it means that it deserves. And that ia good for you. Badoo is a fucking dating site, indeed. And a good one! Currently one of the most popular places, if you want to fuck teens, mature babes, MILFs, even grannies! The sky is the limit, ‘cause there are all sorts of babes registered and active in here! Even wives looking for some cheating fun, since hubby cannot satisfy them anymore! Small dick, lazy, fat! What can they do?

As you already know from other social platforms, you cannot go in without registering account. It is free to have an account and therefore, there should be no reason for you to not get one. You will be asked the usual things, like what gender you are and what you’re looking for. I just hope that you are a man looking for a woman or a woman looking for a man. By the way – you would be surprised to know how many chicks are browsing my website! Their vagina needs comfort, brother! They are humans too and they want sex as much as you do, even if they don’t want to recognize it.

Once I get the account, what can I find inside? How’s Badoo’s interface?

You like to talk like that, don’t you? So many ‘s in your questions! Well, if you will get the account, you will go between the lady’s legs! You see, I can use ‘s like you do, with ease! Going back to our sheep, I have to tell you that the interface of Badoo is fine as fuck. Everything works smooth, no problems! Just like on FB! It was launched in 2006, brother! Enough time to deal with every issue, to gain experience, to deliver a good product and to have millions of members in their database. You want to know how many members? Well, over 400 millions! How do you understand this number? As I said, just like FB! And they are all looking for dating! Nobody wants cat and dogs pictures!

It seems that most of members are late teens to young adults. Exactly what you’re looking for to fuck! I know that you want your women to be teens, barely legal 18-19 years old or in their 20s. This is your place to be, dude! About the interface, don’t know what else to tell you. They are known for that purple color, they are known for their highly-efficient mobile app, so forth and so on! I am not going to describe every button, now!

Mobile app? Can I use Badoo on my mobile phone or in my new tablet?

A social network of this size, you can bet your ass that it has a mobile app! It works on iOS and on Android. You can use it on-the-go, like you use FB and many people are praising their app like it is one of a kind. They share a simple / organized design, everything is user-friendly and if you will enable your location, Badoo will do its best to deliver matching with babes around you! No effort on your side, just dropping your pants to fuck that babes pussy! ‘Cause that’s why you are on a sex dating site! Right?

Badoo is focusing more on the mobile app, to be mode precise. The reason is simple! Much more traffic comes from handheld devices, than from PC desktop. People don’t use the website anymore, not as they used to in the past. It is much easier to control everything from the phone.

What do you advise me to use? The desktop version or the app?

I want to teach you something … maybe you are in a relationship and your wife / girlfriend, has control over your phone. You don’t want her to catch you using Badoo, right? She might find the app installed on your iPhone and that’s the moment when you’re fucked!

To cover your footsteps, go ahead and use the mobile version of Badoo, but not the one on the app – use your browser, to access the site. You can go incognito and when you are done, close the fucking tab and away you go! Nobody will ever know what you’ve done and everything will be in order – your relationship is saved!

Speaking of that, can I get a love date on Badoo? Or is it for sex only?

I have said many times in our discussion here, that Badoo is similar to Facebook in many ways. Its type, including. Meaning that you will have the opportunity to find a fuckbuddy, or you can find your next wife! How many stable and serious relationships have been born on Facebook? Thousands! How many sex-only dates have been born on Facebook? Thousands! It’s up to you! If you find a girl which is not a whore, then go ahead and make her your girlfriend and after that, your wife!

The idea is that Badoo offers diversity! No matter how old you are, no matter what type of woman you’re looking for, no matter what what the fuck you have in that dirty mind of yours, Badoo is going to give it to you! Blondes, brunettes, redheads, college girls that really study or college girls that fuck their brains out, girls from your area or girls from 2K km away! Sky is the mother fucking limit, brother!

I understand, yes! And how do I make contact with these lovely ladies?

You can do that playing around! I am not kidding! Badoo Encounters is a game that people play in order to find matches easier! This will show you matches one by one and you will be able to see the other’s picture and the info (age, name, interests, whatever). Go ahead and press the heart, if you are interested, or hit X if you don’t like the babe. If this feature doesn’t satisfy you, go with Badoo’s primary function – People nearby! Fine tune the results with people online or with the new people.

They have some other filtering options that you can go with – by gender, what they’re looking for (friends, chat, date), age, location, distance from you. I advise you to use the location and the distance filters, because People nearby won’t give you only nearby chicks! Feel free to also message other users! You can do that and it’s free! The only thing that you need to do, in order to be able to use the messaging service, would be to upload a profile photo! It’s normal, mofo! People must know your face, to know with who they’re talking to!

You said that messaging is free! Do they also have paid features?

Almost every other dating site has premium options that you can approach with a few bucks! I won’t start telling you prices now, ‘cause you will find them yourself, but I can tell you what you’ll get if you will pay those prices.

These are the premium goodies: view who liked you – this is a must-have feature, ‘cause it will really help you find your soulmate, highlight your meaaages – I have no fucking idea what you’ll get with this, see who put you on their favorite list – this feature needs no explanation, undo your vote on Encounters – what you hear is what you get, browse the site anonymously – cool thing to do, chat with new users first – I don’t see the logic behind this, since it’s not like you will ran out of members to speak with, become a featured member – chicks will see that you are rich and famous, send crush alerts – again, what you hear is what you get, increase your popularity – different forms to make your profile more visible, for the ladies to find you faster, give gifts – still for the chicks, of course or you cam activate stickers – it will be fun, I swear!

Profile, profile, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Details about profile?

What exactly do you want to know? What you can upload or what you can do with the profile? You can upload pictures, of course! You can share details about you, of course! Be advised that Badoo has an extensive photo verification process to ensure a user’s identity! But it’s a good thing, brother! You can be sure, this way, that you won’t find fake profiles or whatever the fuck!

To make people do their best when it comes to their profiles (and I really advise you to pay attention with your profile – this is the most important thing if you want the pussy or the heart of the chicks, it’s your image / identity), they invented a profile scoring system. The higher the score, the higher the visibility. To start receiving ratings for people, you need to upload a minimum of 3 photos.

Meta description:

Badoo – over 400 million members on this dating site! It’s like your second fucking Facebook! Your girlfriend won’t be happy when she will see you using Badoo, ‘cause there is so much pussy that awaits to be fucking spread! Wet pussy, warm pussy, little ball of fur!

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