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About PornHub Premium

We can never joke around with this brand! Yippee ki-yay, mother fucker! Here comes the one and only Pornhub! This time it doesn’t give you the free tube, but a premium platform filled with HD adult entertainment designed to make you drool! And it’s called, obviously, PornhubPremium. The site means luxury! Exquisite design, exquisite productions, exquisite pornstars! Everything is drop dead gorgeous! From here to eternity, Pornhub is going to make the rules when it comes to the good pornography.

Content amount / What you’ll get?

They deliver XXX videos from some of the hottest studios on earth! Yeah, they have friends everywhere! Think of PornhubPremium like it’s a network. It isn’t for real, but since it has content from several places, how should we call it? The archive is massive! You can’t expect nothing less! Brazzers, NaughtyAmerica, FakeHub … ahhh! I’m losing my mind here! The number one fapping studios, with the number one pornstars! I should tell you who are these deepthroating pornstars, but I’ll let you discover them. HD / 1080p / 4K videos, 30K+ DVDs (you know me, I love the DVDs) – do I have your attention now?

Exclusivity / Content Quality

The content is not exclusive for PornhubPremium, only. Since they host other studios, you can expect to have the materials on the mother sites, too. But there’s no problem! Just remember that you pay 1 single membership and you get many productions from more places. In other words, you don’t have to pay for each, like you would do if you go with them directly. PornhubPremium – profit for you!

Downsides / What i don’t like

I am trying to find something that I don’t like in here, but it doesn’t work! I, literally, can’t find anything wrong! The mother fuckers did their best to deliver an amazing platform … and they did! No worries – when they will do something wrong, I’ll be there to find out and to tell you! I got my eyes on you, PornhubPremium! I won’t let you play with my visitors!

Discount Price Details

ALERT! ALERT! Free week on PornhubPremium.com! I’m not kidding! There’s no joke when it comes to sites made by MindGeek. So, you register your account and 7 days will be free. Only after this week, you will have to prepare the credit card. HD videos, no ads, virtual reality! The benefits are from heaven, of course! If you don’t like what you get, cancel the subscription whenever you want. When it comes to what you’ll have to pay, it will go a little something like this – $9.99 / month, or $95.88 / year. The 12 months membership is going to come with a discount. If you do the math, you will have $7.99 / month.


Pornhub might not be the cheapest premium site on the web. At the same time, it isn’t the most expensive. But it has that 1 week for free and this makes it a winner. The best you can get on other platforms would be a trial membership. Which is cheap, but it still costs money. With PornhubPremium, you fap a week and you pay shit. Damn, I’m such a poet!

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