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About LegalPorno.com

I am about to tell you some things regarding the prices, the best deals and the memberships of LegalPorno.com! And this is not a studio, but a tube that gathers porn from different places. Why do you look so surprised? You haven’t heard of tubes where you have to pay for the porn? There are a lot in the industry. You are used to get porn for free, but things doesn’t always work like that. What’s the difference between LegalPorno and a free tube? Hmm, I’ll tell you – while free tubes will give you, in general, short clips, recorded by amateurs with a potato and therefore, clips with a low quality of image and while free tubes will give you cut premium scenes, again, with a low quality of image, LegalPorno is going to give you only HD materials, only full scenes, only awesome XXX. Now, you see why you have to pay the dollars?

Content amount

There are many studios from where this tube gets the content. I ain’t going to tell you which are these studios, because, if you are reading this lines, you already know them. Some of them are well known, while others not so much. In the end, if a studio doesn’t have a famous name, it doesn’t mean that it can’t deliver good XXX. All studios started somewhere. There’s even a models index where you can go to meet the ladies. Sort them by studio, nationality, so forth and so on. At this moment, they have around 4000 names on this index. Imagine that you will get all your favorite ones, alongside new pornstars. You often hear me saying that it is good to enjoy a new pussy from time to time. I am not sure if they also have porn pics, alongside videos … most likely, they don’t. Well, it’s a tube. Expect videos, not images.

Content Quality

We can’t speak about exclusive content. In fact, who knows, maybe some scenes are exclusive for them, but in general, what you get on this tube you will also be present on the sites of the studios. There are bigger names in the industry where you pay dollars to see scenes gathered from studios. Does the name PornhubPremium tells you something? Nothing wrong with anything that’s happening in here!

What i don’t like

When it comes to the downsides of LegalPorno, well … we got to talk about their design. Being on a site where you pay money to get in, you expect an attractive, modern design. The functionality is good, the main menu is good, all main sections are right there, under your fingertip, so no problems regarding all of these, but the actual design is … how can I put it – it looks like it was made by some student as a project at uni. Can’t find any other downside! They should really invest in the looks of their site! There’s a company behind LegalPorno, programmers, designers, they should focus on it! I am confident that they would get even more traffic with a better template!

Discount Price Details

It’s time to speak about the dollars, the prices, the memberships, right? In the end, that’s why you’re here, no? First of all, LegalPorno doesn’t share its shit for USD, but for EUR. Remember that! It’s not the first site that does this, even if the porn industry works on dollars, in general. Second of all, LegalPorno doesn’t work like all the other premium platform out there! It doesn’t have regular memberships, but tickets! Yeah, you heard me right, it sells tickets! Think of it like it is a cinema! Because you exchange the tickets for videos! You pay a ticket, you see a video! At the cinema, things work the same, no? There are many available options! Ticket options: 1 month (42 tickets) for €26.19, 2 months (45 tickets) for €48.09, 3 months (48 tickets) for €69.99. When the new month starts, you get again that particular number of tickets. Then, there’s the studio membership, called Hard World Porn studio subscription that costs €26.27 and it will give you unlimited access to all the new updates made by this studios and to all videos from the past 31 days. Last, but not least, you can buy tickets directly – 10 tickets for €11.30, 20 tickets for €20.94, 30 tickets for €33.20, 50 tickets for €52.47, 100 tickets for €87.51 and 250 tickets that will cost you €192.63. As you can see, the higher the purchase, the better the price you pay. As payment methods, I think that they only have credit card. No PayPal yet. If they will change anything or if I find out that I am wrong, I will update these lines.


LegalPorno is a huge collection of some of the hottest porn scenes that you can find on the Internet. Don’t mind the downside, the damn design. That’s not so important. The important thing, in the end, is the end-user experience and of course, the content. I don’t speak about this place like it is one of the greatest premium porn platform on the web, but it can be a very good alternative, if you want to try something different, something that delivers porn from studios that cannot be found on every corner of the porn industry. It’s also nice that you will be able to enjoy some new babes, starlets that you have never seen before. Big natural tits, nipples with bug areolas, skinny or curvy ladies, doggystyle and 69, blowjobs, group fucking, interracial or BDSM, fetishes, shaved pussy or with a bush, MILFs and teens, LegalPorno, like any other tube that respects itself and the customer, has them all under one single roof!

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