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Amateur 1$ trial access

About Bang.com

Bang! You just fucked that pussy! Bang.com, brothers and sisters! We are here to see if it is worthy of your credit card, or not. Well, you know from the beginning that it is, otherwise I wouldn’t have posted it on my directory. I bring only good sites, the best of the best. In other words, I’m doing all the work for you, the end-user. Surfing the web on a daily basis, finding the hottest porn destinations, posting them on the directory and writing reviews – that’s my role in the porn industry. Let’s get back to Bang.com! The porn on it is wonderful. And the chicks! Just like another site that we just had in the discounts section recently, Bang deals with a lot of unknown girls (besides the famous pornstars that we see everywhere) and almost all of these are natural, from head to toe! This is always a good thing. When it comes to these fake girls, it depends on how well the doctor did his job! Implants can look absolutely amazing, while they can look disgusting. Girls, if you are out there and you here me … get the best doctor, if you wanna look good! Your boyfriend will be so happy if you will do so!

What you’ll get?

Bang is not all alone in this porn journey. It has some other sites that will be available to you, once you pay the membership. It will be a little bit confusing, since the other platforms are not presented like a network. Some are original series, some are whatever. In the end, who cares? The only important thing here is the fact that you pay for one product and you get many others. And we both know that you like a lot free things, in life. You know, I wanted to tell you … I am happy that you are looking to buy a membership on a paid site. This way you support the industry. Until now, I’ve seen you on tubes, only. That’s not good! You enjoy porn, you enjoy productions made with real money, this means that you have to give something back. And now, if you will buy a subscription, you will support people that spend, in order to produce XXX.


The archive of Bang is huge, if we take into consideration the total of adult materials that can be found on the network (or whatever this is). I was telling you above about the girls … there is an index in the main menu where you can meet them. See the famous ones, see the new girls, see whatever. There are, also, lots of photos posted in here, besides the videos. Not only pics taken from the scenes, but also independent pictures with the girls featured in the videos.

What i don’t like

I have to get back to the part where I said that Bang is confusing, as a site. You don’t really know if it is part of a network, if it is this or that. And it’s a real downside. You don’t really know on what you’re about to spend your money. You need like 2-3 visits to understand what’s going on and a lot of attention. They should work on this, to make everything more … transparent. It’s a good thing that you read my reviews, this way to learn what’s going on with a site. But, other than that, there’s nothing wrong with Bang. It has the good girls, the natural ones, the beautiful ones and they love sex. This is all that matters, at the end of the day. We are not here for templates, functionality, whatever. We are here for the very hot babes. As simple as that!

Discount Price Details

Now, how much does it cost to get a front row seat on Bang.com? And what are the available memberships? Here they are – trial memberships that lasts 2 days will cost you $3.95, 30 days is $19.95 (instead of $29.95 – discount) and a year will cost you $8 / month (do the math, lazy ass). If you ask me, the best option, by far, would be the membership that gives you full access for an entire year. It is one of the cheapest prices I have ever seen, per month, in my life. If they go with discounts for bigger memberships, they usually charge $9.99 or something like that. It seems that Bang really likes you, since they will take only $8 / month from your credit card. Speaking of that, unfortunately, there’s only one way to make a payment – CC. In other words, if you don’t have a card, you’re kinda fucked. The benefits of getting a subscription here are the following: multiple daily updates, TV / mobile / tablet and console support, you can download the porn and so on. Oh, let’s not forget that all your transactions will be safe, secured and discreet. Which means that they won’t write on your bill that you have bought a ticket on a porn destination. They will write something, sure, but nothing related to porn!


Bang is an eccentric site. That’s why it is so confusing to be on it. You know the saying … if someone is poor, he is crazy. If he is rich, well … it is eccentric. Same goes with Bang! If it was a site made by some college student in his bedroom, being confusing, we would have said that it is a shitty site. But, since Bang is famous, it delivers drop dead gorgeous babes and some of the hottest porn scenes you have ever seen, let’s call it eccentric. To be or not to be, this is the question. I often use this quote, because it works with everything. I really think that it should be to be. Be on the platform, try it out by getting a trial membership and see how great it is. When the trial is over, if you want to continue, buy the yearly subscription. You won’t get a better price than that, brother!

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