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Read Before You Pay for Live Sex

Live sex chat is always cheaper than you think

By FapDude
13 июня, 2020 Последнее обновление 12 августа, 2020
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By now, most of us who watch porn regularly have at least tried out adult webcams, while millions of people around the world swear by them. The appeal of live cam sex is obvious to anyone who’s tried it. Besides an incredible choice and variety of models, these shows offer an exciting and, most importantly, interactive experience between the viewer and performer – something that’s not possible with traditional porn. But while you can piggyback off others and watch free nude shows, paying for live sex gives you the best of what webcams have to offer.

With that said, we want to talk about what you need to know before spending money on live cam girls. Our tips are ideal for beginners, but also if you want to take the next step and truly indulge yourself.

1. Sign-up for a Free Account

Photo Credit: Chaturbate


If you intend to spend money on Chaturbate cam girls, creating a free account, if possible, should be your first step. Some places limit functions and features for unregistered users and, for example, won’t let you chat with models or only give you short previews. Luckily, the sign-up process is very fast and simple in most cases. All you’ll need is an email and, at most, a couple of minutes of your time.

2. Spend Some Time Browsing the Site First

Photo Credit: Streamate


Before you commit to spending money on a live nude cam site like Streamate, we recommend that you take the time to browse a little bit. This way, you can try before you buy so to speak and get a feel for what a particular place offers and whether it suits your needs and wants.

For example, you might be into a certain fetish or niche, or only have time to watch at a certain time of day or day of the week. Likewise, even if many performers look similar and all turn you on at first, some can be exciting and have a great personality, while many others can leave a lot to be desired. Moreover, the top webcam and live sex chat websites tend to have hundreds, if not thousands, of performers online at any given time. At first, the variety and abundance of hot models is what gets you hooked, but it can be a double-edged sword when you want to find that perfect cam girl. Therefore, see whether the user interface works for you. Is searching, filtering, and sorting models quick and intuitive? Are there any special features missing? Do other places offer more?

3. Discover Different Types of Live Porn Shows

Photo Credit: LiveJasmin


There’s a slight difference between how webcam sites label shows, but overall, there are only a couple of types which include:

Public or group cam shows

This is perhaps the most popular form of live porn show because usually anyone can join, chat, and watch without spending money. However, models will ask for tips to perform certain things based on their tip menu and include milestones such as “toy pussy” at 1000 credits or tokens that the users as a group contribute to throughout the show.Sometimes only a few people will tip, while other times many users might tip often or at the same time, making the show less intimate and more hectic, but still exciting. Chaturbate, among other places, is famous for free nude shows.

Private cam shows

Just like the name suggests, private cam shows involve you chatting and watching a performer privately. This means you have the model all to yourself and his or her undivided attention. You can direct the action and tell the performer what you’d like to see, so this is the best experience live nude cams can offer. For premium webcam sites such as LiveJasmin, private shows are their main product. Most websites also have a cam2cam feature which lets you use your webcam to stream a video back to a model.

Most importantly, instead of tips, private shows are paid for by the minute with tokens or credits. Rates can vary significantly between models, even on the same cam site, so make sure you check with a performer first or by looking at their model page. Overall, rates tend to vary between one and three dollars per minute, but popular girls or pornstars can charge much more. Lastly, you should budget for a few minutes extra to chat and set the mood for the best experience.

Spy shows

In most cases, spy shows are cheaper than private shows, and they let you secretly watch another user’s one-on-one session which can be just as exciting, especially if you are a voyeur at heart. While the models know if you’re spying, the user paying for the private show doesn’t. However, you won’t be able to chat with a performer.

Exclusive or one-on-one shows

If the thought of someone spying on your private show kills the mood, you could ask for a private cam show that nobody can spy on. This might also be labeled as an exclusive private show. Naturally, you can expect to pay more per minute than you would for a regular private show.

4. Consider Paying for Tokens With PayPal or Crypto Currency

Photo Credit: Pexels


Credit cards are the main and perhaps most widespread method of payment on webcam porn sites. However, quite a few places also let you pay with PayPal or crypto coins. Below we’ll outline the pros and cons of using cryptocurrencies and PayPal for webcam sites:


Avoiding Bank Transaction Fees

Most often, direct wire transfers come with fees. Thus, if you need an alternative payment method to credit cards, you can save money and avoid fees by paying with cryptocurrencies.

Saving Money on Taxes

While PayPal doesn’t help you avoid GST (goods and services tax) or VAT (value-added tax), cryptocurrencies will. You can save around 20% with purchases on webcam sites this way.

Cryptocurrency Value Can Jump

Most of us have heard about the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market. Value can rise and fall significantly. By timing your purchases on cam sites, you can get more bang for your crypto buck.

Cryptocurrency is Anonymous

Even though most live cam sites try to make your credit card statements less suspicious, these transactions can still be traced by a jealous or disapproving partner. In contrast, when using cryptocurrency or paying with PayPal, you don’t have to worry about what’s going to show up on your monthly statement in the mail.


Lack of Chargebacks with Bitcoin or PayPal

Getting a chargeback for a payment completed with PayPal or crypto isn’t possible. But if you use trusted cam sites and avoid suspicious ones, we believe you won’t need a chargeback.

Cryptocurrency Value Can Drop

BitCoin, for example, is just as well-known for its astronomical rise in value as it is for its big drops. Therefore, paying for webcam tokens with cryptocurrency can also cost more than what you would usually pay.

Potential Cryptocurrency Fees

Due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrency, you might have to pay a premium or a fee to use crypto on some websites. Similarly, PayPal payments come with a small transaction fee.

5. Take Advantage of Real Discounts and Bonuses, Avoid Token Generators and Hacks

Photo Credit: Cam4


Each sex cams site has its digital currency which you buy for real cash and then spend on private shows, tips, pre-recorded content, and so on. Most commonly, the currency is referred to as tokens, but other names are used as well, such as credits or coins, even if they all work the same. Registered users on Cam4 can pick from and purchase different size token packages and earn discounts based on how much they spend. Usually, the more you spend, the more tokens you get and the less you pay per token.

Obviously, tokens are valuable and sought after, so avoid sites that offer free token hacks and token generators at all costs. These websites are scams used to mine your personal information, which is then sold to hackers and spammers. Worst of all, you never actually receive any credits or tokens from them.
When it comes to real bonuses and free sex cam tokens, you should look to the webcam sites themselves. In general, you can get free credits in a couple of different ways:

Sign-up bonuses

Usually, five to ten dollars are credited to your account once you enter your credit card information, but you won’t be charged anything. Webcam sites figure that you’re more likely to spend money if you have completed this step.

Referral bonuses

These can vary but tend to be larger than sign-up bonuses. Cam sites are always looking for more members, so it’s worth checking whether you can get a referral bonus for people that sign-up through you and spend money. Some places even offer big token bonuses if you sign a model up.

Bonuses for regular customers

Technically, these aren’t free tokens. However, webcam sites like to look after their customers and keep you happy. Most places will offer things like special rewards, bonuses, and different membership tiers, along with discounts for larger purchases.

Performer payments

Another way to get free tokens is to become a performer. In fact, quite a few cam sites pay their performers with credits or tokens, which are then converted into dollars. Of course, not everyone is willing to do this, but you could mask your face if you’re at least a little bit of an exhibitionist. What’s more, Chaturbate and MyFreeCams are perhaps the most amateur-friendly cam sites, but MFC is a female-only site.

6. Get the Most out of Your Tokens by Being a Good Customer

Photo Credit: Simon Kucher


Knowing how to talk to webcam models goes a long way; it’s often the difference between a great and sub-par experience. Unfortunately, many users overlook the importance of at least being polite to performers.With that said, we present a few tips to help you get the most out of your tokens and build a good relationship with live cam girls.

Be Respectful

Don’t spam with requests or beg. Cam models encounter pushy and mean people all too often. Treat a model like you would a potential partner on a first date and make a good first impression. Getting her attention without tips in a group show with lots of users can be hard. You can instead try to talk to her when there are fewer viewers or opt for a private show.

Don’t Rush

While we understand that people have different turn-ons and fetishes -like being rude, demeaning, or ordering partners around -a model still has to agree to indulge them first. Get to know a model first and the kind of things he or she is willing to do. Also, when asking for private shows, set aside some money for foreplay and chit-chat to get you both in the mood.

Prepare for Cam2Cam shows

Perhaps the best and most exciting thing about watching cam girls live is the option to go cam2cam. However, if you want to do this, remember to tidy up your room, groom, and wear clean clothes, besides using a good webcam. Once again, consider your interactions with performers on a webcam site as if it were a date.

Think of Your Reputation

The internet can bring out the worst in people, even if they’re using a Twitter account with their first and last name. However, remember that members of every industry tend to talk and network -cam girls are no exception. Given enough time, you can build up a good reputation and be a welcome guest in many sex chat rooms.

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