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Zoig Review



Review Pros

  • Tons of amateur porn content
  • Lots of daily updates
  • +1 million active members
  • Live sex chat option

Review Cons

  • Most clips are short


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Zoig?! WTF is wrong with you, FapDude?! Why do you show me all these weird sites?

Zoig.com is not weird at all! It’s an awesome professional site with amateur content! Do you understand what I’m saying?! Because of the design and the functionality, the platform looks like it has been created by professional people! And the content shared on this platform is 100% genuine homemade porn. I wanted to be so explicit about this, because, the site gives you a feeling like you’re on a premium destination! But, nope, it’s free! Otherwise, Zoig wouldn’t be posted under this category! It’s all about the numbers with them – over 1,500,000 submitted homemade photos, over 100,000 submitted amateur porn videos and almost a million real active members. All of these are posted on their homepage. Remember that this is available at the moment of this review. In time, the numbers will be bigger. The site is too popular to go down soon. The only direction is up or forward, never down or back.

Wait! Why did you stopped? Please continue the discussion about the homepage, FapDude!

I stopped because there isn’t anything else to discuss about the homepage. There are no latest updates, trending or whatever. I will repeat what I already said – the site looks like a premium platform. Therefore, the landing page is designed more like a poster with descriptions about their videos, their photos, their amateur members and with random thumbs taken from the profiles. Let’s put it this way – we are talking about a presentation. Do you know what I mean?

The place where you need to look would be the main menu with videos, photos, categories, members, forums. You have to go on one of these pages. Choose whatever you would like to approach next and we will discuss about it! Now, you understand why I went so fast over the homepage? I’m here to teach and to support you! That’s all you need to know!

Yeap, I understand! And I want to go on the videos page. Shall we?

Of course, man! Just follow my lead! When you’ll arrive on the page with the clips, you will get a tube. It looks exactly like that, when you get in! Latest scenes, one next to another, a thumb for every each and one of them plus details like title, number of views and more. There’s even a menu if you want to go deeper, further, to watch more and more free homemade porn videos. It’s good that you can see who’s the member which uploaded a particular video that you like and this gives you the possibility to see more from that person. In other words, let’s say it again – Zoig has only, but only homemade XXX, user-submitted.

Are you sick of all those sites that supposedly have amateur porn, while all that content is studio-made? Try Zoig! No pornstar has ever been here! The only starlets available here are the girls nextdoor. The girlfriends, the wives, the babes, the teens, the college girls! And you would be amazed to see the quality of images around here. Well, iPhones and Samsung Phones can make wonders. Alongside all those actual cams available on the market. Don’t expect HD too often or 4K, but still, you won’t have any problem with the quality.

Why don’t you tell me a few titles taken from the above page?

Wouldn’t you like that? Can’t you go yourself on the site to see the damn titles? Hmm … nothing new under the sky with you! I’ll go once again on the page that holds those amateur porn clips. Let me see what examples of titles are worthy of a copy / paste. I love the fact that Zoig has explicit titles, like very short descriptions.

Spider Monkey – My favorite position (getting some deep dick), Outdoor doggystyle in a quiet part of the canyon, Love it anyway from behind, I watched my wife fucking a friend without a condom, I just love having cocks inside me. Do you see what I mean? Just like little descriptions. Anyone can see right away about what’s going on in the scene and if it is worth to fap or not.

They also have photos? HD quality? How’s that page?

They do have photos, yeah! You can see the total number in the beginning of our discussion. These guys, behind the Zoig project, know how to gather a massive archive. And they also know how to give you the photos section. Meaning that the section has all sorts of filtering options, all sorts of ways to find those galleries with genuine amateur porn that really make you lose your mind.

By default, the page shows the recent photos. For every porn pic, you will have a thumb with a small version of it and details like title, who uploaded the material, category under which it was added, number of views, likes and comments. There are hundreds of comments for each and every image. It’s fun to read them! For all of these reasons, you should fly away on the site, to see all the goodies with your own eyes.

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