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YouPorn Review



Review Pro

  • Amazing app to see porn
  • Huge video archive
  • Categories and subgenres
  • Easy to use site interface

Review Cons

  • Annoying Popunder


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WTF is this? It’s the porno brother of YouTube? Name sounds similar!

The day when YouTube will start a business in porn, will be a good day. In fact, when Google will do so, ‘cause YouTube is owned by Google. YouPorn has nothing to do with the above brands. It’s just a similar name and that’s about it. YouTube has opened its gates a year before YouPorn, so who knows, maybe the porn guys took their inspiration from it. To be honest, I don’t give a fuck! We are here for the good XXX videos, not for their brand names or whatever. Similar names, different content!

YouPorn is one of the biggest and one of the best porn websites on the world wide web. They don’t joke around when they talk about pornography and they love to update their pages as often as possible! With recommended XXX clips on their landing page, alongside recommended categories, you can be sure that you will have the pleasure to enjoy a great fapping here! In the end, you can enjoy a good fap on any of the websites listed on my directory, ‘cause I am, without any doubt, delivering the best porn. Getting back to the main subject, I wanted to tell you that YouPorn has some surprises for you and some hidden goodies for real porn fans!

You don’t say! You’ll tell me something about these surprises?

What’s in it for me? I am just kidding, brother. I have done this directory for free – for the love of porn! And I don’t need anything from you! If you will visit my pages on a regular basis, I will be more than happy to assist you in your sex journey. Speaking about the surprises, well, they have an interesting engine in their categories section. They have divided them into genres like ACTION – (sub-genre: action) anal, blowjob, bondage, bukkake, face sitting, fingering, (sub-genre: finish) creampie, cum-shots, facial, female orgasms, squirting, swallow, STORY – (sub-genre: standard) college, instructional, interracial, massage, romantic, striptease, (sub-genre: fake) BTS, casting, gonzo, parody, reality, (sub-genre: taboo) cuckold, step fantasy, voyeur and so much more genres and sub-genres. Do you understand what’s going on here and why it is great? You can sort the porn posted on this tube. You can see only specific XXX clips!

Another surprise is the fact that you will have premium porn at your disposal (FOR FREE) made by famous studios like Blacked, Nubile Films, Brazzers, FakeTaxi, Passion-HD and more. As I already told you, all of this studio-made porn is for free and we are speaking about thousands of porn videos.

How is the community? People are leaving comments on porn?

WTF, brother? You here to fap or you here to leave comments and to speak with others? Well, in the end, it is good to get together with like-minded people that share the same passions with you. To tell you the truth, I have seen comments, but not as many as I see on other tubes. YouPorn has built a reputation for porn and not for the community that floats around it.

This can be a good thing for you! Let me explain why I say this – if you are a person that likes to share his thoughts and his opinions with the rest of the world, you can do it here. Since they don’t have too many (or any) comments on some of the videos, you can write down your ideas, for people to see them right away. And they will follow you, ‘cause there won’t be any other person in the comments section. You can open the road for them, by writing what is good in a video, what isn’t and what’s the name of the hot pornstar featured in it!

It’s an interesting advice, FapDude! How is their video player?

You’ll be watching the porn on your mobile device, at work, no? Well, make sure that you have muted your phone’s media volume before playing any of YouPorn’s clips. Their video player doesn’t have a mute button that allows you to cut down the volume before hitting play. In other words, if volume is on, the horny babe will moan in your office without hesitation. To be more precise, their player doesn’t have a mute button at all. You will have one if you will hit the full screen button.

I am not sure why they did not thought of this! It is important. We don’t want people around us to hear the asian chick saying that she wants the huge cock between her huge tits. No matter how fucked up we are! You know what’s a good thing? Above the video player without a mute button, you can go with some tags that will share with you similar content. So, if you want to go further with specific porn clips, see those keywords.

What’s that little heart in the upper right corner of the header?

You discovered the biggest surprise of them all! That little heart hides what’s the most important thing on YouPorn.com. It’s a new cool way to enjoy adult entertainment. It’s like an app (called SWYP) that you can use to browse the videos. When you will click on the heart, you will be taken to the presentation page. From the same page, you can launch the actual thing.

Basically, this app, will show you the XXX clips in a different way on your mobile (in full screen – your entire display, just the video with nothing around it). Let me explain! First of all, the app has a smart system based on swiping. When you will swipe up, you will have the next video. When you will swipe down, of course, you will have the previous video. And if you will swipe from right to left, the app will give you the full clip (until you will do so, you will have a trailer). They will recommend you to use the phone in landscape mode, but this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work in portrait. Also, you can have the app on your home-screen (add to screen method), to access it faster. They even allow you to save your favorite scenes. Nice innovative thing, don’t you think?

Just been there! It makes me fap when I see videos on full display! Tried it?

Of course I did! How else was I able to speak the details about it? I just gave you info above. And since I’m the FapDude, I fap the life out of me! I am the first in the world when it comes to jerking off! I try to jerk off on all sites I list, to see how it is! Based on that, I write the reviews.

You know what I love the most about SWYP? You can have an entire collection of amazing XXX. The “heart it” system allows you to do so with one single click. And yeah, the way they show the pussy on the full display, makes you wanna fap, indeed. Let’s get one thing perfectly clear – when I say video on full display, I am not talking about the usual full screen. I am talking about this: from a corner of your phone to the other. That’s how you get the trailers. The usual full screen video player will make its way in only after you swipe from right to left.

How are the teen videos on YouPorn? They have barely legal babes?

You mean 18-19 years old babes? Barely legal college girls that love to show their pussies on cam while they get double penetration? Teens that enjoy BBCs? And when the dick is so big, the teen pussy grips on it? If this is what you are looking for, then yeah, YouPorn.com has so many of this kind in its archive.

Since teen porn represents one of the most popular categories nowadays, on the Internet, you can expect thousands of updates under this niche.

I see a login button in their header! Do I have to login to enjoy the porn?

No, you don’t. An account is not mandatory. You register one or not. As simple as that. Everything works without you being logged in and you can access all scenes without having any problem. You can also surf between the categories or you can access the pornstar page.

If you want to leave a comment or if you want to have a list with your favorite porno videos, then yeah, you will need to register an account and to login. Have no worries, it is free to do so and it will only take like 30 seconds. They won’t send you newsletter, since nobody wants porn in his mail, especially when you have a wife that knows the password! Meanwhile you can register on FapDude and you can leave me a nice comment.

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Did you check YouPorn Blog yet? They announced a $100k fund to support Covid-19 relief project.

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