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XVideos Review



Review Pros

  • Amazing quantities of porn
  • Diversity and more diversity
  • Real homemade porn
  • Live sex porno videos


Review Cons

  • Slide text ads on videos


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Is this porn tube as good as it say? All my friends are using it!

They use it for what? Cooking recipes? Laughing my ass out, I surely hope NOT. If they are using it for fapping, then your friends are wise. xVideos is, without any doubt, one of the giants, when it comes to free porn. They have in their archive amazing amateur real homemade porn, they have premium HD porno videos, they have hot pornstars, they have XXX clips from your country (they see your IP and they deliver porn from your location) – you cannot go wrong with xVideos!

Yeah, xVideos.com is a giant. One of the oldest, one of the best, one of the biggest in any way. With a very simple design and a huge archive, xVideos knows its place on the market and it doesn’t look back – always forward, to give you more porn, for free! This is the job of a good tube, no? Yeah, like all the other tubes out there, xVideos might be killing the industry because of the fact that it delivers studio-made premium porn videos, for free, saying that it’s not their fault – it’s user-submitted content.

What type of porn do they offer? Do they have teen or asian?

They are offering any type of porn your heart desires. From homemade XXX videos to paid porn, the tube will cover every possible niche. I’ve see fetish clips, BDSM involved, gagging, bondage, strapons (with chicks fucking their husbands with a strap on dildo), dominatrix, slapping, face-sitting, alongside hardcore porn or real nextdoor girls and girls gone wild at the college, public pickup XXX, public voyeur porn, hidden cams, live sex cam shows recorded by users and submitted here, all available pornstars, teens that like anal with BBCs, interracial sex with teens, ebony babes with white guys or the same, with BBCs.

They even share BBW or plain ol’ curvy fat porn. When one of those mistresses is doing a face-sitting, the partner is fucked. Let’s just hope that they will not use their high heels to kick the guy in the balls or that they will not spit food on them. What can I say? xVideos.com is a kingdom of high-end porn. Oh, oh! Almost forgot – they also share a lot of Brazzers porn, or porn from FakeHub, FakeTaxi and everything else that has ‘fake’ in the brand. Oh, yeah, you were asking about asian porn, too! Japanese, JAV, asian, hentai – even Vietnamese, if you like those babes.

How can I filter the content? Until now, I’ve used the homepage.

On the homepage you have their latest additions. That’s where you see what they added today. If you have noticed, they make new updates several times in 24 hours. Use the menu with numbers that can be found in the footer, for more and more updates. I wonder what number the last (first page ever) has.

If you want to sort the porn, by category, you need to go with the menu that can be found in the corner of the page, up away you go at the header. Let me share with you some examples of niches that you can approach here: 3D, amateur porn, anal, Arab porn, aunt sex, BBW, big ass, big tits, black, blonde XXX videos, blowjob (together with deep-throat, rim-jobs, cum-shots, facials and so on), live sex on cam with cam-whores, kinky compilations, fisting, family sex, latina, lesbian, lingerie, solo, squirting, taboo or last, but not least, your favorite – teen. Don’t forget to also use the search function box, where you can write down the sex that you want to see, to fine tune the results.

You said something about porn from my region? What’s that?

xVideos, alongside some other free porn tubes on the web, can see your IP’s address. Therefore, they can know from which country you are. And they will give you, based on that, porn from your area. It’s no rocket science behind this. It’s a script that does all the work, but it is hot, because you might see your girlfriend blowing one of her exes. You would like to see her doing that, don’t you? Well, go ahead and try the cuckold category, in this case. They do share a category for sick bastards like you, on xVideos!

The section with porn videos from your country can be found, sometimes, on the homepage (the landing page), while sometimes it can be found as the first category in the categories menu. The section will give you, mostly, homemade porn, with couples or amateur girls doing the sex in front of a phone or in front of a webcam. You might get some live sex cam shows with girls that share your nationality, if you are lucky. I don’t know exactly how their script works and based on what they show amateur porn or cam shows.

You said that they have a simple design. How is their functionality?

It’s really simple. They don’t even have a professional logo. They don’t care about that – all they want is for you to get the porn! So, the layout and the template of their site is very simple, but the functionality does what it is supposed to do. Everything will run smooth, everything is in its place. The videos will load fast and they don’t have buffering. Well, in this time and era, it would really be a shame to still have buffering.

What I don’t like would be the fact that they started to share more and more ads. You will have them in the beginning of a video or you will have them when you click. A new tab will open and you will be taken there to see the page that you wanted to approach. On the old tab, an ad will find its place. Other than this, I don’t see other problems!

Do they have the famous pornstars, the ones that we all like?

xVideos is a titan! Of course that they share every possible pornstar! They have a place, on their site, where you can find all popular pornstars and models for the last year. There, you can bounce between pornstars, erotic models and cam girls – tops for their best in the world, your country and your continent. Once again, as you can see, they will give you babes from your location and their spot in the top.

If you want examples of the most popular pornstars on xVideos, here they are: Riley Reid, Mia Khalifa (she still is top 3 everywhere), Sensual Jane and Piper Perri. Every position will tell you the name of the actress, her nationality, the number of videos uploaded on xVideos with her and a number which says how many people subscribed to their channels. I don’t even know if pornstars themselves opened a channel or someone else did it for them, but who cares. We just want to enjoy the pussy, who cares who’s delivering it!

What can I do to find the name of a pornstar that I see in a clip?

Oh, I am so glad that you have asked this question. xVideos has an active community on its pages. Besides the porn that is user-submitted, visitors are also sharing their thoughts, their opinions, in the comments section. You will have tens of comments for every video. What’s important here is the fact that, if you will go to this section, in order to ask who is the pornstar featured in the video that you just watched, there are 99,9% chances to find an answer there.

Everybody is friendly, everyone wants porn, everyone is looking for a good fapping time! What are you waiting for?

One more question, please! How good is their live sex category?

As good as it can get. Cam-whores have their own channels where they add a lot of live sex cam shows. Or, if they aren’t the ones doing it, regular users will record them in their live rooms and they will upload the clips on xVideos! The most beautiful tits, the most beautiful shaved pussies, the hottest asses and one-of-a-kind shows!

If you will see a webcam clip and you don’t know who the cam-model is, do the same as you would do it with a pornstar. Ask her name in the comments section and people will tell you who she is and where you can find her. That’s about it with this xVideos review! For more info, go ahead and see the tube with your own eyes! Don’t waste precious time staying here, brother – while we are speaking, xVideos.com is adding a whole new bunch of awesome porn videos with XXX amateur housewives or with kinky horny pornstars!

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