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Xvideos Lesbian Review


Xvideos Lesbian

Review Pros

  • Lots of HD content
  • Real HQ lesbian videos
  • Fast player buffering
  • 82500 lesbian porn videos

Review Cons

  • Ads can get annoying
  • Videos have slide text ads


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Since Xvideos it’s a huge porn tube, should we expect a hot lesbian area?

Over 82000 lesbian clips at the moment of this review! How does this number sounds for you? Amateur porn scenes uploaded by real babes from your neighborhood, alongside premium sex made by porn studios from around the world. xVideos is, indeed, a huge porn tube! One of a biggest, to be more precise! And like any other tube, small or big, it has a lesbian category filled with goodies! They will keep on adding more and this means that the above number can change over time!

The landing page of this category will give you the latest updates. At least, this is what I think. I am not 100% sure! It doesn’t really matter, since you can change the results by accessing the filtering menu that can be found right above the first video – all time, this month, this week, 2 days ago, yesterday, today. These are the options. And because we were talking about the latest shit, if you don’t have them when you land, hit Today and you get the cookie jar! If you will scroll to the footer, you will discover another menu which allows you to surf on other pages filled with more lesbian porno clips!

Does xVideos.com has trailers and previews on their HD thumbnails?

Why do you say HD?! So, you’ve been on the site, haven’t you? If you know it, then why do you want me to keep on talking here? And you are wrong, they don’t have ONLY high definition thumbnails! If a video is amateur, then it will have a regular thumb. If the video is premium, like it was made by a studio, then the thumb is in HD, of course.

Yes, on these thumbnails, they do have trailers and previews. I am not sure if these trailers are short clips or GIFs – most likely, GIFs but it’s not important. xVideos has them and they had it since forever. When you are on your desktop PC, hover the mouse over the printscreen and you will see the GIF. If you are on a handheld device, push on a thumb and keep pushing for a few moments. That’s how you do it on mobiles. Remember that xVideos has a great version for all of you that want to access the site while on a train, while traveling or whatever.

I would like to know a few titles taken from this lesbian area! Is this possible?

Lesbos Adriana Chechik and Megan Rain squirting while licking, Gorgeous lesbian girls licking pussy each others, Real lesbo aussie rims, (Abigail Mac and Daisy Summers) Teen lesbos make love, Lesbian teens in threesome, Sex tape with teen nasty girls, Tongue kissing lesbos Nikki Benz and Jessica Jaymes!

As you can see, the content is premium or amateur and has pornstars or teens, so it has everything! Everything for everyone, brother! With no costs! You don’t have to pay, you never want to pay for porn! You want it for free!

Lovely pornstars licking pussy! What other starlets will I see here?

Besides those that you can see in the above titles, you will also have the chance to cum on Cherie DeVille, Jade Baker, Kristen Scott, Alexis Fawx, Malena Morgan and so many others!

Some of these starlets are lesbian, while others are bisexual. They are paid more if they make girl-on-girl scenes, alongside the usual man-on-girl hanky panky. So, they like pussy licking or not, they’ll do it for money! We should be glad, this means that our favorite pornstars will go deep on a cunt in front of us!

What other filtering options do I have except for those discussed above?

None! That’s it! You can’t filter the content. The only options are those from above and that’s it! Oh, wait, I forgot about their search function box. That’s where you go if you want to approach specific lesbian videos.

Go ahead and search for your favorite keywords. Add like 3 of them or more, to see if the search function can give you results for all of them together, or it will show videos for only two. I know how it works, but I won’t tell you! You have to discover things on your own.

Are they making regular updates with more and more lesbian porn?

On a daily basis, several times per day! xVideos is a massive tube which cannot be so big without daily updates. First of all, there is the amateur community that uploads homemade clips like one after another! This is the beauty of xVideos – you can access so much authentic homemade lesbian sex with teens, MILFs, matures, grannies in orgies, threesomes, et cetera! Second of all, you will get premium porn made by famous studios from around the world – still uploaded by users.

It’s a bad thing! Premium porn that should cost money, delivered for free! I know that the best things in life are free, but if you will never spend a few dollars to support the industry, how can you expect new productions? Everything costs money – pornstars, equipment, locations, stuff. I think that you understand what I’m trying to say here and this is not the first time you hear me saying it. I really advise you to pay for a membership on a premium site that tickles your boxes. Go ahead and access my discount section and choose one from there! You will feel better when you will support the industry, since you are a daily user and you spend so much time watching adult videos!

Why are the users uploading premium porn on a free adult tube?

For the attention that they get from it! But they are not so bad, in the end. Do you wanna know why? Because they go on a premium lesbian porn site! They buy a membership there, which costs money, real dollars. They pay those dollars with their credit card. Once they have the membership, they take down the content available on the premium site, by downloading the videos. Yes, all platforms have this option when you get a paid access. Then, they upload those videos on tubes like xVideos! It’s a very bad thing, they are sharing what’s not theirs to share, but at least they gave a few dollars. Where is your paid membership? You have never paid anything in porn!

Why are they doing it? Already told you, for the attention that they get from visitors. Their xVideos account will get views, likes, comments from people, everyone will praise them, everyone will say what a good job they did when they uploaded who knows what clip, so forth and so on! Simple, don’t you think? That attention gives them shit, all the likes / views / comments are for nothing, since you don’t get anything out of it.

You make me feel guilty! Can I pay anything on xVideos to support them?

Come on, stop with this! You’ll pay shit! You never pay for anything and all of a sudden you decided to do it! What’s wrong with you? Hmm, I’ll try to believe you – go ahead and pay a subscription on the premium version of xVideos! It’s called xVideos.red and it will give you professional porn, exclusive content, HD sex, so forth and so on.

Or, you can see my category that delivers sites where you need to pay your way in. I always tell you that! I am tired now and I am too sleepy to verify, but I think that I already told you this while we had this discussion. There are so many ways to support the industry, if you really want to do this. It’s enough to buy a one-year membership that will cost you only a few dollars. It’s not a fortune and you won’t be poor afterwards. And it’s not like you will do it for nothing, brother! You will get so many fine things in exchange and as I said, you will feel better about yourself. I am curious to see if you will keep your word to pay something.

Let me know when you’ve done it, please. You know how to contact me afterwards. You will have my appreciation, when you will do it. Make a habit to pay once a year. A payment in 365 days is not much! And no one will know, since they don’t write anything about it on your credit card bill. There will be an entry, but it won’t speak at all about your porn ventures!

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