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WankzVR Review



Review Pros

  • 100% exclusive content
  • Compatible with all headsets
  • Multiple download options
  • Two releases every week

Review Cons

  • Nothing, really


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I never get tired of new VR porn sites! What do you have for me today?

WankzVR.com it is one of the best Virtual Reality porn sites, filled with gorgeous pornstars videos. The design of the site is elegant and you will get enough things in free mode, to be able to understand that WankzVR must have your attention. The problem with the VR porn is the fact that there aren’t too many available on the web! It’s not the type of XXX that you can produce over night and the cost of the servers to keep the videos online is a lot! So, let’s begin, shall we?

The homepage will start with a slider where you can go to learn what’s new and amazing on the site! Scrolling, you’ll get the Top VR Porn Videos. I love the fact that they don’t add on thumbs simple print-screens, but actual posters. You will feel like on Netflix, or something like that. I also love one of their mottos – Stop watching porn, start living it! They will also show you some categories near the footer. Go with one of them to get VR videos made under that specific niche!

Are the categories like the usual ones from porn tubes?

I don’t want to disappoint you, but they are pretty common. You will have all the popular ones, sure. I like them specific, too. It helps you reach those special types of porn videos that really make you happy. There’s something else you can do, if you want to sort them. Every video is added under some tags and they show them underneath the player, on all posts. Clicking on any of those keywords, you will get the entire list of VR clips that have been registered under it.

Here, we are talking about specific terms like for real. For example, Feet licking. You understand what I mean? This is the only trick I can teach you regarding this subject. There isn’t any other way to do it, unfortunately! Well, what can I say, it’s not like you are surprised. When it comes to premium porn sites, they are all weird and they always work different.

What’s something really special that you would like me to see on WankzVR?

Hmm, let me think! Yeah, for sure – the page called Interactive. It is in the main menu and when you click there, you will get some special types of videos. VR is already cool, as it is! But, when you can interact with the pornstars, it’s even better! Every video is going to share a story, which involves you and the model. Read the descriptions to know what will happen and what’s the history between you two.

For example, you can play a little game called Friends with benefits with Nikki Peach. Or, Audrey Hempburne is going to be in your house, early in the morning, when you wake up. You can imagine what will happen. Isn’t this great? It’s like the chick is right there, in front of you, ready to make your dreams come true. You got to try the Interactive page, brother! You really have to! Might not be unique in the VR porn world, but for sure is interesting as hell!

This site has won any awards like the other places you’ve listed under VR?

All sites that I add are champions. WankzVR makes no exception. It won a lot of awards. To be more precise, it won the biggest. They will tell you all about it on the homepage, under the slider. XBIZ – VR site of the year 2018, AVN Awards – Best scene of the year 2020, XBIZ – VR site of the year 2019. These are only some examples, the most important awards. I am sure that there are many others.

WankzVR is a huge website, mate. It has exclusive porn on its pages and it involves some of the best equipment available at this moment on the planet. Their quality of image is absolutely stunning and therefore, you can consider the price of a membership really cheap if you compare it with what they’ll give you in return. They also share a great customer support, so if you have any problem, don’t hesitate to contact them. The support is fast, reliable and it will do everything for a good end-user experience. They really care about you!

Do they also have famous pornstars for me to see in the VR porn movies?

You don’t have to really call them movies. While you will have really long scenes, technically, those are not movies. Studios, these days, don’t make real porn movies anymore. People don’t want to spend 2 hours on a single XXX production. In 2 hours, they prefer to see up to 5 scenes. To answer your question, some of the hottest pornstars will be present here. There is an index in the main menu! I am not sure if I already told you about it or not. You will notice so many well-known names …
They prepared a lot of sorting options on the index. Newest, All starz, Top rated, Most videos, A-Z, VR debut. If this is still not enough for you, open a second round of filters. There’s a drop down menu in the corner. From ethnicity, to size of boobs (how cool is this?), hair color, tattoos, age, bla bla bla. They haven’t gave you specific categories or a tags cloud, but for sure they took care of your sorting desires.

WankZR has its own way to win your heart. Until you will try it, you cannot know if it suits you or not! So, with these being said, I advise you to leave me alone and to visit the site. Prepare your headset, brother, because the show is about to start!

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