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VRSmash Review



Review Pros

  • Over 3000 free videos
  • Clean, fast website
  • Great user interface
  • Nice design, easy to navigate

Review Cons

  • Too many annoying ads


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Basically, I can smash pornstar’s ass in VR, right? Is this site of any good?

Yes, smash that ass all day long! VRSmash is, obviously, about virtual reality sex. Like plenty of it! We are talking about a premium site here – VRSmash is a place where you have to pay to enjoy some of the best VR porno productions. To answer your last question, VRSmash is more than good. It is one of the greatest VR adult places on earth and for this reason, today, we will talk about it. How about if we discuss about the mobile version of site? It’s really elegant, with some purple color on the template.
It starts with some additions (the section is called Free VR porn videos, therefore, I don’t know if they are their best or whatever) and these will be added, on the homepage, under a thumb, a title, length and you will also know the studio which made the scene. Aha! Now we get it! So VRSmash is not a studio that makes the scenes, but a tube which shares what others did. Nothing wrong in that! There are many other destinations that are working in this manner. Scroll on the homepage to reach the latest. The footer is going to give you the menu where you can push to visit more and more pages filled with virtual reality XXX. As I already told you, the site has plenty of content to access. All you need is your headset device that you got as a gift from your wife. Little did she know that you’re going to use it to watch porn. Your wife thought that you will play fishing games, he he he …

Which studios are producing VR content? Are they good?

You never trust my word, ah? If I say is good, is good. They even tell you which are those pornstars that you can smash all day long. Famous babes, of course. The studios that are listed on the site are some of the biggest in the business. You can’t go wrong with VRSmash. That’s why I told you that they are so good, when you asked me, in the beginning of our discussion.

Is there a way to access categories or to take a look at the studios?

You need to go to the main menu to find what you’re looking for. It can be found in the header and once again, if I’m not mistaken, in the footer. But the one in the footer is a simplified version of the main menu. These are the pages that you can drop down there – Categories, Premium VR Videos, Latest VR Videos, Full VR Videos, VR Studios, Live Cams, Sex Simulator, How to Watch. Everything you need is right there in your mobile browser. As you can see, they also prepared some cams for you to access with your Oculus Rift or whatever other type of headset you use. Remember that when you click to go with the cams, you will be taken to an external other site, still made and owned bu VRSmash. It’s up to you if you wanna do it or not. But don’t waste the chance to have a fap while watch the models in virtual reality 3D.
The menu has the categories that you were asking about and the studios. There are a lot of options, from specific options to popular ones. They will tell you how many VR porn videos are added under every each and one of them. When it comes to the studios, after you open the page, they will be listed one after another. Only popular production places. I won’t give you examples, ‘cause I want you to discover them on your own.

I see in the menu a page called Sex Simulator. What’s that?

I am glad you asked. I was about to tell you about that section. Not something unique, since I have seen it on some other VR sites listed on my directory, but it’s great to have it at your disposal. The section will give you the possibility to create your own scene. As simple as that! Now you can become your own studio and build a porn 3D clip.
You may choose the environment you want, the pornstar that you would like to be a part of your production, the positions in which you want her to fuck, so forth and so on. You can even choose the objects that you want to be present in the room. Put those pornstars to work. Be a God of VR sex!

Do they share any type of trailers in free mode? I wanna know what I buy!

You are lucky. There are trailers on the thumbs. You need to hover your mouse pointer on it, for the preview to start playing – if you are on the desktop version. But, since we have decided to speak about the mobile platform, this is how you do it – simply push on a thumb and release it after a while. Easy!
VRSmash is a professional site. And there are professional people behind it. What I’m trying to say here would be the fact that you don’t have to worry about anything. Their functionality is great, all transaction are safe, the customer support is available 24 / 7 and therefore, you’re not going to have any issue around here. Prepare the goggles! If you get an error like no controller found, or if the VR system does not work on Firefox, you can restart your pc. If that solution doesn’t work, contact support team to help you solve the problem.

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