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Tube8 Review



Review Pros

  • Lots of filtering options
  • Family taboo videos
  • New updates near footer
  • Nice clean design

Review Cons

  • Free porn kills adult industry
  • No premium content


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Strange name for a porn site? Any idea from where it comes?

I have no clue! And I won’t bother to look around! When they started this tube, in their bedroom or who knows what garage, they probably wanted a domain name with a keyboard in it. And they found Tube8.com available! Now, when they are a huge product on the market, as being one of the biggest porn tubes on the air, well – they probably invented a story for the name … it’s the devil’s porn, from what I see, since the 8-ball in the logo has horn and tail!

As I was saying, this place is one of the best porn tubes out there and you will understand that right away, when you will see their homepage. And I’m not talking here about the design, since they don’t have a fancy template! I’m talking about the porn! The landing page has sections like top porn, featured porn, tags (examples: japanese hentai, femdom, teen brother sister, webcam, full, compilation) and, of course, newest porn videos. So, their latest update are down on the page, remember that! Still there, you have the pornstars section!

Pornstars?! Yummy! You know what I want! Can you tell me?

Yeah, I know what you want! You want examples of pornstars! Or, if possible, you want to know their best starlets – models arranged based on a rating! The section has them with the rating, no worries! Starting from first, these are the Tube8 babes: Lana Rhoades, Mia Khalifa, Riley Reid, Abella Danger and so on. They will also tell you how many videos they added with every pornstar!

Most of them have 200+ XXX clips. These numbers are available at the moment of this review. It is possible that, when you will read these lines, the number to be even bigger for the pornstars that are still active. Don’t be so surprised! Many pornstars retire fast! They find a dick with money and the guy becomes jealous! And he will tell your favorite starlet to quit porn, ‘cause, you know, his dick is enough. Or, the girl might die! We all know the story of August Ames!

Do they have interesting categories with good porn scenes?

I think that their categories are more than interesting. Teen – a few tens of thousands of clips with such beauties! Hispanic, ebony, white, at school, at college, small tits, big tits, shaved pussy or hairy pussy! Asian – cute petite busty asian babes that smile from the bottom of their heart when they get a dick in their tight pussies! Anal – yeah, these women like it in the ass … I swear of God, most of them have better orgasms when they get the dick in the butt! Step fantasy – mom and son porn, daddy and daughter sex, brother and stepsister XXX and any other form of incest or family taboo! There are many other interesting niches on Tube8, but the rest of them must be discovered!

Let’s get back to the teen category! It is understandable why everybody wants to see this and why it’s so popular! The 18-19 years old babes are up for anything! And when I say anything, I mean it! They love the fucking! And the sucking! And I just love it when I see a chick taking it up the ass and right after, taking it in the mouth. This should be considered a sort of scat porn, right? ‘Cause they might get a little piece of poo on the dick after anal sex! They are so happy, so alive, they purely enjoy sex, they love it from the bottom of their hearts! Those with big natural tits are my favorite! I have no consideration for women that have small tits! WTF – I don’t wanna fuck men! I want to fuck women! And to be a woman, she must have big boobs!

100% correct! And do they? They have teens with big boobs?

Many! You should see them! And you have several ways to approach only those with big titties! You can either access the mother category (teen), to browse between the thumbnails to look for those that suit your needs (they have prepared manually picked previews / trailers if you will hover the mouse pointer over the printscreens), or you can use the search function box. In that box, you write your favorite keywords and you hit enter. In our case, for example, you have to write ‘busty teen’, ‘big natural tits teen’, ‘busty petite’, or ‘big natural boobs teen’. Sure, there are many other forms, more specific, more on-the-subject, like ‘busty college girl’, but I gave you only 2-3 general examples!

Big natural tits can have so many shapes, they can come in so many forms! You know what’s even hotter than a pair of natural big boobies?! A pair that also have big nipples! To suck on them, bite them, eat them, cum on them! Or big areolas! Yummy, yeah! It’s so great to see how they move back and forth, when the teen sits in the doggystyle position! The view from the side! Heaven on earth! Or, to be on the same spirit as Tube8, heaven in hell!

Are you horny! Let’s get back to Tube8. Other infos I should know?

Of course I’m horny! Tube8 has amazing porn! Their XXX videos make you so horny! Pussy everywhere! You know what’s also great on this adult tube? You have many more filtering options than on other similar sites! When you access their menu and you push on Videos, you can proceed with featured XXX clips, newest, hottest, by rating, longest, by number of views or by votes.

If I were you, I would go with those sorted by rating or by votes. If so many people voted for them to be counted as the best, it means that, in general, they are. I always liked to see what others consider to be “the best”. And I noticed that “my best” is “the best”. To be more precise, I noticed this on my competitor’s websites. They know shit when it comes to the greatest porn sites. I’m the only one that knows what’s really good for you and what really is good for anyone else!

Is there any type of good free premium porn on Tube8.com?

Why do you want free premium porn? Of course that they have such type of hanky panky, but I am curious to know why you want it. You so poor? Can’t pay 20$ for some studio-made HD sex or 4K porn? Who’s supporting the adult entertainment business, nowadays? Who’s paying for the studios, the equipment, the pornstars, the stuff, the writers? You want to wake up in a morning to see that there’s no new porn to watch, ‘cause no one pays for it? I will answer your question, but this doesn’t mean that I agree with you!

Tube8 has huge quantities of free premium porn, in HD. They even have a section called Channels where you can go to filter the studios. Their additions are Brazzers (3000+ videos), Blacked (400+ videos), Bratty Sis (100+ videos), Public Agent (800+ videos), Family Strokes (100+ videos), Fake Taxi (800+ videos), Property Sex (200+ videos), Bang Bros Network (200+ videos) and many others. The numbers you see are available at the moment of this review! It is possible that, when you will read this review, the number to be even bigger!

Lovely place, this Tube8. What else is there nice on this XXX platform?

We should put this discussion on fast forward. I don’t have much time left for now. Got a date with Mia. You know Mia! You fapped on her videos lots of times! If you want to do it again, use the menu and sort the pornstars by using other options, different than the one based on the trending rating. For example, recently active, most videos and most popular.

Mia is everywhere, on all of these lists – it will be easy to find her and to fap the fuck out of you while watching her big titties! When I will see her tonight, I will tell her that you fap so much whenever she’s around! Maybe she’ll sign a pair of sexy thong for you! LOL, you are so horny when it’s about Mia, that you will probably fap on her signature!

I like Lana Rhoades, not Mia! Her anal fuck is alien! Have you seen any?

I’ve seen her oiled big butt humping dicks, sure! Some of her XXX videos have an awesome POV perspective, so you can easily think that you’re the one fucking her! Especially if the sex clip is in HD!

Lana is on my soon-to-be-fucked list! I’ve met her once and she was all over me! I’ll give her a call one of these days to finish what she started!

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