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TruthOrDarePics Review



Review Pros

  • Nice erotic stories
  • Download anything you want
  • Established website
  • Original amateur content

Review Cons

  • Banner ads on every page
  • Difficult navigation



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I have to admit, FapDude! I am very intrigued! TruthOrDarePics?! What’s this?

Real girls and couples, naked! The true description of this website! The name of it does sound interesting and it can make you curious! They’re going to tell you the following words, on the homepage – Real people, real dares!. Well, unfortunately, there’s isn’t always a connection between the posts and the site’s name! Maybe the idea is that, since whatever the community is sending to this site can be considered nasty, everything is a dare! Also, don’t expect a good template! Oh, not at all! You come here for the naked girls, not for design, the platform looks like I’ve done it while I was asleep!

The homepage is going to give you the latest posts – Dares that are trending. I love to see chicks that have the domain name written on their tits, on their body, whatever. It makes me think that this community is loyal. Crazy bitches around here, brother! So many pics, so many amateur babes, tits, asses and other nasty things! Sure, the site is confusing, but you will forget about this when you will start browsing the photos. Would you like me to give you some examples of titles, to understand how horny these girls are?

Horny girls?! This is the perfect place for me! Go on, let’s hear it!

Now I know why they say dares! You have to take a look at their main menu and everything will be clear. Pizza dares, MILFs, Members having sex, bla bla bla! What do you notice? Pizza dares? And yeah, it will give you exactly that! Horny girls going naked in front of the door, to get the pizza! Imagine the poor delivery guy! How lucky he is! I wonder if any of these chicks ever fucked the man! Well, it would be no surprise! Like I said, horny babes! There are some more goodies prepared for you on TruthOrDarePics.com, of course! I dare you to visit the place!

What else do you want? There are so many XXX photos to fap on! But, as I already told you, some are related to dares, like the public nudity pictures, while others aren’t!

What else can you tell me about the community? Can I talk to those women?

Brother, this is not a dating site! I have seen some titles of posts where the girls were saying that they want to chat, but this doesn’t mean, as I already told you, that the platform is for dating. Well, some times, people end up getting married in real life after they’ve met during online games, so anything is possible. I really advise you to see the girls that seem to be founding members. The section which shows them naked is near the footer, on the landing page. I don’t know, bro, but I like what I see! You know my expression – it tickles my boxes!

What else is great here? Oh, yes! I already told you about the posts with the public nudity. It seems that there is an entire section dedicated to that, on TruthOrDarePics. It’s called Public flashers and it can be found in the main menu. In the park, in the store, in cars, on the balcony, you name it. Some of the girls I’ve seen here are hotter than the pornstars we are used to get on a daily basis, in the adult entertainment business!

And what’s something that you really don’t like on TruthOrDarePics, FapDude?

I think that I’ve already told you what I don’t like, but no problem, I’ll say it again – I hate how confusing the site is. And how cheap it looks. You really don’t know where to push. And if you do, you end up on some subsections, on their blog, whatever! There is absolutely no continuity and it is so hard to learn what’s going on, how and where!

They clearly have success! The site has so much traffic, there is an entire loyal community to the site, the concept, the everything. They probably earn from ads (they are not in your way, you won’t have issues with the commercials if you can make the difference between an ad and parts of the site) and since they get so much traffic, it means that the revenue is good. Why wouldn’t you, when you know that the design of your site sucks, invest in a good template and a good end-user functionality? That’s how you go forward, that’s how you take a step ahead!

Speaking of revenue, there’s one thing you haven’t told me! Is access free here?

Everything is free here! Brother, the site is so messed up, that they don’t even know how to implement a payment. You will have to get used to what I’m telling you here – the negative sides, because there is nothing you can do about it. The content is really worthy of your time and it is very interesting! You will be amazed to see what these chicks do and how they live their sexual life!

We love all kinds of women! We love their big asses or their big tits! Even if we have implants or who knows what exercises for the butt, to look like that! But, we love them even more when they are natural! And TruthOrDarePics site is all about natural chicks that want to share their bodies with the rest of the world! Nothing wrong in that, if you ask me! It’s better, as this means that we will have even more materials to fap on! Who knows, maybe one day, the will update the design!

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