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Trans Angels Review


Trans Angels

Review Pros

  • Lots of tranny content
  • No download limit
  • Exclusive porn scenes
  • Regular weekly updates

Review Cons

  • Trial version is limited


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TransAngels? It’s like Victoria’s Secret with angels, porn and chicks with dicks?

He he he! Nice comparison! Well, maybe the authors of this site consider that all tgirls available on their pages are a sort of angels with dicks, why not! TransAngels.com is a shemale premium porn site and will give you top-notch pansexual productions, in HD. I am not a fan on this type of porn, but this doesn’t mean that I’ll judge you for watching. As you can see, I’m doing everything in my power to give you whatever makes you happy, when it comes to porn. Go ahead and watch as much porn with ladyboys as you want. Alright, let’s get back to our business, shall we? Don’t come here if you expect free stuff, as it won’t happen, brother! Take out your wallet and get some good tranny videos in exchange. This is how things work around here!

The homepage is showing the latest updates. For every post, there’s a beautiful HD printscreen and a title. Scroll to have their pornstars and the categories. I don’t recognize any of the names, since, as I told you above, I never watch tranny porn. If you do, then you should know if the porn actresses (or actors?!) featured here are popular or not. The design is simple, clean, nothing out of the ordinary. You can even call it elegant. That’s it! Nothing else interesting or worthy to talk about, when it comes to the homepage! The bastards with premium sites are cheap! They show you almost nothing in free mode!

Are they dealing with the usual categories, FapDude? I want to see in-depth niches!

While I was browsing the site, I haven’t seen specific categories! I don’t want to disappoint you, but there’s nothing I can do about it. The site has the popular niches. In other words, the usual ones. Something that can give me, as you said, in-depth content. We are sick to see the same old categories on every site. Well, the webmasters are not creative at all. You rarely get a destination that knows how important the categories are.

Oh, oh! I’ve discovered something cool! Go ahead and pick a video. Click on it to open the video’s page. You see the drop down menu which says Description and Categories? Well, drop it! They list categories / tags in there that cannot be found anywhere else on the site. I won’t give you examples! Don’t want to ruin the surprise for you! But let me tell you – you wanted in-depth niches? You’ll get them, brother! Oh, yeah! Alright, maybe one single example! Pale skin!. This is not something that you can see on every corner, brother! There’s your trick! Hmm, thank me later! I said above that you will rarely find a destination, bla bla. It seems that we have found one!

There must be a menu on TransAngel.com! Have you seen it, FapDude?!

I did, yes! The main menu is as simple as the site is! A few pages and that’s it. But these pages have the most important stuff, in the end. They can be everything you might need. Videos, Models, Categories. Besides these, you will have the buttons that can help you get a membership and the login. I really hope that you will use them later on! Otherwise, our discussion was for nothing!
Access the page that has the clips. Their latest posts are waiting. If you want to filter the results, you will have a drop down menu that can give you this. Sort videos by date range, models, categories, top rated, most viewed, title, so forth and so on. Knowing you, I am sure that these filters will make you happy!

How is the actual shemale porn!? Have you seen the videos, FapDude?

How many times do I have to tell you? I don’t watch shemale pornography. So, I can’t really say that I’ve seen their videos. Still, I have watched a few scenes of a minute or so, when I was investigating the site. The quality of the image is out of this world. Like for real! You will have the impression that their quality is the best you’ve ever seen. There’s no surprise, since TransAngels.com is one of the biggest sites that ever existed under this niche.

The actual sex is like on any other premium platform! As in good! If you want big tits, doggystyle, spit on the dick, skinny or curvy, you’re going to get it! How well the pornstars are doing their shit? I have no idea! You have to look entire videos to judge that and I’m not going to do it! It’s up to you to explore! I am confident as always, that you won’t be disappointed! There’s no such thing on my directory! All sites listed here are going to make every day of your life, a happy day!

You said above that you hope that I’ll become a member! What are the benefits?

You should say “what are the benefits, besides those discussed above”! ‘Cause I already told you what they offer, haven’t I? The joining page, usually, holds the list of benefits. Let’s see if it’s the same with TransAngels.com! Top Trans Models, Exclusive Sex Scenes, Unlimited Streaming, New Weekly Content. Here they are! Satisfied? It’s not like you get some things that you have never seen before! All premium sites act the same!

TransAngel is really one of the best destinations on the Internet, if we are talking about shemale videos. Chicks with dicks, ladyboys, name them how you want – if you’re looking for good transsexual porn, here is the place to be. No worries, no one will know that you have bought a membership here! They won’t write anything like that on your bill. Still, if you don’t feel comfortable to use your credit card, no worries. Pay your way in via PayPal or with crypto.

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