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Tinder Review



Review Pros

  • Lots of real fuckable babes
  • Millions of members
  • Free to register and to use
  • You will, finally, get laid!

Review Cons

  • Too much sex for you
  • Phone number required


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Isn’t this a social network with horny girls looking for sex?

Tinder is, at this moment, one of the biggest social networks in the world. It was never meant to be for sex, but since have one single thing in mind – to fuck everything that has a pulse, it became, day after a day, a social network oriented to dating. Facebook is the same, yet they don’t want to recognize this. Yet! Alright, so, today, we will speak about Tinder! I will give you a walk-through, I will answer your questions, I will do my best to teach you how it works and to make you understand why you should be on this network.

First of all, just like all the other networks, you cannot be inside or, better said, you cannot have the actual integration until you register an account. Don’t be so surprised! It’s FREE to register, it takes a couple of seconds and you have several ways to do it – you can register via FB, via Google or by using your phone number! It’s up to you. After you have done this, only then, you will be able to go inside. The great sex gates of Tinder will open and the god of pussy will welcome you inside!

Alright, I will register, but what do I get inside?

Have I already told you that this is a free social network? If I did, sorry if I repeat myself! If I didn’t, well, I told you now! What do you get inside? Pussy! Isn’t it obviously? That’s why you are here, on my dating category. You look for teens to fuck, you want to date babes! And Tinder will give you that! All chicks that are on this network are looking for the same thing as you: fucking!

They give us a great interface and you will have no problems inside. You don’t need training to use their functions and since we are all used to engage on social network, it will be a piece of cake to do your thing around here! Don’t forget that they also have an iOS / Android app that you can download, to carry the sex with you, everywhere you are! It’s natural, since Tinder is, basically, a mobile dating app! It is an amazing dating opportunity for you and it might change your boring life! I advise you to login with your original Facebook, because it will give you users with who you have things in common and it will be much easier to reach what you’re looking for! It is not mandatory, yet I advise you to do it! You won’t have to write the details about you, since Tinder will use everything from your FB! Easy, right? You will have the possibility to upload your photos and you will get potential matches based on your details. Matches are everything here! This is how you get the babes and the sex!

What’s all this fuss about matches? WTF is this? What does it mean?

Tinder will match couples based on their physical attraction to one another. It alerts to chicks who fall into a specific age range, gender and that are close to you as location. You do want to fuck babes from your area, no? I really think that taking a ticket plane to Italy for a fuck, isn’t really worthy of your effort. Tinder will also tell you what mutual friends you have with the other user. Same as on FB, actually. After the match, you will decide if you like the girl or not. Same for her! So be careful what photos you upload with your face! If you both want each other, go ahead and use their messaging system to start the conversation! This is the first step to a date! Ah, yes, when you have to decide if you like a person or not, you will be able to read their description! This can help you! Under their pic, there are 2 icons: a heart and a cross! Clicking the heart will, obviously, mean that you like the beautiful chick.

You can also like or dislike, by swapping to left or right. You are used to swipe, since everything on the phone is built on this system and therefore, you mind find this more useful. Be careful what bio you write about yourself, since this cam be a criteria for the matching. People read that and will use it to decide if they give you the heart or not!

What’s a great and interesting feature on Tinder? If any, of course!

Well, I do like something in particular. They have a feature that you can use, which is called Smart Photos. This feature will tell you how favorably people responded to each of your pics. You can fine tune your gallery by using these infos. Smart Photos will also show first your most popular shit!

If you don’t want to use this option, by any reason, you can disable it. Another nice thing is the fact that you can sync your Spotify account. You will, if you will do so, show to the world some of your songs.

Is there a thing … Super Likes on Tinder? Or was it a different network?

Ever heard of Super Likes? Nice! Good thing that you did! This social network has them, indeed. You can super like someone, which is a more upfront way to let her know that you would like to smell the pussy!

The chick will get a notification and the possibility to see your profile right away! If you want to use more than a super like per day, you will have to pay some money to enable the possibility to use as many as you would like. Well, they have to earn somehow to keep the network running, right?

Are there any other paid options available on Tinder for me to use?

Remember one thing! The paid options are not something mandatory! You can easily use Tinder, you can match, you can fuck, without any problem, even if you don’t spend money! And yes, there are some other paid options, like the Boost feature! If you will get it, your profile will be placed first to be seen and therefore, you will get more matches!

There is also a version of Tinder Plus. Again I say, you don’t have to use it! It’s for those of you who don’t care about money and they want to spend as much as possible to find the pussy! If you are not one of these people, relax and use the normal version of the social network! You want to know, now, the advantages of using Plus, right? Ads will be gone! It will also give you a Boost per month and give Super Likes per day. A good thing with Plus is the fact that you can change your location, if you plan a trip and you want to fuck some local babes. Probably, the biggest advantage with Plus would be the fact that you can swipe right as many times as your heart desires! With the regular version, you can do some matches and after that, you have to wait 12 hours until you can do it again! It is a system designed to prevent matching with everyone possible!

How much does this Tinder Plus cost? Is it affordable for me?

I cannot give you an answer to that. I really can’t! Not because I don’t want to do it or because I haven’t done my homework, but because Tinder has an algorithm that sets the prices! Exactly like that, don’t be so surprised!

For example, the younger you are, the cheaper the price. They know that you are 18 and that you are poor! You cannot have money at that age and you cannot have money when you live in your parents’ basement! They also make discounts if you will commit to a 6 months / 1 year membership.

Any last words before ending this chat? Will I get fuckable babes?

Tinder is, probably, the biggest dating app in the world. All your neighborhood is using it! Your female colleagues are using it, even if they don’t want to admit. Therefore, to answer your question, yeah brother, you will get more sex than you can handle and the chicks you will meet are so fuckable!

Imagine a Facebook, but with girls that are looking only for sex. And most of them, they want sex and that’s about it! They are not looking for a relationship or something like that! They need a dick between their legs and they are hoping that you can give that to them! Don’t look for a relationship here, dude! If you want one, go to the church! Be here for the love making and the fun of finding it!

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