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Summertime Saga Review


Summertime Saga

Review Pros

  • Funny adult dating sim game
  • Very hot sex scenes
  • Characters are very sexy
  • 50+ locations to visit

Review Cons

  • Game is very addicted

Summertime Saga


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It’s a standalone porn game, right? What can you tell me about it?

I don’t know where to start! SummertimeSaga is too good to be true! Yeah, it’s a standalone adult game and it has his own site! The homepage starts with a poster that will make you register the account right away! They even wrote a description under it, for you to understand what great things will happen in game if you will start to play. It is developed by Kompas Productions.

Summertime Saga is a porn game that fits the dating sim style, currently in development and funded by Patreon people. I know that you like Patreon and that you’re always looking to make donations, when it comes to XXX games. I haven’t heard you that you want to make a donations for street dogs, but for the hanky panky … Let’s continue with the description of the game! Set in a small town, a young man in college is losing his father. Mysterious things around his death are only the beginning of his problems, as he learns that his father was in debt to a group of shady criminals. You will meet 65 characters, you will go on over 30 locations and within the game, you can access 20+ mini games. With every update, they added many more hours to play.

Do I have to download a client? And if so, it’s free to do so?

Summertime Saga must be downloaded. They will tell you right away that it is free to take it down, but they will also tell you that you can donate on Patreon. Remember that it is not mandatory! You will do it only if you want! If not, you can still enjoy the game and nobody will tell you anything. Support them or not, it’s up to you!

I did a download of their client a few weeks ago, just to see how it works. And everything happened as it should. The download was quick. I’m happy now, ‘cause I want to keep on playing this shit! It’s very addictive, so be careful! You need free time to play it! And it’s NSFW! Like any other porn game in this world! Play it at work on your own risk!

I understand, I don’t have to donate! But if I do, what do I get?

They did prepare some special features for those of you that take out the credit card. These would be – bug tracker and wiki access, vote on upcoming content, in-depth development overview, discord rewards, upcoming scene spoilers and many others!

It’s not bad! You still get something if you donate! And this something looks great to me! Now that you know these details, don’t you want me to continue with some other infos about the in game action?

Sure, FapDude! What else can you tell me about Summertime Saga?

Thank you! Thank you for letting me teach you! I am honored to be your teacher, you mentor! What a great guy you are! I don’t know what the porn entertainment would do without someone like you! I wanted to share with you some of the fetishes on which they built the game – anal, breastfeeding, exhibitionism, glasses (all girls with glasses are kinky), glory-hole, muscle girl (for those of you who are into this kind of babes – I’m not, as I don’t want to fuck a man), nurse, public sex … and this is not all!

Group FF/M, harem, impregnation, librarian (so hot, again, just like with the glasses fetish), mild BDSM, vanilla M/F, vanilla M/M (WTF?!), voyeurism. Except for that shit with M/M, everything looks great in my books. Oh! And except for that muscle girl fetish!

What can I see without without signing in? Or I have to register right away?

All the above details will be present on the homepage, when you get in. Plus some others! Besides all of these, the developers have prepared some screenshot for you, like 8. See them, to take a peek behind closed curtain. The screenshots will show you the graphics that they have, which is great and they will show you a bit of action! Blondes with big tits, horny babes – you will never be alone! There’s always going to be a beautiful girl with you.

In these screenshots, you will also see the map of the game. It shows the many things that you can do. Lots of places to go, lots of places to discover. 30 locations, imagine that! It’s not a simple game. It’s complex, it offers you a lot of things, you can grow your character, you can simulate, you can do whatever you want!

Is there any tutorial that I can see? A walk-through of some kind?

In the header of Summertime Saga website, you will have a drop down menu which gives you different pages. One of them is called Wiki. If you will go on it, besides some other interesting stuff, the Wiki page will also give you a guide, a tutorial. They will teach you how to handle the game. This is your chance to see some more images with the babes that you will encounter in the game. Besides the walk-through, they also prepared sections with the locations (homes, facilities, other locations), the characters (family, housemates and close friends, students, teachers, family of students, other characters, secret characters, pets and robots) and so on.

I wanted to stop here with details from Wiki, but I will tell you one more thing and that’s about it, ‘cause I don’t want to ruin the surprise. I will give you examples that you can use in game: beer, breasts pump, butt-plug, coach Bridget’s panties, Eve’s panties, lingerie – the milk slave, et cetera. What do you think? Do I got your attention? Better said, they got your attention?

What else is there in that menu? Some other section cool to access?

The News section is pretty nice. I mean, I like it. When I am into a game that I like a lot, I want to know more and more about it, I feel the need to be in a constant connection with it, with the community around it, so forth and so on. And a news section is exactly what you need, between game sessions. To be more precise, it’s a blog. They post different articles, unrelated to the actual in game action, but of course, related to the platform.

I’ve read a few of their articles. They are doing regular updates on the blog, which means that the developers are active. Lots of work behind such a game – long days and especially long nights. But, I tell you, they are doing it with passion. Sure, they want donations, sure they want money from people, but this is not the main reason for which they started the project. Love! The love for creating beautiful (and kinky) things. If you ask me, Summertime Saga is a one of a kind porn game and it will make you as happy as you can be.

If I go on YouTube, will I find videos from within the game?

Never thought of that! Let me check! Yup, you have videos with the game on YouTube! You can watch those, sure, but they can ruin the surprise for you! I can understand to ask me questions. I can understand that you’re a curious person, but having a discussion with me is one thing, going on YouTube to watch videos that will show you right away the things that you need to discover yourself, is a very different matter. So, my advise to you would be to not go with the clips. If you really want to see them, do it later in time, after you already played the game and you know what’s going on! Don’t ruin the party for you, before it starts!

You are just lazy today and you don’t wanna spend time on your own to register an account on Summertime Saga, to be able to explore within the game! What if I register an username on your behalf? Would it be alright with you? Would you feel comfortable this way? It’s my fault, as I allowed you to keep on asking me questions. How about if you stop asking me questions now, for you to take a step on the homepage of Summertime Saga, to see it with your own eyes? Isn’t it a good idea? The game is perfect! You will have animated chicks with large breasts at your disposal!
Don’t forget to come back and let me know if you liked the game.

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